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  1. Well damn, wish I'd known that when I farmed for orbs/gear. Thankfully the grind wasn't *too* bad, maybe 8 hours or so in total.
  2. Still got my launch Vita and put hundreds of hours in with Rayman and Persona 4 Golden. Looks like I'll be picking up that FFX edition I've had my eye on for awhile after all.
  3. If you think the notion holds little merit I've a bridge to sell you. Those of us saying this don't truly believe this is the sole reason; we're just being dour, pessimistic sods. Right, because Nintendo pioneered the retro console craze.
  4. One Last Dungeon -- 14 achievers currently (nevermind the fact there are 52 regions on offer, let me bask in my glory!).
  5. So THIS is why they've been so hesitant to include backwards compatibility.
  6. FFX (completing entire sphere grid) Star Ocean Edit: Excuse my lack of reading comprehension. It's late and my kid has worn me out. Scratch everything except FFX and Star Ocean.
  7. Not entirely true given the fact employment in the US by and large is on an at will basis, meaning employers/employees can terminate their relationship with each other at any point in time. Not applicable in Vontae's case given the contract mind you, but still, if he doesn't want to play anymore I certainly won't force him too. Should he have retired after the game? Probably, but I'm not him and I don't know his current state of mind, so I'll hold off on judgment.
  8. PS4 -- Terminator Salvation Remastered: Definitively Definitive Edition PS3 -- Iron Man 2 Vita -- Reality Fighters
  9. The Predator. Meh.
  10. Definitely want one, thanks.
  11. All gone. Was gonna give it a try and see if worth the purchase, ah well.
  12. Ahhh, 2008 New Orleans: how I missed you so.
  13. I should choose Far Cry 4 since I've not completed it yet.
  14. Very nice of you.