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  1. Read in a different site forum to delete application data and re-install. Then went back through chapter select and it worked, must've just been a glitch in my game.
  2. As I said above here, I am flipping (rotating) it. To no results nonetheless
  3. No its the film trophy (Twin Clue #1). I press R2 and flip it as with every other collectible and it will not register
  4. When I pick up the film trophy collectible it does not appear in the twins clueline, preventing me from obtaining the corresponding trophy. Does anyone know what this is? How to get the collectible?
  5. Likes Square Enix and remasters of great games
  6. Do collectibles carry over, either way this does seem like the way to go with the least risk of screwing up NG+ so thanks! Somehow never thought to do chapter select after new game + Oh okay, so have 2 save files. One for collectibles and one to load back up for NG+ ... sounds simple enough. Between that and what JayBizzle said above I should be good either way. Thanks for the help! Edit: Going with JayBizzle on this one, starting new game + then 3rd playthrough will be collectibles, as doing earlier chapters via chapter select rewrites your collectible history and therefore must recollect a lot which is more of a hassle then it is a clean up
  7. I just beat the game on hard, I want to gather all the collectibles via chapter select before going into new game plus. Will going into older chapters effect the weapon/supplement upgrades I made in later chapters or will it go unchanged heading into new game plus after I'm done this mini collectible clean up?
  8. It is and you are saving money. $449 (PS4) + 54.99 (Last of Us) or simply $449 for last of us bundle. sounds like you are saving 55 bucks to me
  9. 2014 Fifa World Cup, because you only need a few more for the Plat!
  10. In no particular order: 1) Zachary Comstock- Bioshock Infinite 2) Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik- Sonic franchise 3) The Joker- Arkham Asylum 4) Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII 5) Origami Killer- Heavy Rain 6) Bowser- Super Mario franchise 7) Xemnas- Kingdom Hearts 8) Andrew Ryan- Bioshock 9) Clockwerk- Sly Cooper 10) Dr. Nefarious- Ratchet and Clank
  11. The PAYDAY 2 grind of course!
  12. If you are indifferent about notoriety (as I am) then you can turn off online invasions, let it save, then turn it back on. Then go for collectibles and I was tailed within 15 minutes of the change. I've also noticed I get hacked/tailed a lot more after I have finished hacking or tailing others myself. Hope it helps