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  1. Good luck! And I hope you get to join the club! I bought this game after having an absolute blast with Beat Saber and needing some more VR rhythm goodness. I love Audica. I love the extra complexity and mechanics it's got over Beat Saber, and how different it is. It isn't as difficult as it appears to be once you get the hang of it. I saw that I had the chance to be the first to get the platinum and spent A LOT of time practicing until my arms felt numb. Initially I used to aim by looking over the barrel of the gun, but you get used to aiming without looking and focusing much more on the rhythm and the following targets. I had a silent competition with @shddd and @awkwardadam, and I kept checking all song leaderboards for signs that I was losing ground to them I actually thank them for pushing me into achieving this crazy feat. I have to agree that G.O.A.T. is tough. Took me the most tries to get the gold in. The point threshold is pretty strict and I think it's the song with the most annoying target combinations and rhythm. Highway to Oblivion is actually one of the songs I had the most fun with, even though it destroyed my trigger fingers due to the incredible amount of targets you have to hit. Keep at it!
  2. That's for Brazil. I tend to look up new releases in rather than the PlayStation Store itself, it's more convenient there. Check it out!
  3. While I agree that excessive hype might lead to disappointment in the end, just take a look at the tech demo of UE4 on PS4 and compare it to where games have gone (using UE4) since. I think that it is fair to say that the UE5 level of graphics performance will be eventually reached by a proper game.
  4. VR only (which is good since it's been designed to take advantage of it). Sorry you can't experience it without buying a headset though.
  5. Couldn't agree more I can't wait to buy it on the 19th (EU version)
  6. So excited this one has a platinum! And also, no Daredevil trophy Without knowing the details of what each entails, the only trophy that seems to be difficult is completing the game without dying/failing.
  7. LOL, I am about to do exactly the same for the same reason !! I've enjoyed the many I've played so far, so I doubt this one will disappoint
  8. Missing banner image:
  9. Yes, only player 1 gets the trophies, unfortunately.
  10. I found it to be very fun. More complex and not quite as party-friendly as Beat Saber is, since there are more mechanics at play and it takes a bit of practice to get used to playing properly. I love Audica, it's just not as accessible as Beat Saber. Once you get into the groove though... it's flawless. 100% recommended if you're into VR rhythm games, I say give it a go!
  11. Looks like this was fixed today. Looks better IMO
  12. I've got a question regarding the Multiplayer trophies... can they be done in split-screen? Or can the multiplayer be played with bots? [Edit]: I'll answer this myself. Apparently not.
  13. Looks like most trophies are story related, then some collectibles Shame there’s no platinum, though πŸ˜”
  14. Hey! I really liked this game. Once you manage to get the hang of the locomotion controls (with Moves), you really feel immersed. Aiming is pretty intuitive and precise, however it might require you to set up your camera higher up than normal to aim properly. The only tracking issues I can recall were aiming down the sight of the sniper rifle and sometimes a bit of drift. The story is ok, nothing too crazy. I mean, it's a zombie story, temper your expectations accordingly. It is on the shorter side. It's got its sense of humour and there are a couple of moments I lol'd pretty hard at the main character's quips. The graphics (even on PS4 Pro) are not the best in PSVR, but they are good enough and lets you distinguish a zombie from pretty far away. I have seen much worse than this. There are several possible glitches with collision detection, where you might get stuck on a rock on the ground and cannot move, which might mean death if a zombie is following you. (One of these is right before the first store you have to go inside, there are a couple of rocks on the path to the front door that you might want to avoid). You need to have some VR legs in order to not get motion sick playing this, though. The platinum for this game seems difficult but really only the hard play through and horde mode can give you a bit of a bad time, but it's perfectly doable if you take your time and use the environment to protect yourself against the hordes. I bought this game on a sale for 11€ because I thought 40€ to be pretty steep after watching some gameplay, however, I think I would have easily paid 20€ for the amount of fun I had with it. I can recommend this game πŸ‘ Disclaimer: In VR I am pretty easy to please. I like the immersion, and innovative and different gameplay in my VR games and the locomotion in this game with the Moves won me over. Regarding your "conspiracy theories", let me pose a counter-argument. People that purchase a game, unless they feel utterly disappointed, could be choice-supportive biased πŸ˜‰
  15. The trophy popped for me while I was adding elements, didn't even have to save the level.