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  1. You were saying? (It's all in good fun, don't put a hex on me!) Don't even sweat it man, still plenty of football left, and I'm counting on you guys to absolutely crush Brady in the playoffs. If you don't, then I'll have to settle for Brees getting another scalp should the Saints be fortunate enough to go all the way.
  2. Thanks! Will use after completing current game.
  3. You're not the first person to catch me in a "gotcha" so I'll just leave this here:
  4. Whew, glad that's settled then.
  5. Willing to bet that comment comes back to bite you in the ass. We shall see.
  6. Well it's still a good game, so unless the reason you play video games is to maintain a high completion percentage I'd say you'd stand a pretty good chance of having fun. Whoa guy, sorry if I pushed any buttons there. I already completed Comrades as stated in an earlier post, so no real need for excuses on my end. Consider reevaluating my post/s as a call for gamers such as yourself to reflect on how they speak to their peers.
  7. It was added 11/15/17 so no, people didn't have THAT much time when you factor in things such as living your life. I swear it's like an echo chamber in here with all the "no u" comments. Sometimes people just don't have as much available time as others to devote to games. Some even paid separately for Comrades only for this to happen.
  8. IT'S GETTING VERY STUFFY IN HERE AND I'M HAVING TROUBLE BREATHING, WHICH IS WHY I SOUND SO EXASPERATED. But seriously though sir, no u. Thankfully I was able to complete that mess of a tacked on multiplayer, though unfortunately I don't have time more often than not with life and all. Thus, I can empathize with those who didn't quite make it.
  9. One player can only do so much (tell that to Amari Cooper I suppose) I'd be more worried about that run D come playoff time personally, but maybe his playtime will be limited until he regains strength and he'll mainly be utilized to stack the box.
  10. I wish him well.
  11. Underrated comment of the day.
  12. Going to be using your guide to farm alien deaths and get those pesky Nostromo logs. Thanks for writing this!
  13. Only because they didn't play the Pats, duh. Let me be petty.
  14. Wrong last name.
  15. As I said earlier, it comes down to probability versus consequence. The likelihood of them throwing a Hail Mary may have been low, but the consequences for not preparing for the possibility could have also bitten them in the ass. It's easy for you to say it made no sense for Coach B to have Gronk in the backfield defending the deep ball, though be honest with yourself: you'd likely be shitting on them for not utilizing Gronk had Miami gone for a Hail Mary and had said Hail Mary been successful. It's easy to judge in hindsight, especially when you're not the one on the sideline making the call.