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  1. thanks to everyone who answered!
  2. Hi guys, I downloaded MK11 to play on this weekend and will buy the game on the near future but I have a a problem. The trophy list doesn't activate while playing this temporary version of the game, and I will go further on the game, story mode, krypt, etc. ,but i want to get all the trophies in the future, Supposedly the save crosses over when I buy the real game, but what happens to the trophies? Do I still get them after?
  3. anyone has the european link for it?
  4. Can anyone give me a definitive statement on this? Is it really free? Is it only free on this weekend?
  5. sometimes it happens to me, it maybe be your router that has some incompatibilities
  6. I'm in the portugal store and it's not free apparently
  7. How can i get this theme? I have plat already
  8. I have finished a few weeks ago Gurren Lagaan and I'm trying to catch up HunterxHunter Feel free to add me in myanimelist:
  9. PSN: macvcio I play CoD Ghosts and Fifa 14 on PS4. On PS3 I have loads of games
  10. "Platinum" Call of Duty: World at War (PS3)