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  1. I think you just answered your own question.
  2. So now I'm cocky because I pointed out your faulty like of reasoning? The fact is there's absolutely no way to predict that just because Big Leagues is whitelisted, a wave of other requests for far less popular games will somehow follow. There's no prior precedent; this hasn't happened with GTAV as far as I know (not traditionally whitelisted, though it is for all intents and purposes ignored by staff). There are also far fewer instances of hackers auto unlocking -- I'm being extremely liberal in my assessment here as I know you pointing out one outlier will somehow invalidate my argument -- trophies in the other games you mentioned as well. I'll go ahead and bow out of this conversation since you failed to acknowledge the need for actual evidence to support your initial assertion.
  3. In comparison BO2, how many threads on psnprofiles concern unobtainable platinums in Hot Shots, Army of Two or Toy Soldiers? That was a rhetorical question, so I'll answer for you: not many. If we're going to invoke the "slippery slope" argument as a means to shut down conversation, let's at least make sure the evidence supports our assertion.
  4. I paid $109 for the Precision Edition. Fite me.
  5. Gonna necro the fuck outta this thread. Anyone read BloodyElbow.com?
  6. If you can stand the mkx grind, you can finish TLoU in less than half the time it took you to 100% the former. 


    You won't regret playing this game, I promise. 

  7. It is one of the bestselling games of all time, with more than 40 million physical copies. You might want to use a different example.
  8. I knew there was a reason I blocked you, you goddamn philistine. Rest assured I won't be making the same mistake of thinking you'd learned to become more tolerable.
  9. I mentioned this in an earlier discussion and way basically called uniformed for citing them. People are selective in their bias so long as it fits their narrative.
  10. Will buy CoD. Will not get sucked into microtransactions. 


    Problem solved. 

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    2. TheLakota



      I don't wanna be too direct, but are you just trying to troll people


      The entire reason I posted on my profile page was to stay out of the public conversation on the forum. Seeing as this is my page, I occasionally share my thoughts should I feel the forum environment unwelcome. You actively sought out my page and responded to my thoughts. If I really wanted to troll you, I'd hound you on your own profile with a rancid, bubbling spew of empty platitudes.



      are you just innocently typing the very first thing you think without ever thinking the tiniest bit further?


      Condescension duly noted, but don't be a dick. Either respond to my points in a polite manner or don't respond at all. I didn't ask you to come to my page.



      I haven't bought MWR, most people who played it recently didn't, it was FREE on PSPLUS this year, I played it because it was basically gifted to me


      I'm well aware the game was free on PS+, but you still didn't respond to my point: either you played MWR because you enjoyed it, or you felt it'd be an easy platinum to add to your collection. Whatever your answer, my point was it nullifies your initial assertion (thanks for moving the goal posts, though.



      I got in, played it, thought "god damn how can a triple A release, a remaster no less, be so buggy as to have people stuck in one of the first levels by killing them while running in a straight line like they are told to do by the game"


      No idea what you're talking about in terms of bugs as I never experienced problems when playing it.



      me having played it after it being gifted to me via psplus does not void anything, if anything it gives my mocking of the series more credibility


      Not if you came into it with preconceived notions. I contend what you experienced was confirmation bias, i.e. you began the game thinking it was going to be shit, and the first time you found something one may perceive as an annoyance/hindrance you felt justified. Agree to disagree.



      Sony is censoring some stuff, mainly from japanese developers. Not to my liking but sadly as the main company behind the very console we are using to play, there is little choice in somewhat supporting Sony if you wanna play online with your friends. The day Sony reaches Activisions or Konamis level of vile, you bet they can kiss me where my cheeks meet.


      I'd contend they're already there, e.g., exclusivity agreement with Activision, their initial opting out of cross-platform play on games such as Fortnite, etc.



      The industry gets progressively worse, with small steps and lots of tests. Companies test their limits all the time, if things go too far and people throw up too much of a stink, they will backpaddle and be more careful, see cases like Star Wars Battlefront 2 being too greedy, they had to rework their entire progression system that was solely based on lootboxes, because the backlash and pressure was so heavy that it even got politicians involved. If that hadn't happened, we would have had more severe cases like that by now, but that gave them quite a scare of regulations ending the lootbox loophole.


      We agree on this. Now, kindly use the same line of reasoning with regard to Sony and we'll be more or less in agreement on everything.



      Supporting new lows some of them go down to is certainly not helping stopping or at least slowing down the decaying process.


      You don't even know to what extent the loot boxes will be featured in the game, and yet here you are passing judgment. At least wait until the game is out and review scores are in on how extensive the loot box system will be before reaching for your pitch fork.


      Supply drops have been in CoD for years now. Again, we don't know wether weapons will be featured in supply drops yet or not. If Activision goes through with this (as has been alleged by GamingRevolution) then yes, they're wrong for doing so and will likely backtrack just like EA with BF2 and WB with Shadow of War did.


      Again, I'm going to buy the game and I'm not going to get sucked into microtransactions, so as long as my $60 gets me the full experience I'll be fine. If it doesn't, then yes, I will have a problem.



      A whale is what they call a player that spends exorbitant amounts of money for lootboxes and other shit in ingame shops




      Did not know that, thank you for sharing.



      Thats what they view their customers as, dumb fat animals.


      Well damn, if the shoe fits, right?



      No problem going there, first off, even naming Naughty Dog with companies like Konami tells me you are either desperate, or have absolutely no idea what you are talking about


      There we go again with your patented condescension. Thankfully I do know what I'm talking about. Consider, for instance, the wall of DLC released for LoU on PS3: I'm talking avatars, perks for MP, guns, parts to help you survive the MP journey, etc., all designed to milk their cash cow as much as possible. Hell, even grounded mode, which only increases the difficulty, costs $9.99 to this day.


      Again, lose the fucking attitude.



      While I had the occasional misstep


      So you're ignorant. How does your ignorance make you a better person than me again? Because you accidentally supported capitalism instead of grudgingly accepting it?


      I'm not going to bother responding to the rest of your personal attack in the above paragraph because if that's what it's going to come to, I'd rather spend my free time smelling my dogs farts. At least he has the decency to apologize and give me love when shitting in my face.



      Ah, is that why they keep popping up in their games? 


      Yes, that's...why I said that...you're agreeing with me again.



      Exclusivity deals that are done this way are always screwing people over


      I believe I've said this before, but if you're that upset over it, blame Sony for paying more money than their competition. Your frustrations are misguided.



      While they are all very anti consumer practices I disapprove of, a week is different from a full year if we are talking about a crappy reskin from last years yearly game that will not even have populated servers for that long.


      I don't think that fits the definition of anti-consumer. It's the prerogative of publishers to choose which platform their game releases on, and while I'm aware people were quite upset Rise of the Tomb Raider released on Xbone first, it's but a fraction of the hate Activision is getting (perhaps because it's in vogue to hate on them vis-a-vis EA?).


      Also, Modern Warfare 2019 is not a reskin; rather, it is an entirely new game. While it will feature familiar characters popular to the series, it will be a new story. 



      Take the shitty sports games for example, microtransactions, loot boxes and random progression were always stronger there because the fanbases are basically full blooded masochists who will celebrate any mistreatment towards them. 


      Emphasis mine


      Don't be so fucking reductive, and don't pretend to care for your fellow gamers if you're going to denigrate them mere paragraphs later.



      If it works fine there and companies make billions of dollars with the practices there, they try to do it with other genres, slowly to test the waters and see the reactions.


      I agree here as well, though if we choose to not opt in on these microtransactions what's the issue?



      Companies copy each other all the time, let's just say a newer thing like the paying for a second save slot crap Konami pulled in MGSurvive was done in an actually popular game of a long standing series, like the at some point upcoming elder Scrolls 6, and people would have payed for the 10$ saveslots by the tens of thousands without the game suffering in popularity from it but instead making a ton of extra cash with no work, you could bet that many games releasing afterwards would try to pull that shit too, because it now has been proven to work in their minds.


      The day that happens is the day I quite gaming. I think it's safe to say this is all baseless conjecture though. Konami tried this tactic and failed miserably. You can bet companies took note of their failure and will adjust their marketing plans moving forward to not do what Konami did.



      I sometimes don't know if you just wanna waste my time by acting intentionally uninformed and getting me to write long replies trying to explain stuff, or if you genuinely are so badly informed about a topic you are actually trying to have a discussion about.


      I literally did this twice. The first time I didn't know what a "whale" was. Regarding the second instance, I did not understand your message because it was poorly worded. If English is not your native tongue then cool, but you seriously need to consider how you're speaking to me.


      @Nighcisama I'm going to extend an invitation to discuss this with your at length over voice chat (Discord or PS chat, your choice). I'd rather discuss via voice chat because I think it'd help with your attitude and penchant for condescending swipes.


      Invitation is open. Let's find out how badly informed I am.

    3. Nighcisama




      The entire reason I posted on my profile page was to stay out of the public conversation on the forum. Seeing as this is my page, I occasionally share my thoughts should I feel the forum environment unwelcome. You actively sought out my page and responded to my thoughts.

      Believe me I really regret it, will not happen to me again I promise you that much, I thought the facepalm Game Of Thrones discussion with you was bad, but this is worse, theres nothing to be gained from this. You could have made it clearer that discussions about the topic are not wished because for me a status update is a public statement you want people to see and react to, it would have saved a lot of our time and probably saved us both some braincells, because I know I lost some reading of your newest reply. You are right you did not ask me to come and you made it clear by now that discussion was never wanted to begin with on your profile, which is why I will just go and leave you alone, wouldn't want to harrass you. You (intentionally or not is hard for me to tell) misunderstand half of what I am writing anyway and try to blame my english skills for it, which I am aware are not perfect but I did not have any trouble properly communicating with anyone in many years, no matter the topic, so I am quite confident to tell you that this one is most likely on you.

      Regarding your voice chat invitation, buddy, if you can't understand half of what I want to tell you through writing, speaking to me is a wasted effort because when I speak english I am actually hard to understand at times with my accent. Consider it denied, this amounted to nothing and probably will never amount fo anything, so I suggest we go our seperate ways and ignore each other for the future, better for both of us.

    4. TheLakota


      What a waste of time responding to you with that wall of text. 


      Going to go ahead and send you an invite later just to let you know I'm serious. 


      You're correct though in that we should ignore each other in this echo chamber. 

  11. Lighten up Francis, we're on the same side.
  12. Is there any reason to assume Sony called the shot on the FF8 changes, and not SQ's ethics department? After all, the latter has been known to make such suggestions in the past. Hot take.
  13. I don't watch football anymore, so go be a twat to someone else.
  14. Fans had nothing to do with the change (Payton is on the competition committee).
  15. It's the furthest thing from constructive, as those who offer such criticism generally understand the importance of maintaining a positive tone when providing feedback so as to avoid being perceived as a buzzkill. I sense nothing but snark and a hint of jealousy.