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  1. People say that this is the PSP version but no it is not. In the official blog, it says, "PS4-grade resurrection of the original MediEvil just in time for the game’s 20th anniversary". It is basically the very first game that came out on PS1. You can read here:
  2. I think you forgot the sad fact that the rights of Spyro is owned by Activision...
  3. The trophy is bugged for EU? Oh really? I am sad to hear this. I actually enjoyed the first game. I don't think they will patch a ps3 game in this age... Anyway, I will try to get the US version
  4. I am glad they changed the artstyle from nes era to a more modern one. Because only a handful of hardcore mega man fans would buy that game with that artstyle in this age and Capcom would not profit it therefore the series will be definitely dead this time. With this style, they can reach a higher audience. If you ask me, I would prefer they continued with the style of Mega Man 8 on ps1. Anyway, I am much more hyped for X series on ps4
  5. Ashley Riot - Vagrant Story Zero - Mega Man X Balthier - Final Fantasy XII Leon S. Kennedy - Resident Evil 4 Shun Akiyama - Yakuza
  6. They say it crashes frequently and on ng+ it crashes so bad that it is unplayable. If it is like this, I will go for the PS3 version and not give a damn about platinum because of the unobtainable online trophy. If not, I will play this one for platinum. Any help about this?
  7. I will just have fun reading the comments' of switch and pc beggars. Vita for the life
  8. I don't know about this game but the anime is so good. One of the few animes that made me cry. Everyone should see it.
  9. Jak 3 is much more enjoyable than Jak 2. I am a huge fan of platformer games but Jak 2 still gave me cancer. Jak 3 is really fun in every aspect. No cheap deaths, no cancerous checkpoints, no aimless missions.
  10. Some indie games are not available for Turkey on ps store but I see that it is not available for europe itself. I hope it will come soon. I really wanna play this game sometime in future
  11. This game is basically the worst game I have ever played in my entire life and I have been gaming since 1999-2000. I cannot express my hatred towards this game. Pure garbage. It is shocking to see this game came from ND
  12. It is very interesting that most bitching people have fifa, cod, destiny, tom clancy, battlefront, nfs, battlefield games on their profile. What a joke. Everyone is a poser these days. Why are you bitching if you buy those games? Especially on day 1 and paying 60 dollars. Yuck I don't ever remember buying EVEN a DLC that is not about single player content. So microtransactions are really far, far away from me. I don't buy those AAA games and micros, I keep myself happy
  13. I got this problem today and deleted the game right away. I really liked it at first and now I am hating it to death My internet connection went off and I kept going playing about 2 hours. I needed to shut off my console for half an hour. After that I returned to the game and my save game was reverted to its status exactly when my connection cut out. So cloud saving is really fucked up with this game. I recommend everyone to turn it off before playing
  14. They are not masterpieces or anything but all of the doom games are pretty fun and I love doom 3 most. Also, it is pretty interesting that the trophy rates are extremely low. It is not a hard game at all, only a bit on hardest difficulty. I guess trophy hunters skipped this one
  15. Of course it is not worth it. Who would have paid to have super motherload and some 7 year old indie game? PS Plus is only worth it if you have all 3 consoles