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  1. I really did not see this one coming!
  2. 😂 Yeah, that would have been great. Good to know. Release date: September 24th
  3. You might find some tracking issues when pointing (i.e. shooting) straight at the camera (breaking the camera's line-of-sight to the headset), otherwise it works pretty well from what I remember. There's good feedback on the Move controllers when shooting and then there's visual and sound feedback for when you hit a target. Also, except for one trophy, you will have the massive help of aim-assist which will make you feel like a pro if you shoot in the general direction of the target BoxVR was a bit weird with the tracking: some punches, especially the uppercuts, I had to do in an unnatural way for them to register.
  4. I'm not entirely sure a trophy guide would help much in this case, actually. Most of the trophies involve grinding and "getting good" at the game. It's very skill-dependent. I would most certainly pick this up if you're into rhythm games, specially in VR. It's challenging but very fun, increasing the difficulty of the game makes it even more fun. IMHO, the platinum is more difficult than Beat Saber's because the game itself is more complex due to the different types of notes you have to hit. Interestingly, while in Beat Saber my arms got tired first after playing a while; in Audica my trigger fingers gave out first Once you find the flow of a song, it isn't really that difficult. G.O.A.T. was an exception for me because I couldn't write get into the rhythm of the song and its notes, but that's the song I had the most trouble to Gold Star and it maybe took me about 25 tries. There's a mode in which you can actually play around specific sections of a song and change the speed in order to practice the sequence if you feel like your head can't quite understanding what's happening. It's not easy, but it's not unfairly difficult either. The low plat % is probably due to people giving up (also, there's a bit of a grind involved). Hope this cleared some of your doubts
  5. I've been patiently waiting for this game to release on PSVR for quite a while now. Still don't know the exact release date, hopefully soon. Trophy list looks like quite a grind, but it could be good to add to my fitness routine and work towards the trophies day by day...
  6. There’s a patch (1.03) out now. Patch notes say, among other things: - Fixed: Perfect parry mode doesn’t always get unlocked 😁
  7. I played mostly everything MP in Botzone because every time I tried to do MP online there were no active users. You have a point though, I could try online to see if people have cards I don’t. Regardless, shouldn’t I be getting cards from completing contracts? Or does that only work for the main story (once)?
  8. I have currently got 14 out of the 52 valour cards for the full deck. I'm not collecting all intel on purpose so as to get 27 cards I don't already have 100% guaranteed, therefore, I'm simply looking for 11 more cards to pop after a contract and then I'll be golden. I'm working through the different contracts for Dedicated to the Cause but I've done 8 contracts without any of them awarding me a card for the deck. Aren't contracts supposed to give you cards? Did I understand the guide incorrectly? I should have a 73% chance of a new card dropping after every contract, but so far I haven't had that luck 😅
  9. I'm also scared and I've barely even started the game... Hopefully there's a patch to solve this on the way...
  10. I'm so excited for this! Huge KH fan and I really like rhythm games (though I'm just average at them) It's great we've got a release date, too bad it comes right in the middle of a huge moment in video games...
  11. Oh cool!
  12. Oh, that's... so weird and unfortunate. 😅
  13. I'm very excited for this, even if it's click-to-teleport. I want to wield a lightsaber in VR and not cut blocks at the beat of the music Surprising how we still don't have a trophy list?
  14. I've had my eye on this game for a while. I did not expect it to have so many trophies regarding bosses, is it some sort of Boss Rush? Multiple playthroughs maybe? Some collectible trophies, but don't sound too bad. Let's hope it's not a multiple long playthroughs platinum.
  15. Not looking forward to this, actually. Thankfully I'll have all my upgrades to do the harder difficulty, but yeah, it's gonna be tough.