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    Anime, Music, Sports mostly Football, The Walking Dead. I love that show and gaming.

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About Me

Been gaming since I was around 5 years old. Started as a Nintendo Kid, then I got into Sega systems, then Sony. I never got into Microsoft. Not too sure why, I have nothing against them, I just never was interested in Xbox I guess.

Some of my favorite series throughout the years are:


-The Legend of Zelda

-Mario Kart

-Tomb Raider

-Resident Evil

-God of War

I'm sure I'm missing some others, I'll add them later when I remember what they are.


As you can see from that list I like many genres of games. I think my favorite genre now is RPGs. That says a lot because I hated RPGs at first. I hated the idea of turn based fights and leveling up your character. In 2012 I came across a game that caught my eye. It was Hyerdimension Neptunia mk2. I like the cover art and purchased it based of that. Little did I know, my gaming life was about to change. I ended up playing that game for hours, I was hooked on it. Everything I thought I hated about RPGs I found out that it was actually fun. Been hooked on RPGs/JRPGs ever since.


Some titles I've played are:


-Hyperdimension Series

-Ni No Kuni

-Tales of Symphonia

-Tales of Graces

-Tales of Xillia

-Fairy Fencer F

-Atelier Ayesha

-Battle Princess of Arcadias

-Mugen Souls


I know that's not much, but I also got a Vita a couple Months ago so hopefully mu RPG library will get larger.