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  1. Thats just you're opinion. Imo Olliolli is really fun and good oldschool game.
  2. Guacamelee
  3. WipEout HD fun game and requires skill
  4. LittleBigPlanet: 2X Multiplier! Do you also watch hentai? What episode is you're favorite?
  5. Halo 3
  6. I need just one Jecht sphere to get the last 10th Jecht sphere. I don't know how am I supposed to get to Besaid village, as the dark valefor stops me. I'm wondering if there is ship to go to besaid village from other routes than the gate? He always gets starting turn and hits 9999 on everybody. I can't get turn to use shell on auron who has 5.6k hp so it would halve the damage and auron would rescue everybody with auto-phoenix.. Do i really have to waste 3 armors in order to use auto-shells on them and to get chance to fight dark valefor? My Auron has 5.6k hp, Yuna 4.1k, Wakka 5k. Rest has 2-3k hp but I don't use them on this fight. I haven't beated one-eye yet in the monster arena as he one-shots everyone of us with sonic wave. So I can't get triple AP item yet to farm levels faster. Jecht sphere is not the only thing I need to get from besaid, as I need it for Anima too and I need Anima to get Magus sisters.
  7. I sent my message to Div_Muzza after you, but for some reason he deleted his comment. Div_Muzza said you should plat Spec Ops The Line I can give you a game to plat out of your owned games, Little Deviants It has very small % who have achieved the plat but go for it it'll be good feeling once you get it!
  8. WipEout HD Thats awesome game and you'll have lots of fun + even earning ONE trophy feels good. You won't be like "this is just a one bronze trophy lets get another" you'll be like oh yeah got a trophy, time to prepare for another challenge to earn one bronze trophy another time!
  9. It worked I paid 33K and he Zanmato'ed Dark Valefor
  10. If I get to besaid I can get anima and I need anima to get double sisters. With those 2 aeons I can maybe defeat stronger enemies Also I need zanmato to defeat One-eye in monster arena to get Triple AP weapons And zanmato can help me to kill tom jangerberry in monster arena to farm some levels
  11. Now he only used wakizashi (single) withj 5k so he had compatibility of 48-63 with boost of 22 from 5k so base compatibility was only 26-41? ok I go try use zanmato with 5k on dark valefor I try it 20 time if Doesnt work I go normal enemies again to improve his compatibility Does the luck affect only one time after reloading? If I reload and try pay 5k, but be unsuccessfull, then reload again, Do I get the same luck I had last time or is the luck based of rng that resets everytime after reloading
  12. I took him against very strong enemies, I paid him now 5K in 4 fights, he used Wakizashi (all) each time, so he got +3 x 4 = +12 Compatiblity ? but after that fight I paid again 5K like before, but he performed Kozuka? Kozuka is done when Compatiblity is 32-47? But I just boosted his COmpatilitbty by 12 so he suddenly has normal compatibility 20-35??? it seems like it only went down by using wakizashi all x4 I had to reload the game incase it glitched and gave me wrong attack Now he used ZANMATO after paying 5K so he has compatibility of 80 ( -22 from the 5K) so normal compatibility of 58? or now it boosted with +4 so its 62 now? If I pay him 1025 next time he performs zanmato as he has 80 compatibility then?
  13. Yes I read them but I don't focus too much while reading I mostly scroll them and read the most importan things
  14. I gave Yojimbo 5k and he performed WAkizazhi (all) so his compatiblety was 64-79 and by giving 5k gil he boosted 22 compatibility so his normal compatibilty is now 42-57? everytime i use wakizazhi all it boosts it by 3 permanently?
  15. How does zanmato trick work? If i pay him my 1.2M gil does he use zanmato?
  16. I got 1 armor with Auto-Protect, Auto-Med, Auto-Haste, Auto-Phoenix 2 armor with , Auto-Med, , Auto-Phoenix I've been grinding Light Curtains for 8 hours now and got 90 of them, I can add it to one of the armor and will add to my 2 armors. SO I need 1 more Auto-thingy on my 2 armors but last time I went through omega dungeon only problem was Omega Weapon's ultimate ability: Nova. It dealt 7000 to all of us so Im planning if I use Auto-Shell on Yuna's armor even tho it halfs the healing, then I wont have auto-haste on yuna but maybe yuna can survive Nova then. And does Auto-Shell protect against Overdrives? like dark aeons 9999 hit to half it to 4999
  17. Well 7GB game took me 20-22hours it depends alot on internet
  18. If its that big file its normal if it takes up to 10hours
  19. How big file is NBA 2k16
  20. Hey can you list some hardcore games here? I've been thinking buying Raiden IV: Overkill, Its hard and simple but any other game suggestions?
  21. Thanks alot!
  22. What's so hard about that game? Might go for this someday when I have much time to spend
  23. Wasn't hard imo once u get handle of the basics of the game its kinda easy
  24. I beated the story of this game, now I need to level up my characters so I can fight the bonus bosses and acquire the 3 secret aeon's and fill the sphere grid. I'm wondering what shall I do now? I've collected 5 Celestial weapons today but they bring ability "No AP" so I can't level up with them, where should I train or what should I do now? I got Auron 4600 hp, rest are 1900-3500 HP so I can't fight the toughest enemies yet, well I got 15 sphere levels for everyone I've been just lazy putting them recently but yeah lol. Any tips?