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  1. Somehow, I suspected this game would eventually get DLC, expected a new level though. Let's hope it's not too difficult to obtain these two new trophies
  2. I haven't played much yet... I have to play for a whole month anyway, so I'm taking things slow. It's fun, but looks like it could become repetitive fast though. I'm literally playing one or two levels a day so I haven't reached that point yet, but unless there's some surprise later on, I can see it becoming boring for some people. Each level has several challenges that spice things up a bit, and the multiplayer can be quite chaotic. I'll let you know my thoughts when I'm closer to the end
  3. Hey all, just a PSA. Some trophies may be glitched or not popping on PS5, at least this happened to me. I had played a level a day for more than a week (including weekends, even though it's not necessary for the trophy) and it didn't pop. Also, I had completed all objectives in Gouda and nothing. I plugged everything back to the PS4 to test things out there and after playing a level in Gouda, both trophies popped... so the game was keeping track of the days I had been playing, but the trophies did not pop when they should on PS5. So maybe hold off on playing this game on the PS5? Let me know if you're having a similar experience...
  4. This game is VR-only: Thanks!
  5. Still not as bad of a grind as OhShape! Though it's more consistent. Fingers crossed it's not glitched, just imagine...
  6. Just recently added, it's a VR game
  7. Yay! The trophy list is finally online! The game's been out for a couple of weeks already. Looks like a pretty grind list, but hopefully it'll be a fun time. Just in case anyone is wondering, yes, it's a VR game.
  8. I must say I’m surprised at the sheer amount of trophies without DLC! I like the list though, very similar to the first game’s, some story some collectibles, some miscellaneous… Looking forward to playing this! 😬
  9. Yep! This is also VR, unless I have missed the announcement of it being “flat” too…
  10. Quite a straightforward list (not saying the requirements are though). Funny that the order is inverted… other than that… platinum! 😎
  11. Looks like a solid list! Hopefully all upgrades can be made in the same playthrough. Looking forward to this game.
  12. I'm sure someone was going to notice this sooner or later given it's on the most recent games list, but in any case: It's a VR-only game and it's missing a banner Thanks for all your work
  13. Hey! I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere and thought I might as well ask here... Can you access the PS5 upgraded version if you get it via EA Play subscription, or is it only the PS4 version?
  14. Oh wow! That's a very impressive list of fixes! I wonder how many of those were known issues before release though... 👀 Glad to hear read they are listening to players' feedback and making adjustments so quickly, just hope it doesn't break anything (I've had too many of those "fixes" lately). I'll probably buy the game sometime "soon"... need to reduce my backlog a bit (fingers crossed for the summer!)
  15. Not too interested in changing my avatar, and not going to use the theme on my PS5, but I'm signed up and ready to contribute for those that want them! Let's go people!! 😁