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  1. To all people who argue over a video game... Oh man, you have so much free time. Huge kudos to the guy who found this, though. Thanks!
  2. Seeing G-Man with the latest graphics made me feel weird or maybe old, I don't know...
  3. "Black Waves" is amazing. The whole album is great overall. This may be on my top 20 albums of the year list.
  4. I felt the same but when I turned off the motion blur setting, everything became much clearer. Try this. It will definitely help.
  5. This game is for masochists only
  6. I started using Nano the moment I unlocked it and the game became a lot easier after that
  7. Iceland and Hawaii. Most evil races are there
  8. Why are you shitting on the game just because of a trophy? I know this trophy sounds really stupid and uncessary but this game was phenomenal back in the day and still is. A trophy won't change that. Wow. People react like it is the end of the world. Really amusing.
  9. Starkill has become a joke band. After their legendary debut and a very good second album, they hired another vocalist who literally fucked the band. If you think their last is a masterpiece I don't know what do you think about their debut... I am just sad to see their current situation. From Fires of Life to this...
  10. I really liked trophy descriptions. Made me feel less alone
  11. Me, my weird punisher tattoo, ps4 wristband and half of Geraldo's head.
  12. ID: Alondate31 I am actually not into online gaming much but I have titanfall 2, cod modern warfare/infinity warfare and a bunch of other aaa games. I have a shit ton of indie and rpg games. Add me if you want to chit chat or boost some trophies. Cheers.
  13. Some people are already playing it. I am so jealous
  14. I am really hyped for this one. I really liked the first game. Perhaps one of my favorite horror games this generation together with SOMA.
  15. There is no point in playing this game alone. Skip this one if you have nobody to play with. I played it with my brother. It took us roughly 5 hours to 3 star all the maps. Very enjoyable game. I am glad I got it through Plus.