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  1. Yo, Kazu! Have you seen the animated movie Metropolis? And have you tried Mass Effect yet?

  2. Just bought the InFamous Collection for PS3! I'm so happy! :D

    1. Jak


      Best decision you've made in years, you won't regret it!

    2. Kuassari


      thank you! I really wanted to play these games! :D

    3. Jak


      Your welcome! Good, because you'll have fun playing them! :D

  3. 23/F/Israel
  4. Just bought the PS3 Infamous Collection on PlayStore!
  5. looks like someone tough so.. no hahaha
  6. 10/10
  7. same question.
  8. I think it's Ni No Kuni haha. favorite video game genre?
  9. 10/10 - Dante!
  10. 9/10!
  11. have a sig of Skyrim (which is awesome) so he love Skyrim! and good RPG's with great story!
  12. 10/10 - really informative and have lots of pics!