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  1. Clown in Training is obtainable as soon as you finish the shooting tutorial, You can find the locations of all the clowns and the sniper here: Precognitive Paranoia is for killing Shepard, which can be done as soon as you enter the pit, He is standing up on a ledge with 2 guards. Pit Boss is for running the pit in less than 30 seconds which you should find quite easy if you're been playing shooters for a while. I would recommend using SMGS or Pistols only. You can find an example run here:
  2. Both of the Secret Trophies are obtainable in the first mission:
  3. How is the clown trophy unlocked?
  4. This is a pain, I actually want to play this too
  5. This is a relatively obtainable list, It's not going to be fast but nothing here is particularly challenging.
  6. Looking for players to knock out the raid trophies, Hit me up on PSN: Scalith_
  7. I'm honestly super excited for this, What's the release date?
  8. Street Fighter 😎
  9. Crash Bandicoot
  10. I will grab it when I'm paid next
  11. I get chills from this
  12. Wait really, that's super odd considering how old the game is.. I wonder if there's plans to shut the servers soon
  13. Mass Effect 3 for sure.