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  1. How can I hire him for cheap? I got only 180k Gil and I need some of them to buy more potions when they run out
  2. I don't have enough gil for Yojimbo, I tried to fight the 2 other secret aeons but they did 9999 dmg to whole party before I got chance to do anything so I guess I need better stats to get the secret aeons and then use the secret aeons to kill 2 secret bosses
  3. Hmm. Okay I'm gonna get that Triple AP weapon and customize it!
  4. on the celestial weapons? No. Does they remove the No AP ability?
  5. Modern and Unleashed, got 2 Sonic games I haven't opened yet tho
  6. All Spyro and Crash games.
  7. Braska's final aeon fight is not fair. All my heroes have 1900-3000 hp expect Auron has like 4600. I can beat the first form who has 60K HP with Trio of 9999, but the second part when boss has 120K HP he just swings his sword and deals 3.5k dmg to everyone? 2 dies and auron barely survives, I don't have mega phoenix down to restore them both to full hp and if i restore one up then auron stays low hp and dies next turn, or if he doesn't get focused the other guy dies who I just restored. So what can I do? I can't get to Yuna to use "protect" on everyone, If I try to do that on first boss form, does the protect thing carry on to second boss form? Tbh I think I won't be able to use protect on 3 people in firrst fight as every turn someone goes down so I have to use one phoenix down per turn and use auron to attack and next turn someone is already dead, Yuna phoenixes Rikku and Rikku phoenixes Yuna the cycle continues like 10 times till auron has damaged the boss for 60K DMG (it heals 3K per turn) and auron deals 9999 per turn with Trio of 9999.
  8. I already beated the boss. Thanks anyways
  9. I didn't get chance to try this strategy... one time I got to 2nd boss form- the boss slashed 1 time -> confusion came on rikku and that took my turn away so he slashed 2 times in a row = everyone died. Everyone had kimahris protect but wasn't enough :/ unlucky. Rest 10 attempts got unlucky with deaths and they denied my turn so enemy took 2 people down so it went to cycle of death and phoenixs.. got unbelievable lucky boss always focused my low hp guys instead of auron who is tanky. I'll try again later.
  10. :OO didn't know it comes 5 times thank youu
  11. Hmm, okay. I'll try using Kimahri's Mighty Guard on my characters who I'm gonna use on second boss form, I've came up with idea if wakka's Attack Reels overdrive deals also 9999 with each attack? That would make it deal up to 60K DMG alone if i hit 6! Also Tidus overdrive Slice & Dice, It deals multiple dmg on all enemies if it also deals 9999 per strike it would be usefull I think! So I have strategy how I'm gonna deal dmg mostly but survival seems the problem
  12. I have only Zombie Attack on Auron, but I tried using that, he just kept healing. Don't have armor with auto-phoenix how do I get that armor?
  13. How am I supposed to defeat Sin's head before he reaches his overdrive? I've been trying to use Aeon's overdrive + haste on tidus to auron and to wakka and use auron's armor piercing ability it deals like 6K dmg per hit and takes armor off, then wakka basic attack 2-5k dmg depending does it critical hit, and what should I use as 3rd character? Lulu deals 1-2k dmg with spells and kimahri 500 and tidus 500 they're not enough for this fight :/ my record is dealing 80k DMG in total but Sin still had 60K HP left any tips? pls don't spoil anything just a strategy for this fight. I think hastega would be good on tidus but I don't have any points to get it
  14. Thanks alot! Really good list of good games I might buy!! Thanks, got rogue for free gonna play it someday for sure
  15. Already got that one, but thanks for suggestion:)
  16. Both. Really hard games those whose make you to want to smash you're controller to the screen, being old arcade game is plus but its not requirement.
  17. Thank you. I went to chocobo races and are getting the wings to discovery's from here and then gonna use trio of 9999 against Sin's head
  18. I got all pixeljunk games on PS3, and planning to buy this game but can't find any information do i need second controller for some trophies?
  19. Can you play this game online to complete all trophies together with friend?
  20. I download this game, and 2 dlc but only dlc's appear at "download control" and when i go to games i can see only dlcs to be ready for installment, but the game is nowhere wtf?
  21. Title explains it. Post here what you put on your earphones when you start to sleep/ already sleep. I can start i use usually this song its so nostalgic
  22. Is there any similar games to Kuri Kuri Mix (A.k.a The Adventures Of Cookie & Cream) on ps3 or ps4
  23. :/ I have them both but they aren't as fun to play