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    Hispanic born who loves Playing football, Talking To friends online/computer, like playing video games, reading comic books, and watching movies and good ol' tv. That's my life, except I don't compete. I don't see competition anymore; all I see is the ladder of success and a prize at the top. The Best In The World. Who I'd like to meet: Anyone interested in playing video games and saving money.

    Who I'd like to meet: BIG ASSED LADIES!!!!! Anyone interested in playing video games and saving money. I could help you, in co-op if you'd like.

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  1. Now where is the rest of the manga for this again

  2. A crook, a killer, a thief...... A liar...

  3. .I always thought I was the good guy...

    1. ShadowStar83x


      Supposedly the developers said that isn't true...but we'll find out Tuesday!

    2. kidhero99


      The guy is using the screenshots from the trophies earned in that game user on this site. So I doubt can't be beaten in about 5 hrs.

  4. The Order: 1886 Is Not Just Five Hours! (Thank God)

    1. Saltyie


      Never believed that for a minute, no way Ready at Dawn would just sit on their thumbs like that. It May be a linear single player game, but I'm hoping for at least a 15 hour running time, like wolfenstien.

    2. GoldenWolfHunter


      It won't be five hours, it will be six! :D

  5. A lot of which can still be played on other platforms regardless. Though having first-party support being cut isn't really a good thing at all either. Pretty much a reverse WII U situation.
  6. Next stop Sony, sell the Xperia division. And oh, make sure you make it to the Nikkei 400 again after getting kicked out in the stock market index last year and got replaced by Panasonic. I'm just saying.

    1. damon8r351


      Yeah, okay Warren Buffett, I'm sure Sony will be quick to jump all over that sound commercial advice. Tell me, when did you make your first million?

    2. KitsuneChaos


      Leave the Xperia alone; I still use my Z1S and love it. >>;

    3. kidhero99


      Likely around the same time you made your million and used it to buy up every single Xperia phone on the market to make sure Sony's making money hand over fist with that mobile division. Oh wait.

  7. They gotta make money off of this somehow, so I wouldn't be surprised at all by that. It's just business, and I'm coming to terms with that being the reason these companies make the decisions they do whether for the better or for the worse. Regardless, it is what it is. Square Enix has grown accustomed to dropping the ball a lot on most decisions they make these days. What's another fumble gonna do?
  8. More like the death Knell to the platform was delivered back in 2012.
  9. My reaction to the fanbase's reactions on this site at any Square Enix announcement.