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  1. Ah, I see, so those of us who feel the father-son relationship between Tony and Peter is a bit too on the nose in it's unimaginative portrayal, or the rushed character development and utter lack of exposition in Marvel's lazy attempt to both introduce and justify Peter's inclusion in Civil War too indicative of a cash grab, are all just morons? Makes perfect sense bro.
  2. 'ey yo, don't be skipping leg day sir.

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    2. Hemiak


      I always skip leg day. Big legs aren't good for rock climbing. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      @TheLakota haha you're mighty generous? 32 inches???? I think that's like the world record man :lol: 


      But that's very true about soccer. Having more muscles require more oxygen to sustain but the thing about playing defence is that you don't require as much running as midfield or forward position. And also it's not like I'm huge or anything. As I said I only weigh 155 lbs and quite frankly I run into so many large players that you might end up getting ragdolled when running at fast speeds bumping into each other. 


      So far it has not felt like a hindrance carrying the muscles but you're also right in that it would be better if I was leaner provided I was doing lots and lots of running. I don't know... You just need a middle ground I guess. 


      But wow I'm sorry to hear about your motorcycle accident. Hopefully nothing permanent?


      @Hemiak haha my sentence was more of a tongue in cheek humour. It really boils down to what goal you're trying to accomplish. Some lift purely for aesthetic reasons. 


      I just know that rock climbing is quite brutal and requires a lot of upper body strength and especially forearm strength. So hats off to you sir

    4. TheLakota


      As I said, total fucking guess on the measurements!


      Nothing too permanent as I did my own physical therapy and had to relearn a lot of things (fat embolism is no joke). 


      The only relic I have from that day would of course be the metal plates I saved after I got them taken out, as well as the massive overgrowth on my femurs (looks like a spiked club now). 


      Other than having difficulty stretching (the overgrowth can dig into the muscles) I'm good and still fairly fast.


      Last time I weighed 155 was in 2015 after getting back from Indo and attending class/hitting the gym 5 days a week.


      After my kid I hovered around 170, but still good in terms of BMI. 

  3. They wouldn't be forced to return to anything. Much more goes into filmmaking than just being a faceless corporation. Before TASM Sony had the absolutely wonderful original trilogy (I liked 3, let's battle) and later on went to release the perfect Into the Spider-verse. So long as they can retain star writing talent such as Phil Lord, they're going to be just fine. Don't forget Blade, damnit. The entire industry owes fealty to New Line for saving their collective asses. I contend that without Blade and the original X-Men/Spiderman, we wouldn't have Marvel films today.
  4. Simple math really. It's hollow because Sony more than breaks even on their production costs and nets a healthy profit. Disney now wants to alter the deal, meaning their profits will be cut in half. If they were to agree to such terms, their net profits would be lower than they were initially. They are making a sound business decision by rejecting this shite. No, because they don't own the character. See: Age of Ultron vs DoFP.
  5. You're right for being sceptical of your initial belief as it is incorrect. A number of film franchises turned into powerhouses based off merchandising include not just Star Wars, but Harry Potter, Toy Story, and yes, Marvel films. Per Disney CEO Bob Iger, in 2013 Disney made $41 Billion (that's with a capital B) off licensing. As @majob mentioned, do not underestimate the power of merchandising/licensing. Disney has created a monopolistic juggernaut, and I support any endeavor to curtail their shady practices.
  6. "One day, after wiping, I looked at my poop because I always do." ... ..... .................. I thought I was the only one who did that! My wife said I was weird, but now I can show her this thread and be like NEINER NEINER GUESS YOU'RE NOT PART OF THE POO CLUB, LOSER. Ahem, yes, good read.
  7. Granted, it's not a very good opinion, mind you, though it is yours nonetheless.
  8. The sequel was a fucking masterpiece. It's unfortunate you opted not to watch it based on such myopic principles.
  9. So, yeah, about Evil Within:


    Enjoying the game, dug the story but a tad bit long and I of course missed one key (because after completing a 30 minute session and collecting the key I died, resulting in the key disappearing from inventory and me forgetting like an idiot I've got to go BACK and collect everything I'd lost from the earlier death). 

    1. OhDearDevilRun


      Feels like evil.

  10. #84 Battlefield 4


    Enjoyed the campaign, but dem servers tho...


    @TVDex252, Healed, NoMore, Gulli et al., thank you all for the assist on those dead mp maps!


    Got to start thinking serious about #100 and whether it'll be GTAIV, MGSV or maybe even Evil Within. Decisions, decisions..

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    2. TheLakota


      @TVDex252 likewise! We still have a lot of ground to cover though lol

    3. TVDex252


      For sure, the 100% must be ours!

    4. TheLakota


      Damn skippy

  11. How much poo could poopoo blast if poopoo could blast poo? Seriously though, what're your picks for UFC 241?
  12. #83 Apotheon 


    Happy I finally played the game. Constant crashing was initially an issue, though just made it a habit to save after opening each chest/door. 

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    2. TheLakota


      I could NOT for the life of me find the damn hammer. A thread on Apotheon said it was in Agora, so I scoured the area before realizing I'd already opened every chest in every area. 


      "Fine, screw it, I don't need to complete this now; I'll just let it sit in the backlog for another five years."


      Ten minutes later I pick up the mirrored shield and a hammer I thought I'd already gotten. 




      "Well shit, I'll never get those two hours back."


      Just glad no chest glitched through the walls on me, even though my character did on more than one occasion. 

    3. ihadalifeb4this
    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  13. I've said my piece. Don't want it, don't need it. Just give me the option to disable.