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  1. Violates PSN TOS, thus I wouldn't advertise openly on here if I were you (not specifically against site rules I think, but you could always be reported).
  2. 1. Yes, I am special. 2. You are incorrect. Give the game a try and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, or don't. Just avoid shitting on a game you've never played and you won't be called out on it. 3. I didn't have to do any digging as the list was readily available on your profile. I also wasn't aware there was an age limit on games one could call you out for. Good to know. 4. Not grasping at straws, just pointing out the fact you're being hypocritical and either a. don't realize it or b. are just here to troll. 5. I joke on these forums a lot, though I also offer what I feel are valid, insightful responses to others depending on their attitudes. Whether one is intending to engage in thoughtful discourse or, in your case, mock and deride developers/publishers for games you feel are beneath you, that's on you.
  3. Thanks for that gut laugh. I needed it today.
  4. If only my e-peen were as large as its real-life counterpart.



  5. What a perfectly xenophobic thing of you to say my dear. Let's not cherrypick statistics either, shall we? Greenland is first overall in terms of not just the homicide rate, but in conjunction with suicides as well. You keep digging until you find statistics in line with your extremely myopic viewpoint though.
  6. Narrative, narrative, narrative!!!
  7. Being a developed country means absolutely dick and you know it. Don't move the goalposts just because it doesn't fit your narrative. You can't compare the United States with Japan, for instance, as the former has more in common with a country such as Mexico in terms of history, ethnic diversity and size than it does with it's eastern counterpart. Trust me, you DON'T want to continue down this road with me. My Kung Fu is too strong for you.
  8. You've proven time and again you know nothing of what you speak. Kindly stop talking out of your ass and at least attempt to inform yourself. Regarding intentional deaths per 100,000 people per year, the United Kingdom ranked 90th, with United States a little higher at 46th. Number 1? Greenland. The UK also has around 200 more homicides per year than in Chicago, but yes, the United States is by far the most violent country in the world because hyperbole.
  9. I must be part of the tiny minority then, because I thoroughly enjoyed One More Dungeon, and I will continue to promote that game as a heavily underrated gem. Since we're so keen on employing reductive reasoning though, how long did you continue playing after achieving the platinum on Hitman: Go? Sound Shapes? The masterpiece that is Paint Park? Seems you're just attempting to cover for the real reason you're playing those games, which was the quick boost to your trophy stats. Let's not pretend you said anything of substance in this thread. Wow, amazing how remarkably easy it was to stoop to your level.
  10. NUDIE MAGAZINE DAY!!!!! I'll see myself out, thanks for the chuckle @DDAM
  11. If digital timestamps are the main reason you play games and you feel your hard work is now devalued because of Ratalaika, you have a personal problem.

  12. Indeed. It's the reason we even have ESRB ratings. Good post btw.
  13. Sniper Elite 3 -- Hardly any grind Last of Us PS3 -- Slight online grind but can be boosted, more fun legit
  14. Oh, I know what they meant. I was just pointing out their argument was incorrect. If anyone bothered addressing my earlier posts they'd understand the Western outlook on sex is still to this day heavily influenced by the Puritan belief system. In other words, don't blame Sony, blame a society that hasn't fully shed it's Orthodox Puritan roots. Over time things will change -- and they are changing -- though prattling on from a self-perceived position of moral majority is not addressing nor is it solving the issue. Write to your state legislative body if the issue of digital skin in games is that important to you. Edited to add: I've grown weary of attempting to discuss this issue. Happy Easter and enjoy your holiday all.
  15. No, it's not. What double standard actually means. Sony has control over what you see in games because they own their brand. They don't, however, own the free world yet and have no control over whether you might catch a glimpse of side-bewb or a female who forgot to shave, you know, down there. There is literally no correlation between what you pay to experience in a digital realm versus what you experience in real life.