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  1. Ups, that sounds not so nice. Sounds like a once per month+ reset
  2. Ah ok. Thank you very much. Then I hope it will be in the next days
  3. At psn there is also the possibility of an IP ban for sync? 😂 Psn works normal, but here on the site I can't manually update my trophys. But thank you for the info
  4. Hello all. I have a problem. My wifi IP was blocked 4-5 days ago and I don't know how long this will go. Searched the forums, and the only thing I found was a 1 day ban. My mistake was, that I was going to the update link, my wifi had problems and I left the page open. And every time I used the browser it sends a new request. So I learned from that mistake but it brings me nothing as the block holds on. I usually update a few times a day, if I closed a game after a trophy session. Was planning to upgrade to premium but at the forum I found posts from premium members, and this let me a little bit think about it. I understand that an update spam is not good, but after one mistake such a long ban? Would be good to know how long I will be blocked. And sorry for this unwanted update spam a few days ago, that was not my intension. Wish you a nice day Greetings
  5. Hi, Does someone have the same problem that the underdog trophy not pop? We boosted it first for the other play since he was lower on rating and he get it, but than we pushed him and tried it and for me it didn't pop. We waited a few days because the leaderboards have a delay, but it didn't worked again. Someone have a fix? We thought that there is some hidden trigger so that it won't pop for booth to stop boosting. If someone would give it a try it would be nice, just hit me up. Can help you with other trophys too Hope you understand what I mean with my broke English...
  6. If you missed it like me. Just make it at the endboss. In the beginning you can grab all the loot and reload last checkpoint if you need the stuff for the Fight itself