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  1. Tried one and that's no joke. Grinding a bit to get better armor and give it a try
  2. Picked up this game recently at Gamestop for $30 and it's been jaw dropping through the whole game. What a great game.
  3. I started liking Blood Money in BFH but other favorites are War/ Ground War - CoD: WaW Conquest - BF games Free for All - CoD games Stick and stones - CoD: Bo1
  4. Platinum #26 - Sniper Elite 3 So after a year of me quitting this game because of the gkitched trophies i came back and gave it a go.
  5. ^ This website has some good custom boxart.
  6. How many matches have you played? There is around 165 items, so do 165 matchesEdit: oops.. didnt read you achieved platinum
  7. Yeah, my english is not the best
  8. Did you kept going down? I achieved mines days later
  9. Go through your profile. Not news feed.Click on your profile and i belive its under currently playing
  10. On the wheels or notifications? Its been counting wrong
  11. I seen people achieving it around 50km - 80km
  12. So if this is helpful on monday i was 250km. I wonder how are they counting it?
  13. You can still enjoy online for stocked which is what im going to do after i get Far, Far Away trophy
  14. For some reason the 500km has to be offline only. Playing online wont register the km
  15. Transistor. I have tried it and i never fully enjoyed the game