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  1. My solution. I started a new save and done some missions to unlock the side mission, I done a few random ones and "Diesel Powered!" Popped, done a couple more with no sign of "I Live For This Stuff!". So I turned autosave off and done one more and it popped straight after. Anyone going for this just make sure to backup your save.
  2. So I have completed all side missions with S rank and I'm missing the 2 trophies link to it which is the last 2 I need for the plat, I have replayed a few of the side missions to hopefully make it pop with no luck. Not sure what to do now ?
  3. thanks mate just got the trophy. I'm an idiot and some how kept missing the same 2 jumps. I just flew over them and thought I ain't hit this yet. It's weird I was going 1-2-3 and so on but somehow skipped past them. Thanks again guys for all your trophy support 😀
  4. thanks for the reply, done exactly that 3 times, I'm using a 8 year old save file so maybe something's wrong with it. I started again on fresh save to quickly blast them out to find out all the map ain't unlocked so gonna have to go through the story again but will leave it till I'm done with all other trophies
  5. I've been through now twice on one console and once on another and keep coming up with two missing, any help/tips greatly appreciated
  6. I've also been doing this, I have been playing multiplayer on my digital copy on my main console and disc on my second console, it is 2 different saves as you guys say and I don't have online pass for disc copy. Once i done the story stuff i changed to my 1st console and it shows up in your vehicles but not in story unlocks. Hope this helps
  7. finally got this today after months of trying, just letting you guys know its alive and popping.
  8. Just tried the above method after many hours of different character combos, and luckily got it after 20 minutes of trying