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  1. Thanks for this, helped a lot. Took a few tries but I eventually got the pattern down. Got a bit shaky at times and jumped earlier than I should've and died. Cheers again,
  2. No you have to buy it again.
  3. Do I need to do anything with the “primary console” option thing?
  4. Do all the saved data’s need to be copied to a USB or can it be sent to the online storage?
  5. Does uploading all the saves to the online cloud before deleting your profile work? Or do I have to upload it to a USB?
  6. I have the NA version of the game playing it on my main account which is EU. I got the trophy for 1000 kills before the 500 kills. I finished the whole game while getting all boss trophies except for the 4th level boss trophy. I had to reset the game then got one kill to get the 500 kills trophy. I also had to kill the boss again to get its trophy. I spoke to EastAsiaSoft and they said it could be connection based to the server. My connection tends to drop a lot. Has anyone else had this issue?
  7. Done. The two I did try to message had the "can't receive messages" setting on.
  8. I tried to dm you, it didn't allow me. Wasn't sure who to dm.
  9. Have taken to the dm's
  10. Called a screenshot lol
  11. I didn't anything wrong. The ps4 just signed my account out. Has happened with a few games now that I've bought from my other account
  12. I'm currently doing the NA version of this game after doing the EU version a while back. I started the game on my main account, did the first level, was on the second level then it signed me out and returned me to the NA account that was signed in. When I loaded the game back up I didn't get the trophy for completing level 1 but i got the trophy for doing level 2. Can I get flagged for this?
  13. Wow thanks so much! I was doing the harder version the whole time. Only had the 2 challenges to go and I thought they were impossible. Just got the plat after you telling me. Appreciate it. Thanks again
  14. This is for 2.0. Easy mode? How do you change to that?
  15. on some of the challenges yours seems a lot slower than mine. On the money bag one, you start with 77 seconds. I start with 55 seconds. The challenge where you need to beat the other character in the maze mine goes super quick but yours seems to go so slow. Are there any settings that you've changed for that?