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  1. Cant seem to find this on the Aussie psn store anyone know why
  2. Does anyone know if save transfer pops trophies
  3. This game won't load on ps5 it keeps crashing before it loads menu anyone else have this problem
  4. i seem to be having trouble with "Making a name for yourself" not unlocking anyone else having this problem
  5. Unfortunately yes all ea games will be reset
  6. yeah i assumed so just making sure the servers were not closed without notice
  7. I cant seem to upload my save to transfer to ps4 is it to do with psn outage
  8. where did you find this please
  9. They have confirmed that it will be a shared list of ps4/ps5. I'm little disappointed but I will wait for a sale for th.e season passes and just play it on ps4 EDIT: THIS POST IS NOW REDUNANT AS A PS5 LIST IS NOW AVAILABLE.
  10. I have played this since release on ea access and can't unlock Welcome To Crater I have replayed the tutorial 5 times already
  11. I tried it on my wife account and ot still did t unlock i think im out of options
  12. I cant wait for this i was going to try resistance mode anyway but this is going to be awesome Realy nice Trophy List, no Trophies for Resistance is a very good decision from Capcom. I hope they don´´t add this as DLC trophies Reply PowerPyx says March 22, 2020 at 2:50 am They are two separate trophy lists. So we get RE3 trophy list (with its own platinum) + RE: Resistance trophy list.
  13. see here it is a lot but there is a method for quick level up
  14. i cant seem to connect to bad company 2 servers after name chage same with battlefield 1943 anyone else having this issue
  15. anyone else have this issue. i changed my online id but in the list of game that were tested for that it says no issues. same for battlefield 1943
  16. ok cool thanks will go there now
  17. Is anyone having the same issue, i havent been able to complete a match. I know it's early access but I have tried playing around 10 games all ended on disconnects
  18. The trophy tiles do look amazing. I wish the name of the platinum trophy was Borderlands defender 3.0. I get mine in 3 short hours I CANT WAITTTTTTT!!!!!!
  19. I now want a vr and this game
  20. 1. Yes 2. Yes
  21. gonna try at my sisters house if that dont work need to setup my ps3 again
  22. My ps4 pro is overheating right at the start of this game i just got myself a 4k tv finished my first playthrough then started my game again got to the part where jack mentions the moonshot then proceed to the next part where the person shows up on the flame robot the ps4 fan speeds up really fast then ps4 has message that the ps4 is overheating then shuts down i went back to playthrough 1 but didnt come across it .It seems to be isolated to that one part. I have tried multiple games including Days gone and Fallout 76 but they dont do it even after hours of game play. Anyopne else having the problem.
  23. ok so tried everything i could think of and still doing it at the same part but not anywhere else in that game just loaded up my original character and it dosent do it on any other boss so strange im out of ideas
  24. well ive tried everything i deleted and redownloaded it removed the uhd texture pack turned off hdr put ps4 to 1080 p all the way donw to 720p but still nothing only thing i cant do is go to 1.00 as i have the digital copy