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  1. Hey! I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere and thought I might as well ask here... Can you access the PS5 upgraded version if you get it via EA Play subscription, or is it only the PS4 version?
  2. Oh wow! That's a very impressive list of fixes! I wonder how many of those were known issues before release though... 👀 Glad to hear read they are listening to players' feedback and making adjustments so quickly, just hope it doesn't break anything (I've had too many of those "fixes" lately). I'll probably buy the game sometime "soon"... need to reduce my backlog a bit (fingers crossed for the summer!)
  3. Not too interested in changing my avatar, and not going to use the theme on my PS5, but I'm signed up and ready to contribute for those that want them! Let's go people!! 😁
  4. I approve, for what it's worth Yeah, it should... It saddens me to see so much hate towards the smaller differences amongst each other instead of embracing what makes us similar. But I guess that's the internet and the state of the world right now... (and you can even argue human condition). Anyways, related to Jak II... of the 3 mascot-platformer trilogies of the PS2 era, Jak & Daxter was the only one I couldn't finish back in the day. I adore Ratchet & Clank, I had great fun with Sly (actually, I skipped 1 initially because I couldn't find the PS2 disc on sale anywhere), and while The Precursor Legacy had me hooked from start to finish, I couldn't play past the first hour of Jak II. I couldn't look past the drastic change of tone and more GTA-esque mission structure. I eventually went back and played through all three collections on PS3 (and even the sequels and most spin-offs), cementing my younger self's opinion that overall Ratchet > Sly > Jak. Obviously, to each their own Oooh! I'd like to see how Prey fends off FFXIII
  5. How dare science put down my beloved Dokuro! I shall henceforth become a science denier and cast my eyes away from further scientifically accurate results! 😠 Nah, just kidding. It think it's a fair review. I honestly don't remember having many issues with the controls themselves, but I do remember I mostly failed the puzzles because of the time-trial-esque nature of the game where you have to solve everything before the princess decides to die, not because the puzzles themselves were that difficult. In terms of frustrating controls, a similar game that I do remember having nightmares with was htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary , especially for some of the trophies. In any case, I have a limited memory, so I may just be misremembering Dokuro, or maybe I had such a bad time that the PTSD wiped the painful memories away. Or maybe I just loved it in an unscientific way... Thanks for the review! 👏 Funnily enough, I played Dokuro after playing Lemmings on PS3 so I guess I had something about escorting suicidal characters in the summer of 2015 😂 1. I wouldn't say you write too much, at least you write well and it's very entertaining to read. Plus, scientific results require detailed explanations of the process and the conclusions so I expect nothing less. 😉 2. I guess I've been sleeping on Prey, huh... I was very tempted to give it a try when they added it to PS Now, might have been playing whatever else at the time and then completely forgot about it... Thanks for the reminder! It's awesome to hear read such high praise (or dare I say Prey-se?) 😝 To keep the ball rolling, I'd like to suggest Metro 2033 Redux to be put to the test! May the science continue!
  6. Hey! Glad you found it! Weird glitch there though... Good luck with Expert 🐣
  7. No worries, I might be remembering this game through rose-tinted glasses. I tend to over-value Vita games overall as I have an enormous soft-spot for the little handheld 😍 Still, science must be heard! 😁
  8. There are some songs where you can get away with not getting a full combo on the song. If I'm still on the leaderboards, you'll see there are some songs in which my high score is not a full combo I'm sorry to hear that happened... I would suggest you play through all songs again 5-starring them, even though it's quite a commitment and hopefully that will unlock the trophy. Take it as practice for Expert 😅 Hope you manage to fix this!
  9. I'm not surprised at where Detroit landed on the list, great review Obviously couldn't (scientifically speaking) beat Manny Calavera's charm. Thanks for the science! If I'm allowed to suggest another game, I'd like to put forward Dokuro (a game I recommend for Vita, for sure) for scientific judgement!
  10. Oh wow! Looks like I must really take a shot at Transistor!! I'd like to see how Detroit: Become Human fares against this list of awesomeness
  11. I love your method, and I fully support your endeavour! 😁
  12. I understand the logic behind it but there's an issue with the statement... How can we know we want a sequel without actually having bought the game in the first place? We can only know we want a sequel if we've bought and played the game (and enjoyed it), but we won't buy the game day one if we aren't sure we want it, it's good, we'll like it or any other reason, so... what should we do? I think it's very unfair for a big business like Sony (or anyone related to them) to make us the consumers responsible for their strict "policies".
  13. Hey Sora! Quick question when you have a moment. I just picked up Knockout League on sale and was wondering if you had any tips to share if you don't mind? Thanks in advance, also, nice work on your profie!

  14. Yeah, that used to be the initial requirements before the patch. You can check my trophies and you'll see that I got the True Hero trophy after any of the difficulty-specific ones. It is not a long game for sure, it's just that the new difficulty is quite tough. Good luck!
  15. What do you think of "To The Top"? It took me a while to get the controls but once I did it was extremely fun. 

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    2. MikeCheck--


      Yeah, when I first played it back when I was new to VR, I couldn't get into it, felt impossible to move. Many months later I came back and it was loads of fun! 

      Oh wow! how hard was Knockout League?! Good job on that!

    3. Soraking1991



      Knockout League was very challenging but it's a lot of fun (and quite a workout) to find each of the opponent's weaknesses and attack patterns, and be able to counter all of them. It's a VR hidden gem, IMO.

    4. MikeCheck--


      How would you compare it to sprint vector? That game was definitely the most taxing plat! 

      I’ll try knockout league  soon enough! Nearly caught up on the backlog