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  1. Far Cry 4 for me
  2. Kinda late but, did you get a Key Raul?
  3. Anybody else having problems with it? I´ve got the digital pro edition and the season pass aint working, contacted activision and they can´t figure out what is happening... so far I´ve spent like 50 dollars on something that doesn´t work,... not getting that AE4 weapon..... So far since they can´t make it work I´m getting some time of double XP.... I just want my money back
  4. Awesome, been all day at the pool. It´s sunny and 32C (about 90 F I believe)
  5. I hate when I´m playing with randoms and they don´t help out at all, but I´ve got a couple of friends which though we suck at least we play as a team, we all die together hahaha
  6. I´m also trying survivor mode now, I´m at the part when u play as Ellie and gotta kill David, kinda stuck there now, but close to finishing it again and I´ll try grounded or maybe do survivor +
  7. Just got this game yesterday since it was on sale on the PS store
  8. I wouldn´t buy Apple, Samsung is way better.
  9. I use a Samsung note 2
  10. I´ve joined on February 18th 2014, but I´ve been using it to check trophies long before that.... at least since 2012, just never made an account.
  11. So many games....a lot are the ones you download from PS plus and a couple I´ve got to play with little cousin. dragons crown, dungeons and dragons, dead nation, fez, watch dogs, wheel of fortune, jetpack joyride, spartacus legends, may payne 3 (hate that game), family game night 3, time crisis razing storm, resident evil 5, wolverine, deadstorm pirates, avatar...
  12. COD is way easier, started playing it with ghost, getting much better. I tried BF4.... do not recommend it.
  13. At the moment I have 2751 trophies pending, but there are a bunch of games in that list that I didn´t play at all, deleted the game since they sucked in my opinion.
  14. I went to business school and work as a financial analyst.
  15. mine was sport champion, bundle with my PS3