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  1. About to dust off the ol' PS3 to play some Gran Turismo 5. Not sure why I got the itch to do it, but here we go!

    1. Galactic Hyper Balls

      Galactic Hyper Balls

      race it up, drop that styx shift and gas will flow

    2. lordguwa


      ps3 is ftw, gotta give it some time to be alive.

  2. Fell away from the forums for a few years. Suddenly realized that I should probably try and come back at some point. Hell, maybe someone might even remember me lol

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    2. NERVergoproxy


      Welcome back, you just missed some pretty toxicity areas of the site. (Was looking at your 5/18/17 posts) Why you take a break anyways?

    3. Styx2319


      @ERGOPROXY-DECAY It was a combination of factors. New job, crazy schedule, buying a house, and just not frequenting the site as often eventually led me to stop altogether.


      @Fat Chocobo Thanks. Hopefully being back will help me pick up on my trophy hunting again.

    4. lordguwa


      buying a house is the best accomplishment one could obtain in this lifetime, congrats.

  3. I think I wpuld use it to buy the Horizon DLC and possibly the FF15 season pass.
  4. Final Fantasy X I would have to say
  5. Let's do this! I just hope I can manage to get my name in the hat when I throw it. I'm bad at basketball goes nothing!
  6. My PS4 is dead. The bright side? I finally have a reason to look into getting a PS4 Pro!

    1. ShadowStar83x


      At least you're seeing a positive!

  7. Probably The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons. I loved the way the two games were linked together
  8. We need 1 person on Destiny PS4 for King's Fall normal. We are getting calcified fragments as well. Anyone interested?

  9. Wow, the atmosphere of this site in certain areas has gotten extremely toxic lately. Damn. Hopefully that gets calmed down before it spreads

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    2. GarciaFever


      @Styx2319 Yeah i've been noticing it a lot lately. Sometimes I wish I can foresee these things, so that I can bring popcorn.

    3. Kubanga


      I have seen some dumb shit posted here. Lets see, i saw a guy complaing about someone wrecking his or his grilfriends cars *i dont kniw which) so the first spthing he didnt blame the gays (he didnt call them that) another one was some guy after a terrorist attack blaming the Arabs and calling ALL of them terrorists (this guy did apologise though) Then theres all of the fights, the dick pic i and many others got sent a year ago or so, the witch hunts on the flag disputes and many other things i could go on and on about but i wont cause it would be one damn long post. 

    4. kuuhaku


      Things have been going downhill for at least a year now. I've just about reached the limit of what I can take and if it doesn't improve by the end of August then you probably won't be seeing much of me around these parts.

  10. Alas, this series once more eludes me. Congrats stevieboy, i hope yoi enjoy the game!
  11. The anticipation!! I hope I win! The game looks even better the more i see and hear!
  12. I have to go with Skyrim. Props for doing the giveaway!
  13. Got the plats for Skyrim and Band Hero this last week and now I have no idea what to play...

    1. PooPooBlast


      Haha welcome to my world. This happens everytime I plat a game where I do nothing for a full week

    2. ee28max


      Congrats on Skyrim, will be getting that one any time soon :).

  14. I've never played the game but I have heard great things about it. I'm a big fan of RPGs of all types, but this series seemed to always be one I missed out on. I would love a chance to experience it for myself one day and this would be a great chance to do so. (Plus I never win things like this so you should pick me )