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  1. Oooh! Excellent news!! I already got the platinum, though Level 24 had the worst frame drops, others had some too, but they're still playable at least.
  2. You summon it by merging monsters together... I don't know how to specifically summon it but what I did was merge several golems and then merged them into some other golem and kept merging until I could summon the Maras. I think you needed 400 merge points
  3. Answering OP, YES! It's fun and challenging, and it's even enjoyable watching other people playing it! "Drop" the gun while on an upward motion. Otherwise, you can try dropping it from high with one hand and catching it with the other. Not really sure when/how I got that trophy
  4. Great! Thanks for the reply and for trying what I was hesitant to!
  5. I've got another question. For the no deaths trophy, do you need to start a new game or is it ok to chapter select the first stage and start from there?
  6. I've watched several videos for this game, but I haven't been able to determine whether all trophies can be achieved offline, or if I will need to play online at some point. More curious than anything else...
  7. Apparently this was a mistake from the developers, they published a draft with temporary trophy images by mistake. A Day One patch will fix this. Looking forward to the real trophy images! Source:
  8. Let's hope it is just a temporary list, otherwise... I'm not sure whether it's a puzzle-platformer or a shooting gallery type of game
  9. I had never heard of this game before, however I have watched the Kaiji anime back in the day, and this has certainly piqued my interest!! Is this coming to the west?
  10. Welcome to Vita Island! I have been playing my Vita on my way to work every single day for the past 3 years, and I'm still in love with my little travel companion! I find it's the best way to play most indie games, as well as Japanese-developed games. All suggestions by previous posters are great (at least those I've played)! Give them a go! Some "new" suggestions: - Hatsune Miku Project Diva games if you like rhythm-based games and are not opposed to listening to music in Japanese. - Salt & Sanctuary is a great indie game that is most commonly referred to as Dark Souls in 2D, and with good reason! - LittleBigPlanet Vita is the handheld version of LBP with entirely new levels and game mechanics using the touchscreens, and it works wonderfully! If you played LBP on PS3, you'll know what to expect! - Tearaway is a nice little adventure (no sure if it has been mentioned before or not) - Bastion is also a great indie that was expertly ported to the Vita Anyways, hope you enjoy your Vita as most of us do!
  11. Hi everyone! I was playing through Alteric on my Vita and all was fine and dandy until I reached the "Hardest Mission" level (or something to that effect)... This level, on top of being overly difficult (much more than any of the previous levels), has massive frame drops when having to change dimensions near the saw part at the beginning. I can't seem to get past this part because I can't even see my death. Has anyone got any tips for this level for anyone blinded by the horrendous frame rate?
  12. I still wouldn't mind a run through of the trophy requirements
  13. Not right now, but there is a trophy in the Frozen Wilds DLC that requires you to level up to Lv.60, so clearly you have to be able to
  14. With the change of the "Farewell" trophy into "Before the Storm", when you finish the story (i.e. Episodes 1, 2 and 3), you would get 2 gold trophies together. And if you had all other trophies, you would the plat too! I wish they had thought of something different for that trophy, but hey, at least they fixed the original problem.
  15. Never heard of this game, but after watching some gameplay, I'm nearly sold on it. I'll keep an eye out for it. I think the trophy descriptions are great. They tell you what to do and make fun of themselves, love it. Self-aware trophies Plus, the trophy images are pretty cool to boot!