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  1. Thanks And to everyone still trying to Roll her, I really hope you guys get Scat.
  2. With everyone Posting their Current Support Lineup, here are Mine Active Set And 2nd Set
  3. The Cheapest you can get it is by buying the 41qtz, 5qtz & 1qtz Packs for a total of 30 Paid Quartz at $29.97 USD or whatever your Equivalent currency is
  4. Just Collected Nobu #5 Now I gotta make some Demons Love me
  5. Grats, YOLO Rolls are the Best Got 2 Emiyas & Okita Like that
  6. Updating my Progress because why not
  7. You should be Farming for Gears, Pages & Homunculi first as those are unobtainable outside events yet
  8. I Just got the Third Nobunaga a Moment ago
  9. Guys, you're Going Off-topic.. Take it to PMs or a Banter Thread, not here.
  10. Platinum #45 Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V GENERATION Super-dupermension Neptunia Master After being in Hiatus for about a Year I decided to come back to it & finish it. Now onto Megadimension Neptunia V-2
  11. I'd Like to enter for both givaways My Guess: Perfect Dark Zero on the X360 EDIT: NVM didn't see it was already guessed
  12. Why Aren't Shana's Earned Platinums Listed? She has already Earned 4 this year, seems unfair to list yours but not Hers.
  13. I'll be Joining in with the Boobie Ladies with the XBLAZE platinum