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  1. Hey Sora! Quick question when you have a moment. I just picked up Knockout League on sale and was wondering if you had any tips to share if you don't mind? Thanks in advance, also, nice work on your profie!

  2. Yeah, that used to be the initial requirements before the patch. You can check my trophies and you'll see that I got the True Hero trophy after any of the difficulty-specific ones. It is not a long game for sure, it's just that the new difficulty is quite tough. Good luck!
  3. What do you think of "To The Top"? It took me a while to get the controls but once I did it was extremely fun. 

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    2. MikeCheck--


      Yeah, when I first played it back when I was new to VR, I couldn't get into it, felt impossible to move. Many months later I came back and it was loads of fun! 

      Oh wow! how hard was Knockout League?! Good job on that!

    3. Soraking1991



      Knockout League was very challenging but it's a lot of fun (and quite a workout) to find each of the opponent's weaknesses and attack patterns, and be able to counter all of them. It's a VR hidden gem, IMO.

    4. MikeCheck--


      How would you compare it to sprint vector? That game was definitely the most taxing plat! 

      I’ll try knockout league  soon enough! Nearly caught up on the backlog 

  4. Yes, for the most part. There are some levels you actually need the second character to be useful (co-op levels). You need to finish one of these levels to get "Fun Multiplied". Otherwise, I think all trophies are manageable solo with two controllers. I should also point out that there is an assist setting where you can set infinite lives, so that the second character may die as many times as necessary (especially in boss fights).
  5. Just downloaded patch 1.11 that claims to fix the trophies! Let me know if it has (haven’t even started the game and was worried when I read this thread)
  6. I have already decided that it would be Astro's Playroom. Bugsnax, Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy after that.
  7. This and Miles Morales are going straight into my PS5’s SSD on day one! Really excited to control Sackboy once more! Played and platinumed all 5 LBP games (1-3, Vita and Karting), so I guess I just have to play this game 🙂
  8. Yeah, seems like they forgot to add filters/sorting throughout. The Store also lacks that functionality. I get why they don't what to show the names, but it should be a toggle somewhere rather than not showing them at all.
  9. Where did you hear the sound of a trophy popping? What does it sound like now? This made me think... I like the current "ding" it makes, but I'd really like it if they made a different sound for the platinum given that it always comes preceded by a "ding" already. Something more hype Edit: Nevermind, found a video. Sounds... "fuller"? I don't know how to describe it
  10. I like how they cleaned it up a bit. Much less clutter and seems to be working faster. Like the overall design with curved edges and colour gradients. It's got a pretty unique style and they have gone out of their way to implement something different from current design and style guidelines for apps. I also like the dark mode for the Store more than the white web version, still missing sorting and filtering results there. I just wish there was some way to highlight or better see the games/content you have already purchased (plain white text is not eye-catching enough, liked how it used to be blue). One final note, the infinite scroll in the Store is a great improvement over the paged implementation before, I'd just like to point out that it could be loading slightly faster/earlier and not have to fill the screen with empty boxes before pulling data for the content it should be showing.
  11. Looks like they took a design cue from their hardware team, adding new "levels" to the handles on the trophies from bronze to silver to gold, much like they did with PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro XDD I don't mind the change of the platinum, I liked the unreal impossible floating-orb look of the old one, but the new one I'll get used to. On a related note, have you noticed that they have changed the trophy icons on the app, but not the trophy level star they announced a couple of weeks ago? WTH?
  12. I game on Vita every day, and lately I've been going back to PS3 to play some of my quite extensive backlog. Neither of them are going to die for me in the near future due to backlog (more than 60 games on Vita and over 30 on PS3). I'll keep playing both (specially Vita) for as long as the trophies keep syncing
  13. I had a PS5 Camera preorder which I cancelled as soon as I learned that it wouldn't work for PSVR. We're about a month away from release and this adapter issue is bugging me a bit :/ Hope to hear from PlayStation soon enough
  14. After checking out some of the demo I must say I'm super hyped for this game ATM. The platinum does not look easy at all, but it will be fun for me (as I do enjoy rhythm games and KH, what's not to love?) November 13th can't come fast enough
  15. Yeah, sorry about that. I kept receiving messages from random people asking me to go to their website for nude pictures and I was not comfortable with it. I know where to look if I want that 😅 I've sent you a friend request