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  1. yeah me and my friend have the exact same issues. seems likes it's little big planet 3 all over again the online for that was absolutely shocking
  2. anyone have any problems with mp disconnecting while playing ps5?
  3. any tips for cerberus mate? I have hit the last enemy with it so many times and no trophy I also get the notification in the corner for doing it
  4. thanks for that mate I'll have to give it another try when I jump on 👍
  5. trying to get the flamethrower trophy in gridfall and can't seem to get it
  6. as it stands right now it's pretty much impossible to do the tower it's way too hard
  7. just the stuttering and lag problems playing coop. my console is dead silent playing godfall only sometimes when the disc spins to load thats the only time I hear it
  8. yeah I'm experiencing this as well it's quite annoying tbh
  9. ok so im pretty sure you get the same xp win or lose and it doesn't matter how many knock outs you get so I wonder if you start rocketbot attack and everyone jumps out of the arena to end the game? ignore I tried it and got no xp lol
  10. hi guys just wondering if anyone has anyways of gaining xp the fastest?
  11. I think I might be being silly but can anyone explain how the recovery system works I don't think it was explained in the tutorial and I haven't managed to do it once lol
  12. anyway to tell how you advance time? I know you can sleep but how much does that extend it by? does anyone know thanks
  13. I couldn't seem to find your crew
  14. bit disappointed by the list. I wish it had mp trophies as well I have enjoyed doing the mp trophies in past games
  15. hey guys 👍 any idea on how to get Secret Ninja Skill's I can't seem to unlock it I can do the flip but the follow up doesn't happen