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  1. Sorry no, there's not something like that. However, it keeps a tally of how many voxophones and sightseer collectables you've found, and when you begin a new game, everything reappears but the collectables you found in previous runs are still counted, meaning you only have to find the ones you missed. You must find every infusion in one run to get that trophy (if you buy the season pass you get an extra 5 so it makes it easier), the sightseer remembers which ones you've found but you have no way of knowing which ones you've missed. Voxophones are a little different, as each have their own name/description, so you could load up your previous file and cross reference with a guide to see which ones you still need to pick up. I recommend just going through 1999 mode with a collectables guide, which IMO is the best mode to find everything, as in this mode you'll be doing a lot of scavenging anyways due to stronger enemies and less ammo around. Good luck!
  2. Uhh, they're great games, 3 platinums, HD, 3D support, won't have to find and dust off my ps2, reasonably priced, want to support the games...
  3. Really? That shouldn't be...unless of course you're playing the ps2 version
  4. I definitely beat this at least half a dozen times to 100% completion on ps2, my first game for it when I got it in 2001! I could probably beat it fully in one go, my current fastest is sly 1 which was just under 14 hours, which I wasn't even going for fastest plat, and I hadn't played Sly before. Can't wait to do a speed run sometime this weekend!! For those wondering if it's an easy platinum, it definitely is. Jak II looks like it might be pain, Jak 3 probably won't be bad. Either way I'm getting all 3