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  1. Another pointless thread. Is trophy hunting a holy quest or something like that? It's just some imaginary stuff. You people really should grow up. Also, no one forces you to buy it you know that, right?
  2. Is there any missable trophies?
  3. I am glad that it didn't glitch for me. Got it on my first try. When I failed a mission, I immediately restarted that mission and tried again.
  4. Being a trophy hunter and trophy obssesed person are completely different things. Also, if you judge the quality of a game by its trophies... It's just sad.
  5. Hey there guys! I would be happy if you let me join your crew Alondate31
  6. If it is anything like Tearaway like it is shown in the video then it is an insta-buy for me. I loved every moment of Tearaway
  7. I missed out X7 back in the day and it is my first time playing it. Before beginning, I said, "How bad could be? At worst it should be a mediocre experience". Oh boy, I was so wrong in pretty much every level. Rage quitted and deleted it after enduring it a few hours. Probably the worst game I have ever played.
  8. Weird list indeed but I don't care as long as the game is good
  9. Aside from the trophies, is the game any good?
  10. To all people who argue over a video game... Oh man, you have so much free time. Huge kudos to the guy who found this, though. Thanks!
  11. Seeing G-Man with the latest graphics made me feel weird or maybe old, I don't know...
  12. "Black Waves" is amazing. The whole album is great overall. This may be on my top 20 albums of the year list.
  13. I felt the same but when I turned off the motion blur setting, everything became much clearer. Try this. It will definitely help.
  14. This game is for masochists only
  15. I started using Nano the moment I unlocked it and the game became a lot easier after that