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  1. Unobtainable vs unattainable


    Perhaps if people understood the meaning of the words they used they'd realize there might be better options out there.

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    2. Sifferino


      Why? The more common word in the US might be restroom, but (correct me if I’m wrong) I think in the UK it is bathroom and that’s also the word I believe those of us with English as our second language are taught to use. Strictly speaking a bathroom does not necessarily have a toilet, which is obviously what people are really asking for, but it is simply the most common word for it in the world. It is that way to avoid having to say “I need to take a dump, point me in the right direction?”


      Although of course in Dutch, as you might expect, we officially refer to them as simply what they are: the toilets! People would not understand it if you asked them for a bathroom (“why do you want to take a shower in my store/house?”) of restroom (“huh, we don’t have one”) 😆

    3. NERVergoproxy


      Imho bathrooms are a place you can do your business and take a bath or shower if needed with usually a bathtube. So its hard for me to accept people referring them as the other. But I do not like Restroom either. I think sommme places uses "Washroom". The word Bathroom definitely seems more commonly used in US though. Maybe just cause its easy or first thing to come to mind. Idk. 

      English is my 2nd langauge and in my language if translated to eng. We ask something like "Shitroom" or "Handwashroom".

    4. Sifferino


      “Shitroom”, No need to sugercoat it 😆

      What is your first language then, where are you from?

  2. Name three features of your dream house if money and location were not limited:


    At the beach on my private island off Lombok


    Completely exposed to elements, i.e. no doors or windows and thus cooled by ocean breeze


    Guard sharks with frickin laser beams attached to their heads


    Your turn @DaivRules

    1. DaivRules


      12 foot privacy fences


      Workshop outbuilding stocked with all the tools of the entire This Old House cast


      Some kind of amazing wall technology that both absorbs all outdoor sounds (like fireworks) and also my dogs barks so I can’t hear either... ever

    2. mako-heart


      dude i just want private laundry and air con, my life sucks

  3. Things that make you go hrm:


    Member posts valid commentary on toxicity within community. Then proceeds to denigrate others. 

    1. damon8r351


      Without even knowing who it is or what the situation is, I bet I stand a fairly good chance of guessing who you're talking about.

    2. TheLakota


      Names don't matter at this point. Not interested in someone vomiting words at me in their feeble attempt to win the Internet. 

  4. I suppose since the One More Dungeon platinum comes from Ratalaika I'll be up for both a Ribbon of Rarity AND a Ribbon of Shame, right @Property_Damage?


    Does this mean they cancel each other out and my sins shall be absolved?


    Boy, I sure hope so. 


    1. damon8r351


      I'm still holding out hope for a penis ribbon for my profile.

    2. TheLakota


      A veiny one, preferably. 

    3. Spaz


      As long as people don’t stack Ratalalika Games six times. By that point they should be awarded the Medal of Shame.

  5. Lakota's capsule review of Dark Phoenix: incredibly enjoyable film and one of my favorite X-Men entries. 


    Don't listen to the media or YouTube personalities who try to control the narrative with negativity. 

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      I was thinking about seeing it sometime. I don't particularly pay attention to reviews unless I'm on the fence, but thanks for the heads up!

  6. ef903dc4f2f310af808ff676f218f988.gif

    1. Spaz


      Sad he didn’t live longer.

  7. Okay, so obviously references to one's genitalia are not allowed in status updates.


    I hereby offer my services to invoke Carlin and help the esteemed staff at PSNP develop a list of seven words you cannot say

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    2. DaivRules


      I’m a big Carlin fan! Shit, piss, fuck, ♥, cocksucker, motherfucker, and tits! It’s a fantastic bit!

      Looks like C You Next Tuesday is really the only specific word you can’t say on PSNP. ;)

    3. TheLakota


      The greatest to ever do it. Hicks could have been that guy had cancer not taken him from us so soon. 

    4. Spaz


      Now we have these wannabe stand up comedians who aren’t anywhere near the talent and skill of Carlin and Hicks. 

  8. There's no option for declination/opting out. lol, ok As a paying customer I am. I don't feel I demanded anything; rather, stated I wanted something, and if it is not made available, I shall leave. At least we won't have to converse again if that's the case. Classic case of fighting fire with fire. I can only assume you are a child given how poorly you spell and use words/phrases improperly before pulling out the "delusional" card upon receiving the slightest pushback. Oh trust me, I had left peaceably until you decided to get the last word in. No bother, as I'll be sure to block you here shortly. That way, everyone wins! So you're telling me you can say with absolute certainty that the perceived majority in this thread is indicative of the entire website? You're 100% certain? Other than Sly chiming in with analytics/trends, I call bollocks. Nah, thanks though. I broke down the majority of your initial post before you came back with passive aggressive comments. We're in disagreement and I do not want to talk to you any further.
  9. It is indeed arbitrary: just look at @BlindMango's reasons for settling with 75%. Thanks for the petty "delusional" comment though. You certainly got me there. So there we have it: you think my list of games is garbage? Over 15% of my platinums are ultra rare, yet that's not good enough for you? Do you measure a profile's worth by it's UR to common ratio? Do you think doing so may limit opportunities to find some genuinely good games that aren't necessarily as obscure/difficult/tedious as the games you play? You obviously cared enough about my profile to visit it, so there's that, buttercup. Subjective, elitist shite. If I paid for something you're damn right I deserve to have my voice heard. I'll refrain from addressing the rest of your condescension, little child. This thread is indicative of but a small subset of the community. What you're engaging in is confirmation bias.
  10. "Nr 1 Norway. And no easy Region stacks&Cloud sync"


    Low-key narcissist.

    1. Spaz


      Tomy IV is pretty good. One of the few guys with that many trophies who hasn’t whored out.

  11. No one's saying this will turn people into elitists. I contend they're already here, which is why this thread even exists. I don't need to be subjected to a ridiculous system wherein my gameplay's worth is judged and assigned value by an admittedly arbitrary system designed to do nothing more than stroke egos and clutter the website. The only way, and I mean only way I'm going to be pleased, is if I'm given the option to simply abstain from utilizing the ribbon system. Just give me a toggle button and I'll be on my way. You can all continue sneering at lists with trophies you deem beneath your skill level. We don't need your armchair psychoanalytical babble in this thread, thank you very much. Let me unpack this for you a bit: 1. People play games. 2. Games upon completion give trophies, which in turn release endorphins and give us that sweet satisfaction of success. 3. Some games are easier than others, leading to people having more platinums than others. 4. Some people on this board feel those easy games dilute an already admittedly broken leaderboard due to rampant cheating. 5. The other side claims they play for fun, and that should be the end of it. 6. But no, you won't let it slide and feel inclined to assign your own value system on others even if they do not consent. 7. You then say that anyone who feels the ribbon system is a form of shaming is themselves ashamed of playing easy games. <-- Quite the leap of logic. In fact, that entire paragraph is one giant leap of logic. A game's worth is subjective to the individual playing the game. It should go without saying, but I don't need you to tell me what's decent and what isn't. You are not an arbiter. Final thoughts before bowing out: Give me a toggle button and I'll be perfectly happy (if @BlindMango has already said it's in the cards, fantastic). Make ribbons mandatory and you've lost a user. I paid to be a premium member for life, and as a paying member I'm telling you this is not something I want.
  12. New Ribbon available next week: My daddy can whip your daddy's ass


    Applicable for platinums requiring 200+ hours and boasting <5 % rarity. 


    Not to be confused with the ribbons 🦐 Pecker and Pulsating Mandingo.

    1. Spaz


      Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator does this pretty well. 

  13. No offense, but this is silly. I don't need someone else telling me whether my trophy is worth a damn or not; it means something to me, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered earning it in the first place. Seems like this is only meant to appease the elitists.
  14. I should stop eating fattening shit and go to the gym.


    Note to self: hit the rack as soon as you finish this eclair. 

    1. Spaz


      It can be hard to go to the gym, but once you get into it it’s addicting.

  15. What I've learned today: calling people a "tool" or "bootlicker" is a-okay on this site, but taking that person to task by calling them out on it is not okay. Bang up job on remaining consistent mod team!

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    2. damon8r351



    3. TheLakota


      @Beyondthegrave07 I have questions so I'll shoot you a PM. Happy you and Daiv are on board, just general question about a few things for the sake of clarity. Will send after back from lunch w/fam


    4. Beyondthegrave07


      @TheLakota Works for me. I'll be upset if you hold anything back! I know you're not that type of person.