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  1. Any similar games to EOE: Eve of Extinction? On ps3 or ps4
  2. What happened to them? they haven't been active since 2012 I made tribute song for ParagonX9 but nothing happened
  3. If you play the game online with friend, and if you disconnect do you have to start from the beginning? also can you continue the playthrough if you start co-op online but continue solo? and is the online still buggy?
  4. Gonna get this game next year, at summer holiday so i have time to practice this
  5. #51 Transistor Enjoyment 7/10 Difficulty 4/10
  6. Yeah, i downloaded it from download list, but it doesn't appear anywhere outside the ps store
  7. Mortal Kombat Arkade Kollektion u get all 1,2,3
  8. Anyone know if some day this game is coming to ps4? Its pretty good on tv it would be great to play it and it feels like you are the one who is betting and u can lose all or win
  9. What happens if all your abilities go on overload? game over? I only have 2 abilities and here is like 20 enemies with 750hp ... takes like 50min to clear one room Wow.. 20 Young ladies rush at me i cant do a f'ck with these abilities Well i managed to complete to next checkpoint now i got 3 abilities... still takes like 20 times longer each battle than it should take
  10. I completed the game with 2 abilities, One slow ability which deals tons of dmg and another ability is void (lowers enemy defence) But its damn annoying killing 20 enemies who have 10 hp when my only ability which deals damage deals 250-1000 ... i die like 2 times per fight Its my second playthrough and in 2nd playthough u can't change ur abilities for some reason, nothing happens at checkpoints also need massive luck to kill cells in time before they spawn enemies.. i wear 7 limiters to get 20% xp but can't take them away cause can't do anything at checkpoints
  11. Transistor
  12. Academy Award OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood 0.79% ULTRA RARE
  13. Academy Award Obtain all Trophies 7th Aug 2015 2:38:41 PM 0.79% ULTRA RARE #50 Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment 8/10
  14. Hey, im looking for really hard games that makes you want to rage and smash your controller to the screen, I've been thinking buying Geometry wars 3, but dont know if its any hard, Any other game recommendations? I like nostalgic games and simple games, and dont like shooting games so much, i got ps3 and ps4. All opinions welcome
  15. I Want It All! Achieve 100% completion 6th Aug 2015 9:00:26 PM 0.79% ULTRA RARE
  16. I would do this, but it has like 19 DLC's and i don''t want to spend 100€ for one game ^^ I'll look at this Already got that one I don't really like EA games as they shut down the servers so fast :/ OlliOlli2 Welcome to ollihood is almost 100% time to make decision which game i buy next hmm. Maybe Rogue Legacy, as it was free and i like that kind of games, and it has been mentioned couple times in this thread.
  17. Certified Professional Beat every challenge/Unlock RAD mode 2 minutes ago in OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood 0.81% ULTRA RARE
  18. LittleBigPlanet! One of the best games ever
  19. Im downloading ps+ monthly games, but couple of the games are "exclusive" instead of "free"? does it mean i can only play them for limited time and then i have to pay if i want to continue playing it?
  20. Spyro Crash Fur Fighters MediEvil
  21. Grindstone (compete 7 times in daily grind) Sounds like it takes atleast 7 days to do it? or 6 days 1 minute if you do the first day at the last minute of the day maybe. but Fastest 100% achievers have done the game in 5days and some hours? how its possible? im at 2 day 18 hours and i don't miss many trophies probably can do it in less than 4 days but can i switch ps4 time to next day to get grindstone trophy or how to become fastest achiever?
  22. Wut? I like Sir Daniel the most. I got him like level 600 in online play, winning almost every match. Probably this game players haven't played MediEvil series or why would they rank Sir Daniel to 19?
  23. Oh i see! I believe it might work if you don't get even single other trophy before getting that thats pretty wise
  24. OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Ollihood. 4 to go Damn grindstone trophy, requires you to play in 7 different days ^^