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  1. ok tried a bit more. seems there is some serverside stuff going on. deleted my save over and over again to try to get a clear game. now its on level 50 where i am currently on my save WITHOUT the save. so dont know how this could happen and its impossible to get the plat for me without help from the dev. hope no one get the bug also :/ Final edit: I asked the devs for help, but they couldnt help me. normal stuff like delete savegame and stuff. After i managed to get all the other trophys i tried another way. Deleted the Game and Savegame, then i downloaded the game on a second account, pulled the lan cable and startet the game. And wonder... i had a clear Game without Savegame Troubles. Dont know where that problem came from... Hope it could help someone if i am not the only one with that problem. Finally Plat but what a crappy Log
  2. Ah ok thank you. Will do that. Think i will grind as much stuff as possible before i beat the story when i read that
  3. Thanks for the info. Played it a long time ago. Planned to make this in the next months.. Now i need to come into it again. Question is i only have a challenges for parts from destroying cars and the one where i need 2k. Will the car one still be possible? Or is this the other scrap part challenge that will be gone? Need to get an overview of all the things again^^
  4. Started the game today and noticed that on some levels some goals were already done. Deleted the savegame but same result. Dont know anymore if i played it years ago or if this is a common problem. But now the problem is i dont get the trophy for like complete 1 level. I played till level 20 but nothing popped besides the ones for level 15 that i have now. Now my question is, is this normal? I dont want to get flagged or something. Or did i misunderstood something with the complete level X trophys? And yes i collected all stuff and made the time requirements for level 1-20 Edit: Played a bit longer. For Level 30 i got the Trophy. At the moment i think i can get all Trophys except the ones from Level 1-15. I tried it now many Times, Deleted the save, and also tried to redownload the Game. Everytime i Start the game it Starts with Levels that already have challenges done till level 15. If i download my Save i start from 30+ that works. But i cannot get it to work to start from Level 1. Such a strange problem.
  5. You cannot reach level 100 with all challenges ingame. You probably will be a round 70-75 max 80 when you're done with the challenges Dont know the exact number for all levels together. But if i remember correctly 80s will be +600xp each level and 90s +700. 99-100 should be around 29300. Level 100-101 is 30k. As i said dont get me on exact numbers but this should be a good overview whats needed in the later levels.
  6. Would say the same. All the trophys aren't that hard (100 grind is just a grind but not hard). Saw people playing a tony hawk game the first time and they managed to make the get theres. Few days before they struggled with the simple scores in career mode. Get theres are only a repeat. You get used to the line and then its just try over try and at some point a win
  7. did it most of the time in skatepark but here and there in other maps only to see some other stuff^^ yes the boredom is the real killer. but it think there will be stuff added in the future. at the moment it feels a little bit stupid. i mean ~25 level without stuff to gain xp besides simple map spam.
  8. i did the offline grind and a few mp games but not much
  9. Im more a pc player and when macros are no problem, why are there games that bans for macros? Because they make things automatic without playing it really. And if you have shareplay + Makros the way is opend for all other stuff. Pixel detection and stuff come in mind. I think you dont know what doors this opens... Would it be fine for you if there were macros for complete games? Where's the point in leaderboards when you actually dont play the biggest part of the game as in this case? The whole cheat/no cheat is a personal thing. Some think this is ok, some dosnt find it ok. Every step you can do to automate things/do things for you is the same as aimbots and co, only the damage can be different. Talking about something like this on a leaderboard side is so stupid. If you cant/want do the grind/stuff for a trophy with your own gameplay than you don't deserve it. Than you can start directly to autopop them. If you use something to autopop it or use something to bot it for you it's the same. Only difference is your playstation runs longer 😂 people getting banned for not playing trophys but at the other side it's OK to bot stuff which is the same but in an other way. Thanks for the luls of the day
  10. scripting inputs vs self inputs you dont get it... kk grind 10h with cheats, but that dont bring you the xp if you dont get the point from selfinputs vs scripting/bots i cannot help you... ingame things that are there from the developer vs selfmade things that are dont in the game? ok aimbot is ok, why play it yourself, even offline. dont know why people dont get the point on things like this.
  11. i think the same. but kids need shit like this to get things done...
  12. 100% agree on this. Could happen that the grind to 100 kills your only controller 😂 sorry to said that but its just crazy
  13. here should be a threat with all the hidden stuff, posted there yesterday. probally you need scores and bullring shit collecting
  14. if you want it fast multiplayer isnt the way. i wait with them till the 90s to get the challenges done then and grab some tiny bit of xp. but at the end, dont do stuff only because its faster when its not fun for you. i do offline rounds a few hours and then a few online rounds to refresh me.
  15. not even close. uploaded screens yesterday for a friend (dont know if there is a better way on ps4) only the 1 buggy, do X trick X hours/Xtimes and hidden highscores X online wins are left. currently 75,5. Did not much online games because th xp rate is bad. will do them between sessions for a refresh but really going into it in the 90s