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  1. This game looks like Way of Redemption.. probably will end up the same way and last for less than a year online. Opinions?
  2. The second shot is luck based if you choose the skill before round 3. Check the whole video and see choose the same special skills. This is very important. Remember to use triangle to be able to fill the energy do the special attack.
  3. I posted a couple of videos in this forum. I hope these help: This one shows how I got it: This one shows how he got it:
  4. Hi Yesterday, after several attempts @POEman553 and I managed to earn the "Fast Winner" trophy. I captured both matches with the share button and uploaded it so you can see how we did it and try to emulate our method. This one shows how I got it: This one shows how he got it: I hope this helps for anyone still struggling with the trophy.
  5. Still nothing. I contacted 2k support several times and they kept saying that I had to post it on forums where they told me: "hopefully developers will read it"
  6. Other than taking a few more seconds in loading times.. it doesn't really affect performance whether you have much space left or not.
  7. In Spanish PS Store description also states (GER), but the game plays in English, Spanish, French and German. Also states that it has subtitles in several other languages. I guess the GER tag can technically stay because in EU stores (GER) is specified.
  8. Well, Drawn to Death was released for free for PS Plus members and it didn't succeed. The idea of the XBOX gamepass program is great and, as far as I know you download the games to the console so you actually run them instead of being streamed like PS Now. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of this format because I prefer to really 'own' the games by getting the physical editions (or at least buying a digital license to play it 'forever'), but for people that can/want to play a lot of games and don't really care about being able to play them offline or several years later, it is actually a really good deal for them.
  9. You can buy this game in ANY PS Store from EU, even Australian PS Store has this version.
  10. Lego The Movie: The Videogame This version is not German only. This trophy list is activated by the gamecode CUSA-00563 which was the Physical Edition released in Germany because the actual movie and the game were released in Germany a few months after it did in the rest of the world. When the game was released in Germany, it also became avaliable in every EU PS Store, including Australia and New Zealand, and in all these regions the gamecode is also CUSA-00563, which means this stack is not really 'German Version', I would say it is 'Digital Europe and Germany' but that is too big for a tag, I believe. @BlindMango , Which tag should be right? In the rest of Europe, the game uses CUSA-00052 which activates the 'global' trophy list, which shares with CUSA-00084 (NA version) You can find some more info about it in this topic: EDIT: In EU stores the description on the desktop PS Store website states that the game is the (GER) version, and has Full English, French, German and Spanish as well as subtitles for some other languages, so I guess the GER tag should stay.
  11. In the URL of the PS Store website you can see it. KZ2 DLCs have BCAS, so I wouldn't buy it because it is not gonna work with BCUS or BCES game
  12. ****NA VERSION of the games. Be careful with this. Generally HK Store has NA versions. Also Chinese, Japanese or Korean. But most of the games are NA version. Actually Da Vinci DLC for AC Brotherhood is for free at HK Store and they have BOTH EU & NA versions which surprised me.
  13. Yeah high school, now in College studying hard to have a job which will not be physically demanding.
  14. This is exactly what I did. Every day after I came from high school, I spent 3 minutes to sign into PS Home to count a day for the trophy. After that, just quit the game and turn off the PS3. That was it. Then, have lunch and do loads of homework without touching the PS3 for the rest of the day.
  15. PS store German game is the same as PS Store UK You will get CUSA-00563 either way. If my theory is right and you wanna stack it, you have to buy UK Physical and [Any region Digital or physical German]