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  1. Looking forward to working out to get the platinum! Guess I'll stop paying the gym subscription for the next few months
  2. Looks interesting! Looking forward to hearing/reading your thoughts on the game as a whole, especially going for the platinum!
  3. Hey! Wasn't this releasing today? I checked in the EU Store and I couldn't find it! I'll check back later though. Really looking forward to more puns
  4. I'm useless at estimating time spent playing (since I also get distracted A LOT) but I'd say around 10-15 hours, depending on how much the collectables resist you. If you follow a guide for those, it'll be faster. Some of the challenges may be a pain in the neck, though. And you'll spend some time on the claw crane machine too. Hope this helps
  5. Kingdom Hearts 3 Still waiting to know if the physical release of Spyro will actually hold all three games on disc or not.
  6. I sincerely don't see what's funny about laughing at other people's OCD. All of us have our own quirks. Respect them. Back on topic, I sort of understand the need for a specific time at which you would want your profile to be updated every day, and other people manually updating your profile messes that timing up. Case in point: I take a snapshot of some trophy statistics at the same time every day. As it is right now, I have to always update my profile before I do this because I can't be sure it has been synched to PSNProfiles since my last trophy. This feature would help, but for me it's not really a big deal.
  7. I'm slightly bummed that it got delayed into 2019 just because I was so sure that they were confident enough with their 2018 release year... Otherwise, I am happy that they are taking their time to make it the best they can. Hopefully they will be fixing the issues players found in the Premiere. Really looking forward to this game. Already counting the days until I have it in my hands.
  8. Job Simulator + Accounting+ = Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Owlchemy, the guys behind Job Simulator and Justin Roiland from Accounting+ joined forces into this one It looks really fun, but I've got my hands full with other VR titles at the moment. Think I'll wait for a sale, or just pick it up later
  9. Hi all, I've been grinding my way to reviving 1000 zombies and I'm pretty sure I should be well over that by now, since I've been actually counting up to 800 after having played all the levels (and getting 3 stars in all of them). I've been hitting retry for level 18, in which there are 12 schoolgirl zombies, do those not count towards the trophy? Has this trophy glitched on me?
  10. I've got absolutely no hope of actually getting the platinum in this game, what with the Hot Lap and the insane amount of XP needed to reach LVL 30... However, I may hop in to get a couple of random trophies... I had completely forgot about this game, and I was recently looking for a kart racing game, so this may help in scratching that itch for a bit
  11. In the Intermission level, there are actually two rooms... The first star you have to get it quickly after opening the toilet door, look right and up, you'll see it in the corner. The second one is on the ceiling, right above you
  12. I think it was right after the title screen comes up, just as you start the game... Without going into any level, try hitting all buttons (except X, of course), specially R1 and L1, as the trophy description says. Sorry I can't say exactly what to do Goo luck on your platinum!
  13. For the No Secret Codes, try any and all combinations of buttons on the main menu... I'm not sure what ended up working for me For Loot and Scoot, I basically repeated the first level that has chests over and over, since it's the easiest/fastest. There are only two chests at most in any level so you might as well play the shortest 👍
  14. Oooh! Excellent news!! I already got the platinum, though Level 24 had the worst frame drops, others had some too, but they're still playable at least.
  15. You summon it by merging monsters together... I don't know how to specifically summon it but what I did was merge several golems and then merged them into some other golem and kept merging until I could summon the Maras. I think you needed 400 merge points