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  1. I've tried them all and Hots, but they get boring after awhile. I was at Diamond 4 in LoL but i don't feel like im achieving anything in that game it feels like waste of time. With trophies it'd be really good achievement to reach top 100 players (challenger tier) or something similar. Imagine the plat trophy with 0.05% Rate and you have it
  2. I just realized it'd be really hard to play moba without mouse, maybe don't add any abilities like "flash" from LoL and make it easier to play without skillshot based abilities
  3. Wow, i just found all 5 things and killed clockwork guys and travelled to second island in sandbox mode alot progress happened! I just need to get 80 days in sandbox then im ready to face adventure mode And i did it in 10 Days
  4. Thanks so much!!! That helped me ALOT i was waiting for someone like you to come along and shine!
  5. Another question came to my mind: How long it would take to find all 5 things in one world? I have found only 4 as my record, but it took 12 days. How long it takes for you? 5 days? 20 days? approximate Another question: When starting adventure mode: Do you keep any of your items that you had in sandbox mode? Another question: Do you keep your sanity, health and hunger levels same as they are when you travel into adventure mode? Or do they fill up to full Another question: Is it good idea to build science machine in adventure mode in every world? It costs alot resources but it allows you to make log suit
  6. Another question came to my mind when i was sleeping: When you make sandbox, you have to find the maxwell door there, right? So if you make custom settings for sandbox, do they affect the adventure mode? Next question: In adventure mode, its easier to find "things" than in sandbox? Is there clear paths that lead you to "things?"
  7. Thanks for tips, i checked them out. Im wondering how long it takes to find all 5 things in each map? My record is to find 4 things in the sandbox mode, but it took like 12 days and i died then
  8. Im at Day 10 now, i got 29 carrot, 5 seed, 7 berries, 8 flower i've been searching through almsot the whole map and picked every single food, i also got 3 "things" but what do i have to do in this game? i just need to survive? i collect food and eat them when hungry and when health is low? What i should do when i've searched through every single place in the map and there is None food left? Do the food respawn back ? I think birds sometimes put seeds in the ground but what about other food? Omg i just found out carrots perish after 10 days in bag
  9. How to get gears fast? im at day 5 and i got all items for accomolospire, i got science machine and alchemy engine and 10 gold nugget, 1 stone thing but i need 6 gear. i got 2 gears by digging graves but can't find anymore graves Well i died. i went fight clockwork knights without weapon and without items and died in 2 hits
  10. Currently its unobtainable trophy in ps4 resogun "Like a ship" but u can't like ship it says error. Im wondering is it possible if we make private server and go like ship there?
  11. Day 14 just got hit 3 times by tentacles.. now im at 10% health and i dont have food which restores hp, only hunger.. should i find 5th "thing" to make portal and go to new island? do i have to start at day 1 again then? i just want survive 80 days Stupid tentacles and monster meat.. took my hp down to 5% one hit and im dead WAIT A MINUTE? DO i have to survive 80 days in one playthough to unlock all sandbox characters? or is 80 in total enough?? cause if i can die its sooo much easier
  12. Im at 70km no trophy i got all items but rubber band is not fast enough for 500km
  13. Yep! i never would have believed that i can change totally my mind about game in just couple hours! Its indescribable game
  14. Just achieved 100% trophies, i totally changed my mind about this game! This game is sooo awesome and great! Especially the animal rescues and animal scenes!
  15. I have played now for couple hours, and i found out u have to really focus on the game to see whats going on lol its very emotional game and good game but slow paced it needs focus if u want to enjoy it
  16. I usually play nostalgic, fast paced games and platformers
  17. I tried to focus on the story now, but suddenly neighbours started to shut gates and laugh at me? LOL its ridiculous this game is trolling me
  18. Oh ok, i understand, im sorry if i was rude but i just wanted some action from this game but its pretty slow paced game :/
  19. Hey, I am personally pretty tired and bored atm and wondering what i should play.. I got good games whose aren't 100% yet but i just don't feel like playing them :/ So i got idea if people recommend game for person above you! Watch that person other games and say your opinion which game would fit for him/her and explain why, tell good sides and stuff like that! Give it a shot guys (It doesn't have to be PS4 it can also be PS3 game)
  20. You like FPS games, try Dead nation apocalypse edition its not FPS but its shooting game
  21. Lol, this might sound stupid but when you do tricks like frontflip, backflip, sideflip u will get speed boost, continue doing this and u will move faster than boost do the tricks in specific order to keep perfect speed up
  22. I just started Don't starve, first i thought it might be cool game but now i don't have a single clue what i have to do.. I collect everything i find but enemies follow me and kill me when i pick stuff up they don't leave me alone I died already 4 times in first day.. Just survived Day 1 ! I found out if i eat something it might restore heart or liver, but not sure what happens if liver go to zero
  23. Thanks! Just one more question: How i use that cloud thing, i know how to save there and load it to my console, but do i have to quit game and upload save file to cloud after every day incase i die?
  24. Thanks! i just survived night without problems, but i disabled all enemies so i don't die to them at day. Is that ok? can i earn all sandbox mode trophies without enemies? Can i build accomploshire without enemies?
  25. Oh ok, how do i survive night? it happens to me always when night comes and its dark screen, i get hit 2 times and die instantly