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  1. Olliolli 2: welcome to ollihood
  2. OlliOlli Oxen Free Find the 10 members of the Roll7 dev team 4th Aug 2015 6:41:27 PM 1.02% ULTRA RARE
  3. Maplestory good memories. Have you tried Maplestory 2 yet? I haven't as it doesn't seem so interesting :/ its 3D like minecraft lol but might worth a try!
  4. I might buy this, as i like this kind games. I have 100%'d Blast Factor and other this kind of games but im wondering is this game hard enough for me? and is any trophies glitched? I want real challenge and no glitches on trophies, anyone who owns this game, tell your opinions? Lol this chose me the Vita version.. i wanted ps4 someone delete this thread pls
  5. Sorry Didn't pay attention on the category someone can transfer it to there if its possible Its relaxing o: u should try it with happy song with feelings in it
  6. My avatar is fan-art of Sly
  7. Im at amateur levels second last level, challenge: Pull a Nosegrind to Laserflip How to do it? I know both tricks, i can do solo nosegrind and solo laserflip, but when i try to combine them, i go nosegrinding then i swing L3 from Right side to left side (downstairs) then do laser flip, but it says "nollie laserflip" and doesn't unlock the challenge ? Why its "nollie" laserflip and not normal laserflip? In tricktionary commands there is not even mentioned "nollie" Just did exactly same thing 3 times in a row in single game, in same rail, 3 nollie laserflips after using nosegrind. this challenge should be so easy but i just can't figure out the real way to do it I found tip "press pause when u are nosegrinding,move your L3 to position to prepare laserflip and do it." I tried that, still does nollie laserflip :/
  8. Thats weird glad you got it completed too
  9. What? Is everything alright ?
  10. Spotless OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood 1.02% ULTRA RARE Hit the Spot OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood 1.03% ULTRA RARE
  11. Going Pro Beat every Amateur challenge 3rd Aug 2015 11:50:25 PM 1.21% ULTRA RARE OlliOlli 2: Welcome to ollihood
  12. Oh ok. So all tricks just get that nollie name when they are done in that position, I just did nollie laserflip and finished the level and it unlocked for me Lol the challenge doesn't say "finish the level after doing the trick" but for some reason it happened to me
  13. Not good idea, some games might get DLCs and ur f'cked if u don't have ps3 anymore
  14. Most likely some people really wanted the trophies and created private server (i would do the same if some of my game gets shutdown servers) to get 100% completion, but i havent done that ever, its bannable if you get caught.
  15. Unchanging Armor Clear the game without changing equipment. 12.48% RARE 3 Tips Undefeated Clear the game without using a continue. 17.19% RARE 6 Tips Speedster Defeat the World of Chaos in the End of the World within 15 hours. 13.68% RARE I've already completed this game on normal, next i need to decide to complete it on hard, or easy. But i also need these 3 trophies up there. I believe its too hard to complete the game on hard without changing equipment, so should i do easy playthrough in under 15 hours without changing equipment? If i die, i just load save. Is it easy to do it? or will it take longer than 15h
  16. I'm trying to do 2 revert-manuals, i know how to do them ( do a trick and when u land press same time R2 + X and then keep holding them while turning R3 to left from down. I can do it, but it doesn't always work? It works like 40% of the time. Now i understand why this plat only 0.80% completion, cause its buggy game. Its all about luck when it works and when not. Sorry, no hate but i just see it as bug, maybe my fingers are too fast? or too slow? or maybe its just bug. Edit: Sometimes the guy "spins" 180 degrees, and only when he spins u can do revert-manual, but why sometimes guy doesn't spin? sometimes he just squat. Lol
  17. Oh. Nice to know this. just did 7 in a row succesfully, its stupid the game doesn't inform anything about thing like "wait 0.5sec before pushing left" Btw you have same profile avatar and completion rate i find it hilarious
  18. Anyone know if older final fantasier are coming to ps3 or 4? In Playstationtrophies.org you can see in trophy list "Final Fantasy VII" for Ps4, not trophies yet but probably coming. Final Fantasy V "inactive" Final Fantasy IX "inactive" Worlds of Final fantasy? Coming to ps4? So yeah Im pretty sure FF7 is coming to ps4, what about V and IX? and why exactly V, VII and IX? why no 1-4? And if 7 comes and 9, why no 8? I most likely gonna buy 7-10 if they come EDIT: YAY! VII is coming to PS4! http://www.cinemablend.com/games/Final-Fantasy-7-PS4-Version-Isn-t-HD-Remake-We-Hoped-68802.html WITH "TRUE REMAKE"!!!!!
  19. OlliOlli2: Welcome to olliwood
  20. Just started OlliOlli2: Welcome to ollihood. It seems pretty fun game but not so challenging
  21. I have thinked of buyin Dyad! ty for recommends, might buy them later
  22. Ty for games guys, Im starting maybe OlliOlli2 welcome to olliwood as it was free for ps+, i think its not that hard but only 0.80% plat Lol and 20-35 hours estimated for plat Probably easy game for me but im wondering is there glitch or something why so low rate on platinum?
  23. Can you get these games trophies by playing online only? Or does single player and online play have different story?
  24. Playstation All-stars battle royale Lol didn't notice i already commented before just skip me