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  1. So, yeah, about Evil Within:


    Enjoying the game, dug the story but a tad bit long and I of course missed one key (because after completing a 30 minute session and collecting the key I died, resulting in the key disappearing from inventory and me forgetting like an idiot I've got to go BACK and collect everything I'd lost from the earlier death). 

  2. #84 Battlefield 4


    Enjoyed the campaign, but dem servers tho...


    @TVDex252, Healed, NoMore, Gulli et al., thank you all for the assist on those dead mp maps!


    Got to start thinking serious about #100 and whether it'll be GTAIV, MGSV or maybe even Evil Within. Decisions, decisions..

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. TheLakota


      @TVDex252 likewise! We still have a lot of ground to cover though lol

    3. TVDex252


      For sure, the 100% must be ours!

    4. TheLakota
  3. How much poo could poopoo blast if poopoo could blast poo? Seriously though, what're your picks for UFC 241?
  4. #83 Apotheon 


    Happy I finally played the game. Constant crashing was initially an issue, though just made it a habit to save after opening each chest/door. 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. TheLakota


      I could NOT for the life of me find the damn hammer. A thread on Apotheon said it was in Agora, so I scoured the area before realizing I'd already opened every chest in every area. 


      "Fine, screw it, I don't need to complete this now; I'll just let it sit in the backlog for another five years."


      Ten minutes later I pick up the mirrored shield and a hammer I thought I'd already gotten. 




      "Well shit, I'll never get those two hours back."


      Just glad no chest glitched through the walls on me, even though my character did on more than one occasion. 

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  5. I've said my piece. Don't want it, don't need it. Just give me the option to disable.
  6. Great news! Sony already has a system in place for that. It's called a trophy. Rarity is even assigned to said trophies and accounts for everyone who's ever played the game. Ever.
  7. Jupiter Ascending is a fantastic movie. I don't care fite me. 

    1. Copanele


      10/10 best comedy I have ever seen. There is no other movie where Mila Kunis the empress of Earth cleans toilets VIGOROUSLY then goes into space on rollerblades with Channing Tatum.

      Many Pringles have met their end while I  "watched" this movie xD 

      Continuing my comment because well there's no EDIT button : I really enjoyed Eddie Redmayne's acting though there, he really gave it all by being the crazy warmonger brother. Also borderline creepy but it worked. What a fantastic beast...

    2. TheLakota
  8. Make it mandatory and I guarantee you'll have several members leave. I'll also be requesting a refund for my premium membership (don't @ me).
  9. I'm really wanting to enjoy you Apotheon, but damnit, please stop crashing every five minutes. 

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. TheLakota


      I may try that if it persists. A little under halfway through and it's crashed over a dozen times. 

    3. NTGSruler


      This one sits in my backlog.. And there is your reason why. Shame..

    4. DamagingRob


      Didn't crash a whole lot for me, either. It was more than once, though. Shame, 'cause it's a really cool game.

  10. @dj_helyx I ate them all

    1. dj_helyx


      No worries. Just got some fresh terps in. Gonna mix a batch this week.

    2. TheLakota
    3. dj_helyx



      I've got Maui Wowie, Blueberry Kush and Master Kush terps.


      They regularly do free samples.

  11. @NekoRave stared off into the distance, eyes glazed over as if fixated on some distant target. Brow furrowing, @TheLakota stared quizzically at his compatriot for several moments before asking uncertainly in a hoarse whisper, "What do you see?" @NekoRave remained silent however, stooped over the chipped, battle-scarred remains of his trusted warsword, gaze slitted, lips pursed in silent thought. A gritty breeze whipped about the tattered ribbons of his dustcloak, each piece fluttering in the breeze as if a grit-stained extension of his own windswept mane. The silence alarmed @TheLakota, leading him to wonder what horrors might lay before them. And to think, it was mere weeks ago they'd barely survived the last battle; @ProfBambam55 himself had fallen to the horde, his logic and reason no match for their sheer might, indomitable will be damned. @TheLakota's thoughts drifted off momentarily to that fateful day, his mind's eye fixating upon @ProfBambam55's look of shock as @BlindMango's broadsword swept cleanly through his neck before disappearing amidst an arterial spray of oxygen-rich claret -- the Great Bam was dead before he ever hit the ground, his lifeless husk kicking up a billowing cloud of dust in one last act of pitiable defiance. The toll had been too much, too fierce, too great. Lives had been lost on both sides, admittedly, though @TheLakota grudgingly -- had to -- accept the notion they were simply outnumbered. @NekoRave shifted his weight and cut away to stare aside @TheLakota, his dry, cracked lips finally parting. "It's here," he croaked out. A sense of utter dread washing over him, @TheLakota could only muster a meek, "What?" "Finality," @NekoRave responded, his stooped, worn figure still steadfast, resolute. "Oblivion..." "I'm not long for this world," he loosed with a content sigh. "This body's done." "No, that can't be," @TheLakota growled. "You're the best o--..." He couldn't finish the sentence though, too choked up in the moment to admit the obvious: they were losing, and He was coming. @NekoRave tightened his grip on the warsword, his makeshift cane, before straightening up to his full height, his broken teeth grinding against one another. "Storm's comin', best get ready." @TheLakota stared confusedly at his old comrade. No rains had fallen in months to cleanse their wounds or wash away memories of fallen brothers and sisters. He opened his mouth to speak, certain his comrade's weariness had finally caught up to him. In the distance, a low, steady rumble sounded in the heavens, a rumble so deep to sound as if it'd come from the bowels of Hell itself. Darkening clouds spiraled into existence, falling in on one another as if pulled towards a singularity: the One. From the depths uncoiled whip-lake tendrils as if out of some Lovecraftian nightmare. Lakota could only stare in silent horror as the tentacles unfurled for what seemed like miles, each end tipped with what appeared to be a mouth of razor-sharp incisors. ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** tl;dr Perhaps we could dispense with this ridiculously hyperbolic language for just one day?
  12. Or you could, you know, fix the rarity leaderboard.
  13. If they're the type of brownies I hope they are, I'm totally down.
  14. Salty? On the one hand you have people who just don't want this idea implemented for a variety of reasons they've already explained ad nauseam, while on the other hand you have people engaging in ad hominem as a means to belittle and disparage so as to "win" the argument or fish for dem reps. That's not being salty, that's being absolutely fucking dumbstruck one's ideas are being so grossly oversimplified.