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  1. I'm not arguing with you about anything; rather, I'm just pointing out that this is the Internet, a place where you can't take everything at face value. What I mean to say is, we don't nor will we ever know the full story. Backing out of this before it devolves any further, but I'll leave those remaining with this:
  2. It's really conjecture at this point, meaning we don't know whether they were twelve when the tag was created, nor do we know how much money was spent on the account.
  3. You're being needlessly obtuse. We're talking about Mister/Misses FAKA here, so I ask you again, what do you find offensive about their ID tag? Can "FAKA" really be perceived as an outright swear rather than implied?
  4. Then perhaps you should rephrase your earlier comment to exclude calling someone a "dumbass" if they foolishly -- and likely at a young age, mind you -- create a gamertag that may toe the admittedly subjective TOS line so that all may be revealed. Would you like to respond to the latter part of my post, or shall we just continue going in circles whilst declaring things offensive? Let's get down to brass tacks: what about the name did you find offensive? Was it the KING, the MADA or the FAKA?
  5. For a supposedly respected member of this community you're being awfully antagonistic. On another note, perhaps we should all start taking into account context, as issues are not always black and white (in terms of, say, a potential TOS violation). Allow me to unpack: the ID tag in question is lowbrow humor at best and a borderline TOS violation at worst. To say it's "offensive" however is outright hyperbole. Tell me, were you offended when you read this player in question insinuated he's a king who engages in fornication with mothers? What specifically about the name and what it may or may not have implied offended you?
  6. There's a lot of piss in that diaper. That is my contribution to this thread.
  7. I'm personally enjoying it myself, though like most detractors I admittedly was put off by the graphics at first. I don't mind it now though and have even come to appreciate that aspect as I did with Adventures. Just use the original score and let those childhood memories come flooding back.
  8. Got to be Last Guardian for me. Hoping to making that my 60th platinum after giving up on Killzone 2.
  9. whoosh
  10. D'aaaawwwww shucks Congratulations to Philly from a Saints fan. After my team got knocked out I picked you guys to go all the way, and you certainly didn't let me down. See you in the playoffs next year.
  11. In my defense I just didn't think it would be humanly possible to get that high. I routinely forget some people don't have to have jobs and pay taxes.
  12. Sorry to hear that man. =/
  13. I got Philly.
  14. I'd use it to purchase: N++ Crimson Court DLC The Old Hunters DLC One More Dungeon Cursed Castilla Dragon Ball Fighter Z Savings of around $20, roughly.
  15. Not updating signs me out of PSN. Edit 2x: My reading comprehension suffers past midnight.