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  1. James Cameron's Avatar has not aged well. 

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    2. KingGuy420


      "That said, I do think at least one more is on the way. "


      They're shooting 4 more back to back to back to back right now. Release dates have been announced all ready.


      "Serbuan Maut was copied by Dredd, with the former taking inspiration from Die Hard"


      Dredd is a comic book character from the 70's. Not sure how any of that is possible lol.

    3. damon8r351


      @TheLakota All of my jokes played out before 2010. I don't know if you noticed this about me or not, but comparatively speaking I'm old as shit and so are my jokes. That's not going to stop me from telling them every single chance I get.

    4. TheLakota


      @KingGuy420 the film, not the comic book. 


      @damon8r351 fair enough. We can be old farts together amigo. 

    1. skidmarkgn


      Could you please organize the complaining in a list instead of just linking to the topic?

    2. TheLakota


      Well played dickhead. 

    3. Spaz


      Don’t be rude.

  2. Something along the lines of how I feel. After the showrunners created what amounted to a cultural phenomenon, they became victims of their own success.
  3. That should go without saying. Not once have I claimed another's opinion is less valuable or welcome than anyone else's. It should also go without saying that calling someone a "smug prick" because a television show is not up to your standards is not so much dramatic as it is downright rude and entitled.
  4. Anonymity afforded by the Internet has not been kind to this thread.
  5. You've got Bran in the West, Sansa in the North, Jon beyond the wall and Arya beyond the known world. They're all respective rulers in their own way, whether over a literal kingdom with Bran or ruler of their own destiny with Arya. A little cheesy; a little poetic. It was fitting. I asked you to show me where I judged anyone's opinion. I take your snark as concession.
  6. Please show where I judged anyone's opinion or grow thicker skin.
  7. Gimme dem GoT tears. 

  8. If the majority of you are upset the show didn't pan out the way you wanted it to but have different reasons for feeling so then maybe, JUST MAYBE, the showrunners did a pretty good job. This thread alone proves you can't please everyone.
  9. Trick to consistently get massive rep:


    * Hit that refresh button scouring for new topics in order to be one of the first five to post in a thread. 


    * Be an asshole to people


    * Utilize passive aggressive language


    * If someone is obviously foreign and unfamiliar with the English language, mock them.


    * Call someone's idea stupid without explaining why you feel that way, then ghost out of the thread; avoid saying ANYTHING ELSE. It'll make you appear as if you come from a position of authority. 


    * Disparage those who have the gall to disagree with you. I mean, why should they?


    * Profit

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    2. Beyondthegrave07




      "Also, oversimplify all situations to just two sides and then then paint the other side as the worst thing ever"


      I am ROFL right now at how true this statement is! 😂 I also love how people who are on the fence or don't have an opinion on a topic are painted as idiots who are too stupid or to lazy to educate themselves on the matter and choose the "correct" side.


      I don't think the site is all bad, but there are some specific topics that bring out the worst in people. I think some people get a thrill out of some of the stuff mentioned above though. Regardless of the topic.

    3. TheLakota


      @Beyondthegrave07 it's sociopolitical tribalism really. Black and white, no gray. 

    4. damon8r351


      Owww, my petard! :P

  10. Probably the latter. Try: Vikings Westworld to a lesser degree ROME Outlander Expanse Tudors SPARTACUS
  11. GoT seasons 1-4: fire and blood


    Fans: Yay!


    GoT series finale: fire and blood


    Fans: eww, mah character arc


    Quick, your turn @damon8r351!

  12. Quick, let's try. I'll go first and you hit the alley-oop.