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  1. git gud amirite?
  2. People who cheat rather openly likely don't care about the leaderboard. In that case, I wouldn't say they "cheated" anything or anyone; they just cheesed the system for digital timestamps to...look cool?
  3. Continuity issues in a zombie game featuring undead plants, lickers and an eight-foot-tall-fedora-wearing behemoth. Giant 'K'.
  4. To each their own. 


    WHAM. Where you at @JohnCenaSong-?!

  5. Allow me to reply with an elementary post, as obvious sarcasm doesn't sit well with trigger-happy psnp moderators: Poo on you, I'm repping your post just to spite you; if you don't like it you can go poo yourself.
  6. Uh, yeah, that's not doxxing. Displaying one's gamertag is not the same as publicizing personal identification such as their name/address. To have fun.
  7. So you're hinging continuity on a few boss fights and a trolly ride? Didn't seem to think that was worth a 2-point deduction but, well, okay boo.
  8. Multiple times across my childhood. Sounds like you either A: are misinformed or B: have nostalgia goggles on. A/B scenarios on the original were, barring Mr. X and some scenes/characters, *gasp* eerily similar. Not that it matters as both the original and remake are nigh perfect in my opinion.
  9. I take it you never played the original? Because it's quite similar.
  10. I wouldn't necessarily go so far as to label Hunt a woman beater. He committed assault and battery; the victim is a female. That doesn't absolve Kareem of pushing her down and kicking her, nor does it mean he's a woman beater (it also doesn't mean I'm defending his actions or am somehow complicit in his terrible behavior, so let's nip that in the bud before it even gets to that point please). Want to see how the media manipulates bylines to push their narrative? Look no further: He "beat" her and it was "brutal"? Holy over-exaggerating Batman. He roughly pushed down a drunken female and half-heartedly kicked her. Know what's missing in the video? Audio and context. Want to see a brutal beatdown of a female? Google Ray Rice. Google Greg Hardy, who coincidentally is now fighting MMA and throwing illegal knees against downed opponents. Do I think Kareem deserves a second chance? That's not for me to decide. Does watching the NFL somehow make me complicit? No (not that I'll watch anyway). Can people redeem themselves? Yes. Will Kareem Hunt? Time will tell. *** My question to you: do you draw the line at striking a female? If so, why? Is taking banned substances okay with you, be it performance enhancers or recreational in nature? How about fathering children out of wedlock and then proceeding to have the girl murdered a la Rae Carruth? Violent, unsportsmanlike behavior on the field, e.g. Suh, Burfict, Romanowski, Finnegan, etc.?
  11. Case in point.
  12. Gak sih, tapi bisa Bahasa Indonesia.
  13. I got you dawg, believe me.
  14. Reply to this message so that I may stroke your epeen (I'll give you rep, I promise!).