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  1. hey guys 👍 any idea on how to get Secret Ninja Skill's I can't seem to unlock it I can do the flip but the follow up doesn't happen
  2. yeah man sounds good! I'll try and figure it out lol see how I go
  3. hey mate your not on sometime today and you and could give me a quick run through? 👍
  4. Hey mate could you tell me how you do these runs? thanks 👍👍
  5. man this is so disappointing for this to happen. I worked my arse off to get the specialist characters and they just hand them out for free just wow
  6. I don't think I have seen anywhere that anyone has done that wouldn't be surprised if that was the case and probably why it's not being fixed because it's not broken at all lol
  7. I have earnt all my characters legitimately and it would be sorta unfair if they did that now
  8. your joking right? first nomad now this what a joke that is I busted my arse to get both of those guys to just patch it and make it easier so disappointed
  9. I don't see where he was upset about not getting the trophy he was just trying to say what level he was and what he had done and still no trophy 👍
  10. dam I done nomads tags the other way which is much harder now they patch it dam that sucks I should have just waited lol
  11. I done all 14 currently available characters legit and it took me about 74 hours
  12. you'll have a tough time boosting it I reckon but good luck 👍
  13. I have seen it multiple times in the boxing ring head there and camp a few rounds you'll be sure to get it 👍👍
  14. thanks for the info mate just got nomad doing this method 👍👍