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  1. You've a lot of great plats, but I'd have to choose Black Ops 1. You're next on the list after RE7 pal!
  2. I got my last online trophy in BO1 just over a year ago, so I assume enough still play for you to get the trophy. Creating a gaming session is also an option; in other words, you'll be fine.
  3. UFC Undisputed 3. Can't even see the point anymore in getting the other base trophies if the ones requiring online play are no longer available.
  4. Just got back from seeing this, and I must agree.
  5. This thread is serious business.
  6. Come on Tom don't do me like that. Was a big musical inspiration in my youth. Fantastic musician. Fantastic lyricist. Pull through man.
  7. PS4 base game bears a platinum percentage of over 34%, but okay. =/
  8. Shadow of Mordor, Deadpool, Stein's, Type-0, Bloodborne, Mad Max, and Goat Simulator. I can attest to Shadow and Type-0 being rather straightforward. Max is easy but glitchy/grindy as well. I personally picked up Bloodborne and SMB.
  9. Still going to buy it, but a simple port with trophy support would have made me happy. Just don't screw with the music!
  10. You're a braver man than I; not in the least bit interested in being flagged/demonized.
  11. A Link Between Worlds, 3DS. What a game, and dem feels to boot.
  12. The Last Guardian; that is, of course, unless I kill Trico out of frustration first.
  13. Returning to empty nodes you've already passed over costs next to nothing to return to. If you're grinding in the fiend arena, you'll be fine when it comes to movement across the grid (good luck on that 100+ hour adventure!).
  14. Flash ko was a pain and online is a grind, but with a good partner you'll be done in a week.
  15. Only took two pages for the kid to be accused of cheating. It's because of gamers such as yourself that I quit playing BO2, an admittedly fun game. I would just rather not deal with virtue signalling trolls.