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  1. I agree that the controls are not as tight as they should be considering the requirements for Master difficulty. However, I’m not the most skilled player and I managed to obtain this platinum after many hours retrying the levels time and time again. I haven’t yet played Nex Machina to be able to compare the two, but it certainly seems to have a slight edge in polish over Matterfall overall. I liked the challenge the game presents up until Master difficulty, where it seems at times unfair. It’s good that this topic has made more people aware of this game’s existence so that more opinions on this matter can be put forth.
  2. Hi! Sacralith's trophy list should be updated, since on PSN they have fixed the names and descriptions of several trophies. Thanks!
  3. Hopefully there's an update soon to make this type of information more accesible and consistent across PS4/PS5/PSApp... but I'm not getting my hopes up
  4. I'm pretty sure they just changed their system clock to very late Monday, left the game running all through "Tuesday" for 24 hours and got the trophy, even if it wasn't really Tuesday. Basically, this trophy requires you to leave the game running for 24 hours straight on a Tuesday, but doesn't really know whether it really is Tuesday or not, you can change that in the system settings.
  5. Yeah, unfortunately this is the main issue I have with these subscription services… I guess I’ll have to play all the games I’m interested in that are currently available on PSNow in case they get dropped when the new PSPlus is implemented…
  6. I love mess 😆 Looks like we’re getting closer to Nomura’s FFvsXIII inside KH… and I’m all in!
  7. Heard rumours of this game coming to PlayStation and I’m so happy it’s true! I love Drinkbox games, so this will be a sure buy 🙌
  8. (Un)fortunately, this game does not have a multiplayer component. No need to worry about it
  9. The description for the platinum trophy made me immediately look for this thread, I knew someone would have said something about it As long as the trophies actually pop when they should, the platinum's description is just a minor annoyance. The game looks really fun, the lack of Campaign on release is a bit unfortunate
  10. When Housemarque tweeted a tease about possibly more Returnal content, I said to myself, "I'm sure they're waiting for me to start the game before they announce anything". I started Returnal 2 days ago. You're welcome.
  11. Looks so neat! Day one purchase for me, no doubt about it
  12. I was surprised to see this list appear. Hear so many great things about the game on Xbox, glad to see it come over trophy-land Great to know there's no collectibles
  13. Really looking forward to PSVR2! I cant't wait to throw money at Sony to get me some new PSVR
  14. If I don't get too distracted by the shiny new games on PS5 (or PSVR/2), I'm planning on reducing my PS3 backlog by finishing these games this year: One Piece Pirate Warriors One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 Borderlands Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Alice Madness Returns Quantum Conundrum Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands At the very least I'd like to finish the first 3 because I've started them and so will reduce the unearned trophies count, and Lightning Returns so that I finally finish her story.
  15. Getting 100% in a game implies you get all trophies, including DLC ones. In the case of Ghost of Tsushima, on top of getting the platinum, you have to play Legends mode to get several trophies, beat the game a second time in New Game +, and the Ikki Island expansion DLC