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  1. Hope this game doesn't get dlc's like drive club...
  2. Devil May Cry 4 Spec. Edition
  3. What? Lol i never noticed my console doing any noise when turned off O.o
  4. Same!
  5. Im sorry to say this, but i believe they wont bring the servers up. Its EA :/ I have FIFA 14, they shutdown the servers and never came back after FIFA 15 came into shops.. I had to change my PS4 time to get access to get couple trophies. I even made straw poll with 500 guys saying they have the problem too, i contacted 10 EA game advisors, they said they will take look at it and they can do it its not big project, they said they will get it to work but never happened. If i were in problem like you guys are, i would make private server for crysis 2 and go earn the damn trophies, but its bannable if you get caught. I have never done that but for sure i will do if i manage to get game with shutdown servers.
  6. Wat? so you have 3000 games that u dont have time to play```?? Oh you edited and u mean trophies. I got like 102 unearned trophies
  7. Dragon ball xenoverse OR Ratchet and clank
  8. XCOM: Enemy Unknown, I already see everywhere i go at corners cover Shield sign
  9. Ty for some list, I will play Rogue legacy for sure as it was free, and probably gonna buy Persona 4 Arena, and already bought Sonic Unleashed, and already got WipEout HD 100%
  10. I really enjoyed playing Halo 2 and 3 and Reach with my friend, i don't own myself Xbox. The soundtracks really made the game so great! Especially halo 2. Listen to Halo 2 Soundtrack: Epilogue. So lets get to the point: Does Destiny have similar soundtrack as Halo's do? as they have same developer bungie. I've listened 20minutes of the destiny soundtrack, i liked some of the tracks but many of them were too fast and aggressive imo :/ they weren't so chillish as halo soundtracks But i can't really say anything about this as i haven't played the game. What about your opinion? Did the soundtracks touch your heart as you were playing?
  11. I wouldn't put them in a order which is best, they all have their own style of platforming and action, I love them all and it would be racist to put them in a quality order. Its like if you have children and you put them in order who is the best.
  12. Im pretty sure im gonna buy this game. It looks perfect game for me! I just need to finish some other games first that i have opened ^^
  13. That game looks interesting. What makes it so hard? I can't find any information about the trophies
  14. Thanks for challenge, but i already have Xcom enemy unknown plat =D Oh ironman with impossible.. hmm might try it but it doesnt give trophies Already got that one too ^^
  15. Yeah, Its really good feeling when you finally beat insane hard trophy/trophies u just can chill and be happy u finally beated it
  16. Resogun for PS3 Edit: Lol Hatib u photobombed before me, for u Resogun PS4
  17. I see alot of people commenting here at forums, and under their comment there is their trophy card, how to do that?
  18. 1. Naughty Bear 2. XCOM Enemy Unknown 3. WipEout HD 4. Dead Nation Apocalypse Edition 5. LittleBigPlanet Karting 6. Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 7. LittleBigPlanet
  19. Hey! I need help to unlock maxwell and wes, I've heard you have to complete all 5 islands in adventure mode to get maxwell, and i know the cloud save thing, but i need help at the basics! How do i explore? Do i just randomly run to some direction? Lol, I've so far explored by going at the corners near the river so i can see how long the areas are, but I don't know is this the best way? and how to make food? i've heard you can cook it on campfire, but how to get the raw food? I've so far collected only food on ground (berries, seeds, flowers, carrots, and killed some butterflies for their wings), Is this the best way to make food? And i've heard there is winter in adventure mode, what that means? I've heard i need to stay warm and out of hunger. How to do that? Do i have to gather alot food and make campfire and stand on the campfire for the WHOLE WINTER??? thats like 20 days i guess, Any other tips? I've heard some people use barricades or walls? why in earth would anyone use them? To make house? WHy would u make house? Are there enemies who come kill u in winter if u dont have house? Help! All tips appreciated!!!
  20. Thanks for good answer! But wait a minute.. Im a bit confused, im as willow i entered the maxwell door, its day 4 and the island is very small, i've searched every single place on the map but i have found zero things, one time the light on divining rod was Blue, but now it has been all time white, and im not sure which this map is as i didnt pay attention on it, but here is no snow, its 45% Day, about 35% night and 20% midnight (dark) but Yeah, i have went through the whole map and every single place there is ZERO spots in the map where i haven't been, whats wrong? And it doesn't really matter as this is just practice round for me cause i don't have WX-78 yet and im with willow atm. Also, i have got 0 Gold nuggets from mining rocks, i got like 35 rocks in my inventory and 20 Flints but zero gold nuggets. Lol
  21. Couple questions popped in my mind: As WX-78 Do you need umbrella or any items to protect you from rain/snow/thunder? and does gears restore you to max health, and same time upgrade you? Next question: So you always get divining rod at beginning of adventure mode right? How does it help you to locate "things"? i never had it in my inventory so i don't know. Also when you travel to next island in adventure mode, can you keep some of your items? Divining rod? beefalo hat? and what items are MUST items to make in first level? I heard beefalo hat, what other i need? Of course log suit and spear but any other important? Also, are there "touch stones" in adventure mode? thats the board in ground which respawns you back to life if you die (atleast in sandbox) Next question: How am i supposed to found maxwells door in sandbox mode without divining rod? I have no trouble to find all 5 "thing's" but i have never found maxwells door. Can i find it in the first world of sandbox? Whaat i just found maxwells door suddenly LOL in day 4.. but im on wrong character
  22. I was wondering is there any moba for ps4? Awesomenauts i wouldnt say that a moba lol. But i found free moba game for ps4 "trans galactic tournament" might not be that good and it doesnt have plat, If someone would make moba for ps4 like LoL with competitive ranked play, and maybe trophies like "reach master tier" and reach top 100 players by getting to challenger tier" It would be really challenging, but rewarding game I think it'd be huge success and go to esports Warning: I just checked that trans-galactic game has like 100-200 players in total. Do not download it or you'll get fucked cause nobody is there to boost the trophies
  23. Damn thats good news if that will happen