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  1. Hey Everyone and thanks for entering! I hope it's ok to post here some of my artworks. I'm drawing anime style and doing fan-arts mostly. I'm using water-colors for most of my works. Here are some of my works (and for more, in my signature there is a link to my gallery)
  2. Just bought the InFamous Collection for PS3! I'm so happy! :D

    1. Jak


      Best decision you've made in years, you won't regret it!

    2. Kuassari


      thank you! I really wanted to play these games! :D

    3. Jak


      Your welcome! Good, because you'll have fun playing them! :D

  3. 23/F/Israel
  4. Just bought the PS3 Infamous Collection on PlayStore!
  5. looks like someone tough so.. no hahaha
  6. 10/10
  7. same question.
  8. I think it's Ni No Kuni haha. favorite video game genre?
  9. 10/10 - Dante!
  10. 9/10!
  11. have a sig of Skyrim (which is awesome) so he love Skyrim! and good RPG's with great story!
  12. 10/10 - really informative and have lots of pics!
  13. for the beautiful pink haired anime girl! (I really wanna know from what anime, looks cool) and for been active in the PSNP! looks like you know everyone here!
  14. 10/10 !
  15. too cute to fight with! so no XDD
  16. have waffles in the about me page and THAT nickname - you're awesome!!
  17. looks really nice, and have awesome Madoka sig!
  18. don't really know you so... maybe
  19. cool sigs and avy!
  20. yeah you are allowed haha, the freckles are annoying but other than that... yeah, I guess you're right