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  1. Seriously, I want to congratulate whoever thinks of all the puns in the POWGI games! My SO and I play these games together and the best part of it all are the puns. Kudos!
  2. Very interested in this game! Will most likely play on PSVR, though. Looks like a lot of the trophies are story related, and maybe some collectibles? And then of course the typical rhythm game trophies Looking forward to playing this soon
  3. I've been interested in this game since it was first announced ages ago. Glad it's finally coming, and that it's got a platinum! Trophies look ok, lots of collectibles though. Might have to grind to get them enemy-killing trophies. Hopefully there's no missable trophies.
  4. I don't know how easy or difficult this could be, but I'd really appreciate it if it happened
  5. Actually, it was worse... LBP2 has another DLC that requires you to have the PSVita When I first saw that this game had PSVR trophies as DLC, I knew it was going to be controversial here in the forums. I'm glad I have PSVR and will be able to get all trophies when the time comes
  6. I think PS+ is just fine. It's not the best service ever, and I hate the fact that Sony made it compulsory for online play on PS4, but I consider it's very much worth it. Most months, the games are not in my interest, or I already own them. I tend to buy the games I'm interested in. I do get to enjoy the PS+ extra discounts on the Store from time to time, and I love the cloud saves. Regarding cloud saves, the best part of it is something that cannot be replicated with a "dirt cheap USB": it saves AUTOMATICALLY (given you have internet connection, of course). It was a great loss when they removed the PS3/Vita offerings and gave nothing in return, but it is still worth it for me.
  7. I'm very interested in this game... I've tried out the demo and I feel like it's going to be a pretty rare platinum trophy, and that's getting me excited for some reason. I'm a bit curious about what the Regulations Complete trophy entails... What is "Top Score by Course"?
  8. Looking forward to working out to get the platinum! Guess I'll stop paying the gym subscription for the next few months
  9. Looks interesting! Looking forward to hearing/reading your thoughts on the game as a whole, especially going for the platinum!
  10. Hey! Wasn't this releasing today? I checked in the EU Store and I couldn't find it! I'll check back later though. Really looking forward to more puns
  11. I'm useless at estimating time spent playing (since I also get distracted A LOT) but I'd say around 10-15 hours, depending on how much the collectables resist you. If you follow a guide for those, it'll be faster. Some of the challenges may be a pain in the neck, though. And you'll spend some time on the claw crane machine too. Hope this helps
  12. Kingdom Hearts 3 Still waiting to know if the physical release of Spyro will actually hold all three games on disc or not.
  13. I sincerely don't see what's funny about laughing at other people's OCD. All of us have our own quirks. Respect them. Back on topic, I sort of understand the need for a specific time at which you would want your profile to be updated every day, and other people manually updating your profile messes that timing up. Case in point: I take a snapshot of some trophy statistics at the same time every day. As it is right now, I have to always update my profile before I do this because I can't be sure it has been synched to PSNProfiles since my last trophy. This feature would help, but for me it's not really a big deal.
  14. I'm slightly bummed that it got delayed into 2019 just because I was so sure that they were confident enough with their 2018 release year... Otherwise, I am happy that they are taking their time to make it the best they can. Hopefully they will be fixing the issues players found in the Premiere. Really looking forward to this game. Already counting the days until I have it in my hands.
  15. Job Simulator + Accounting+ = Rick & Morty: Virtual Rick-ality Owlchemy, the guys behind Job Simulator and Justin Roiland from Accounting+ joined forces into this one It looks really fun, but I've got my hands full with other VR titles at the moment. Think I'll wait for a sale, or just pick it up later