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  1. Whatever reviewers/influencers/devs can get their hands on early, way before us normal folk 😑
  2. Any updates on a working method for the "Total matches 50" trophy?
  3. I want these GTAs, because they were amazing at the time and now they have trophies. But not for this price.
  4. They released some revamped PS2 titles, all of them are here:!/nl-nl/playstation-2-games/cid=STORE-MSF75508-PS2TOPS4?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=ps%20store&utm_campaign=PX+-+PlayStation&EMCID=GM300000_store(EU Store)
  5. From what i see from the trophy list basically its just playing online a loooot, hacking and slashing around?
  6. I think its just a big grind... Im at 140 stars now but for each stage you get max 3 stars and you can only play them a limited amount of times because you run out of lives and im not willing to pay for them.
  7. Calling GTA V 'essentially SP' is wrong in my eyes. There's so much new stuff to do, such rich content.. By not playing that you're missing more than 50% of this game.
  8. Battlefield 3 that trophy that requires you to become level 45. I played that game sooo much on PC and I wanted to plat it on PS3 when it was free on Plus. I occasionally still play a bit but 10 levels is still quite a lot and i prefer playing PS4 now. Doesn't help that my friends' trophy popped at level 33 or something and he doesnt play anymore now.
  9. Didn't they add a function where you can delete those game where you didn't get any trophies yet?
  10. NFS:Rivals, its a pretty easy one and I liked the game
  11. Cheers dude, will try it and post the result
  12. Yes its ten. I've been playing with a buddy, the pens are all his and the FK's mine. Too bad I suck at them
  13. Quickest clubs goal i've ever seen by my teammates
  14. I have the Toe Poke but cant get Extra Effort and Knuckleball Struggled on controlled defending for a while because I didnt know what type of tackle to use until i saw this video
  15. Red Dead Redemption, but before I could started properly I got hooked on BorderLands 2 again