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  1. I'm currently almost done with auron, wakka, lulu and rikku's sphere grids (everyone of them has like 700 spheres filled now) but I've noticed everyone has their "section" in the sphere grid, I'm just wondering could it be possible if I fill only tidus section in the sphere grid could it be enough for his sphere grid? or do I need to fill all 850 grids 7 times like I've been doing already?
  2. Remix of Megaman 2 track
  3. Rugby worldcup 2015
  4. Is mexican and likes cowboys & guns
  5. It might feel uncomfortable for the first time, but when u get used to it, it feels natural
  6. If you have some specialities how you use or hold your PS controller post it below. Personally I hold my right thumb over X and Square, press x with lower part of my thumb and with the end of thumb I press square. Right index finger to press triangle and circle (changing position which one I press (If I have to press both in small time I use index finger just like I use my right thumb) so 2 buttons per 1 finger. Right middle finger to press R1, right ring finger to press R2. Left hand is normally like most people hold controller. What about you?
  7. I bought the DLC ages ago but never played it (Not yet). Lucky me
  8. FIFA 14 - On My Own -trophy Had to contact EA thousands of times, making posts every day for over year at their forum, had to talk with ~50 game advisors, lots of emails, strawpolls with hundreds of people having the same problem (2 trophies were unable to obtain cuz the highlights of the week challenges don't update anymore) finally I did it and they updated it got my platinum from FIFA 14 aswell with those 2 trophies, if they never updated those challenges tbh I was planning to make trip to EA headquarters and sue them and if that don't work I had some thoughts that maybe I contact isis to help me for a small reward but yeah I didn't have to do those big trips cuz they listened to me p.s. After some researching I found one of my strawpolls http://www.strawpoll.me/3877965/r There's also some discussion about this trophy we did in this psnp website, if someone is interested.. somewhere at games: FIFA 14 -forums or so.
  9. LittleBigPlanet 2
  10. I don't have killzone
  11. Megaman X collection, Crash bandicoot collection, Spyro collection, E.O.E Eve of Extinction, Rayman collection Those are some of the games I'd love to get on PS3/PS4
  12. I just came up with a idea, it would be cool if PSNProfiles website had its own medals or achievements or stuff like that for completing such missions as "Completion rate over: 50%, 60% , 70% , 80% , 90% , 100% etc. and lots of things like this ex. "100 games played, 10 games played.." these are just examples but I think it would be nice.
  13. I have almost completed Wakka's sphere grid (almost missing all empty nodes) so I've been wondering what spheres should I use on the empty nodes? I had like 10 purple sphere things but they ran out I need more where do I farm them and which ones for fastest trophy?
  14. It doesn't really matter what game it is but overall skill games have smaller % than time consuming games.. thats the point. I think majority of this site are trophy hunters, and afaik the game owners / trophies earned in this site are calculated from this site's members+ the people who are synced to this site. I could be wrong but thats how I've been feeling all the time