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  1. Just bought the InFamous Collection for PS3! I'm so happy! :D

    1. Jak


      Best decision you've made in years, you won't regret it!

    2. Kuassari


      thank you! I really wanted to play these games! :D

    3. Jak


      Your welcome! Good, because you'll have fun playing them! :D

  2. Love your nice avatar! <3

  3. SO MANY GAMES SO LITTLE TIME! can I be immortal please? xD

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    2. Superbuu3


      Last time I pause time I couldn't play my consoles as electricity stopped flowing so immortality is more useful here.

    3. Sir_Bee


      being immortal would actually give you less time, not more. You would have to work longer and harder, because you need money for more years. You would also never catch up on games because they will always be making more. Stopping time would be a much more effective way to catch up :)

    4. Kuassari


      @Sir_Bee yeah I think you're right haha

  4. looking for good RPG's for PS3, anyone know some? :)

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    2. Gildenmagier
    3. Kuassari


      @Me Exploding Pancake OMG! so many gamesss! I can rest in peace for the rest of my life now.

      THANK YOU! hahaha

    4. Gildenmagier


      I'll try my best. :)

  5. I really want to start episode 4 of Life Is Strange, but I don't want to die from anticipation until episode 5! T_T