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  1. Saw this film on a lark and left the cinema completely blown away. Can't suspend disbelief? L'art pour l'art.
  2. Well that's one way of looking at it, incorrect as it may be.
  3. I found it much easier to do solo because it seems most people inclined to play coop stink, generally speaking. The game isn't difficult so much as it's grindy as hell. As for suggestions, I say go for Resident Evil 1.
  4. @MMDE “So you think in-game button input cheat codes are at the same level as people getting all their trophies unlocked by someone using unintended mods they've installed in their game?” Same? No. Similar? Yes. Trophies can be earned by not playing the game the way it was intended. If developers intended for COD to be a cesspool of hacks they’d publish their own mods or offer tools to do so; if developers intended debug menus to be so well-known they would’ve included them in instruction manuals and they wouldn’t have remained relatively unknown until fairly recently. I know it’s a struggle to come to terms with the notion people have differing opinions, but you can do it.
  5. RE5 -- 7 years, 3 months
  6. Please don't finish it as that'll make the rarity for me all the better. Personally loved the game. It's Aussie thru and thru.
  7. Getting that sexy 100% on Kitten Squad was enough for you I take it. Added to favorites and will be purchasing as soon as I hit plat #75.
  8. Underwhelmed.
  9. Restart system if you experience the endless loading screen.
  10. This line of reasoning has always perplexed me. Why should the onus be on one to prove their innocence? Shouldn't that responsibility rest with the accuser?
  11. 5. AC Brotherhood PS3 What a journey this one was. One of my first platinum trophies earned not long after I began hunting in mild earnest. The single player was a cinch, though MP was my bane for months before I buckled down and started boosting. 4. Resident Evil REmake I became determined to make this my 20th platinum and 2,000 trophy, and it was before my list got rearranged recently for one reason or another. Loved this game as a kid and enjoyed the remake even more. 3. Red Dead Redemption One of my first games after moving overseas nearly ten years ago, I immersed myself in the world and fell in love with the story and promptly ignored MP. Years later after becoming a hunter, I buckled down and did my thang. 2. Last of Us Another one of my first platinum trophies, I pre-ordered this before blitzing through SP and grinding out the rather enjoyable MP in a few more weeks. 1. Final Fantasy X My favorite game of all time should naturally be my proudest platinum regardless of rarity. I probably completed the game a half dozen times as a teen and a half dozen more throughout my twenties. To this day its father- son arc and emphasis on familial bonds holds a special place in my heart. No game has ever moved me the way this one did.
  12. I personally don't care, but from what it sounds like this was a hack (a simple YouTube search returns various ways to unlock trophies in similar fashion as you described). It sounds as if you forgot to complete the campaign trophies before moving on to spec ops and are looking like you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. But I could be wrong. I frequently am.
  13. Mad Max is a great, game glitches notwithstanding. They've been patched out to my knowledge so any newcomer should be good. Definitely downloading on the off-chance I move again and can't take bulk of physical media with me.
  14. Black Ops. I will definitely be finishing that up sometime around #70. Hell, I may switch over to PS3 to chip away at backlog after Mana.