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  1. Question about trophy's icons: All trophys for The Long Dark seem to have one image for all of them. That’s fine, some developers don’t bother to create unique art for every trophy, but, on PSN every trophy has a unique icon. The should be the issue on PSNP’s part. Just curious about if this is fixable. Also, a reason to expose this great game just a bit
  2. A couple of things: 1. This guy you refer to could had gotten access to this game prior to it’s release(press release) and played the hell out of it. The trophy system did not work then since the game was not officially out so he didn’t earn trophies. After the game released and the trophy system got up he might had gotten all of them at ones, platinum too. Though this is very unlikely, it’s an indie game and I doubt there were any press releases. 2. He is indeed a cheater and earned all trophies in a heartbeat. This is not uncommon though and doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with the game. Check the leaderboards tab and see how many cheaters were removed (>57k). There could be twice as many that were not reported yet. It’s just the Long Dark doesn’t have a big player base right not so you were able to spot one easily. Bottom line, don’t get upset over it, get the game, it’s a great one, earn that platinum and don’t worry about cheaters 😊
  3. How come trophy icons are all messed up for this game? On PSN every trophy has a unique pic, art to it, on PSNP it's one image for all of them. Just curious... Hopefully, Mango has some thoughts on it, as he usually does 😋
  4. It is also worth pointing out that users who chose to make their psn profiles private, i.e. hide trophies are not tracked as well. As the result, even fewer people contribute to the statistics. Still, I wish Sly looked into expanding the PSNProfiles database a bit. 3mil is impressive and all, but seeing how 60mil ps4s was sold gives you some perspective. Or maybe give site users a tool to expands the database, the one that will not ban your IP address after too many updates at least.
  5. Glad to hear that I am not the only one. Though, now I feel bad for not seeing the other topic and creating a whole new one...) Thanks for the quick replies, guys. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved soon.
  6. If you would kindly look at my profile (not the forum one) (this one:, you may notice that "Destroy All Humans" is on top of my list of games, it's on the cover, it's on my trophy card etc. However, take a closer look at the dates, the latest trophy from Destroy All Humans was earned on May 17th, but there are other trophies from other games that were earned later, May 19th, for example. Evidently, the list of games doesn't update itself as it usually does, instead, there is a certain game that stuck on the top of the list. I presume that I am the only one who experienced/noticed such issue. Hopefully, there is some explanation or fix to it. Thanks.
  7. We have already discussed this question in DM, though I still felt like leaving a post here for anybody in the future who has the same issue. The trophy in question is not bugged or has anything to do with the room that has the star on it. In fact, in order to get "Twisted and About to Break" you need all of your four characters to have their spirit broken (achieving virtue, ie white icon and visual effect does not count) and finish the quest you are doing.The trophy does not pop ones all four are broken, you actually need to finish the quest and get back to town with all four broken heroes alive.
  8. Payday 2 gets constantly updated on PC, almost on weekly basis. There more than 130 updated for that version of the game already. Seeing how it took them more than 2 weeks to release an update video on Youtube, I wouldn't bet that we will see the next update soon. ;(
  9. One thing I can say for sure, forget about getting the Platinum Trophy if the only system you're playing this game on is PSVita. I can hardly imagine 2 or even 4 people playing co-op missions while sharing one touch screen. Let alone completing all coop levels by yourself, which is possible, sure, but good luck with that... P.S. I wonder for long exactly, will this platinum trophy remain unachieved, with 0.00%.
  10. Hello everyone I’d like to start a relatively new format on this forum (correct me if I’m wrong), in which I give a full analysis, opinion on the game. I don’t promise to you that my opinion will be similar to yours, if not, just share yours. Today’s patient is Uncharted: Golden Abyss for PSVita. Also since this is the first time I’m writing something this big and english isn't my first language, so please be nice. Uncharted: Golden Abyss. The game was released in Japan on December 17, 2011 and North America on February 15, 2012. Even though this game was produced by Naughty Dog and published SCE, the developing team was SCE Bend Studio, and it shows. Also, this game is a prequel. 2/2 - not a good start already. Uncharted: Golden Abyss in a nutshell is the same Uncharted we know and love, except for the good characters, good story epic scenes and sense of adventure. The developers most likely were given the same engine first three games were developed on, because the game feels rather similar compare to the previous instalments. Graphics, controls, animation everything is back, which is nice, but the game still feels uninspired. Plot. Right a way I can tell, that plot failed to engage me. I didn’t care for anything that was happening on screen. The game didn’t give you much explanation on that is going on, also there were way too many cutscenes and they were far to long and boring to spend you time on. But if you will try to skip these cutscenes then be my guest, because sometimes there 4 to 5 of them going one after another. I will have to constantly pressing start and press skip in oder to get through. Why couldn't you skip all cutscenes at ones? Anyway after an hour of so, I muted the sound and continued on my marry way, since I completely lost my hope. Let’s take a good game for example, Dark Souls. At first, plot in that game didn’t get to me either, I was too busy figuring out the gameplay elements and enjoying great combat system, so I didn’t follow the story. However by the middle of the game, seeing all these characters and beautiful, full of mystery landscapes I felt like going on the internet and trying to keep up with the plot. Which simply doesn't happen in Golden Abyss. It doesn't help the situation that we have cheap, ugly Elena-Chloe-Wannabe following us around. Her name is Marisa, but I like to call here “character #3”, and she is love interest, side-kick, friend, pointless escort. Sally makes an appearance though, not until half of the game however, but by that time, I was far too depressed to appreciate. These characters will accompany you one at a time, and introduce some cooperative gameplay elements which I will talk about later. I feels like the game was made simply to fill the gap in PS Vita’s library and demonstrate the functionality of Vita, which the game did. However it’s still not a good reason for it to be made. Visuals. Honestly game looks great. Nothing spectacular though, but view of landscapes and environment looks rather decent on PSVita. Somewhat between Uncharted one and two. Thought facial animation in cutscenes looks a little awkward, it’s all fine… Gameplay. The gameplay is a bummer though. I can't tell you how many times I fell to my doom from the cliff just because the camera angle wasn’t right, the jumping is awkward, level design didn’t make any sense. There are some objects which Nathan can climb on and he can't on others, never mind the fact that they look exactly the same. As I said level design feels dull, because of that any sort of enjoy-full exploration is out of the question. And of course developers had to include PSVita gimmicks into the game. Some of them implemented nice, like rotating and object you examine with rear touchpad, wipe the dust from object using touchpad, zooming while scoping with spice. Some features, however were really annoying, pointless and uninspired: balancing on the planform with gyroscope, climbing walls and ropes using touchpad, hitting the boss and move objects with swipes. And don't get me started on those boss fights. Not only it’s the way it implemented is dumb and annoying but it takes like 5 minutes to get through, if you make 1 - 2 mistakes it’s all back with all the cutscenes and dialogs you cant skip. No skill is needed, just use the speed of reaction and pray to God for touchpad to react properly on you swipes. Freaking checkpoints are another issue. Upon death you go 10 - 15 back, have to kill all the enemies, sometimes even watch cutscenes. Dark Souls, again, had like 10 checkpoints throughout the entire game, while dying you have to go back 40 - 60 minutes back and loose all you hard work.In that game, however player doesn't feel bad, because gameplay is deep and challenging. In Uncharted it’s annoying and redundant. Also, the game is split in 34 chapters. But not in good kind of chapters, like summer, autumn, winter like in The Last of Us, no no no. I mean absolutely pointless chapters. Some of them last 30 minutes, some of them have 2 cutscenes and 2 or so minutes of gameplay… What’s the point? Should I also say that this game is long as hell? As I said earlier there are some co-op elements with you “escort buddies” in the game, like giving a boost, swimming on a boat, covering each other, but nothing special. Funny thing happened when you and you “escort-person” try to flank enemies from different sides. AI just constantly switches waypoints trying to figure out what cover to take, therefore simply spins on the same spot and gets killed. Good AI, guuuys. Other times they completely lock on your partner and don't notice you at all, even if you run in front of them and try to get some stealth kills. There are tons of enemies too. It’s very stupid when Nathan spares the life of the final boss, but kills thousands of people in the most cold blooded way possible. I think it would have worked out better if there were fewer enemies but the were smarter and more challenging… However the ideas of mystery solving was used a bit more in this game, you can find artifacts, wipe the east from them, rotate combine them together, take pictures of landscapes and so on. It’s fan, at first, but becomes old very very fast. Trophies. This part is full of disappointment too. A small amount of silver trophies, even less golden ones, however a huge load of bronze trophies. About 60% - 70% of the trophies we have already seen in the previous games. The ones that are new, however, only related to mysteries that you have to find and solve. Uninspired. Conclusion: Plot 4/10 Visuals 7/10 Gameplay 3/10 Trophies 5/10 Total 4/10 Uncharted Golden Abyss is a good game if you have to kill some time on the go. Other that that it’s a good option. and in my opinion, isn’t worth to spend your time on. P.S. Woah, this turns out much longer that I expected. Hopefully this format is acceptable, I just really wanted to share my opinion. I am also interested in yours, let me know what you think of the game and of my review in total. Edit: Have deleted a big part of introduction.
  11. Thanks a lot for response, BlindMango. It's all clear now, and thanks a lot to you for trying to convince Sly. Though, there is one last suggestion I'd like to add to this "tips" topic. If Sly says that tips weren't of a great quality, didn't deliver the message or what not, how about to give a chance to leave tips to the premium members only. 1. It will encourage other users to try premium subscription. 2. Existing premium members will get somewhat worthy in return. 3. Premium members are most likely to be more responsible about what stuff they write in the tips. 4. Throw like/dislike system to the mix. So users can control the quality of tips too. If a tip goes beyond 10 dislikes(for example), it is flagged and deleted after. (5) regular - non premium users can only "like" existing tips but not write them. Hopefully this idea is original and worth considering.
  12. It would have been really nice if any of moderators, or even Sly could comment on this topic, saying what plans on "Trophy Tips" really are. Either this system will be back any time in the future, or we should just forget about it. Until then just sitting here and wondering about it is a bit frustrating. Hope to hear from administration soon. Thanks. P.S. Even though I didn't experience tips system myself (it was taken away before I discovered this site), I would like to have it back. I think it would add much more interactivity within the site.
  13. I have a silly question for you, guys. It seams that I can't find the way to leave tips for both trophies I don't have (obviously) and the ones I do. On the trophy page there is no button for me. All I can do is add trophy to the cabinet and the tips other people left. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!)