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  1. Are there any special conditions for unlocking some of the events? I cleared all stages and raised the affection of each servant to the maximum Level (30), but I didn't get all of the events. The (5-2) event of the Servant "Nameless" is missing. Edit: I had to switch to a female character to trigger the event.
  2. The sliding glitch also happened to me on VITA. After I finished the game with 36 fragments my character slided to the right into a saw.
  3. How do I get the Spongey Membranes. I am killing Big Dogoo's but it doesn't drop. Is it a rare material or do I have to kill a specific one? Edit: Okay it is just very rare.
  4. I got the same messages from another account. It looks like there is a person who has multiple accounts. I ignored him after the third message (forgot to block). It happened twice in the last two days.
  5. Gravity Rush 2 Ultimate ShifterCollected every trophy. I really enjoyed this game, especially the parts where you play Raven.
  6. I would choose HORIZON ZERO DAWN. I want to play that game in the future.
  7. Ergophobia Earn every other trophy. 2.98%
  8. I am using my account for several years. I never thought about changing my name. And I don't think so that I will change my name in the future. But I would support the feature to change the name for the people, who would like to change it.
  9. Card Master Collected all cards from CPU Chips.
  10. The "Beaconator" Trophy is the only one left for me (On PS3, Vita and PS4). It would be nice if someone could help me (Maybe Weasle? ). Thanks.
  11. Yeah I am sure, because I did 25 fares twice. I tested it after it crashed twice at about 40 fares.
  12. You don't need to do all 50 fares in a row. I was two times at 40 fares. It crashed on both tries. I tested 2 times 25 fares and the trophy popped.
  13. My game sometimes froze while going into CJ's house. Hmm :/
  14. Terraria (I am playing the steam version very much) and maybe The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth.
  15. @hpknight. We sent almost at the same time Maybe a Dark Souls game?^^