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  1. Old laucher is closed now. You can't dismiss the "install new launcher" message. You can still log into the servers though. Maybe it autopops in the old one if you get new trophies in the new launcher.
  2. I got a NA copy which came with an unused code but it is expired. After I put it in the PS Store, it shows me the VIP Pass ready to redeem but then it gives the invalid code error. I also tried to buy it ingame with a NA copy on US and CA accounts. Nothing shows up there. @thMeme please check if you can but I'm not able to purchase it. Maybe it was delisted by EA when they acquired Codemasters.
  3. Could you confirm if the online pass is still available in the NA stores? Which country in specific? Thanks.
  4. Report the bug here
  5. I know, but that is baseball's nickname
  6. Have some respect for America's Favorite Pastime
  7. You'd need to use an VPN I had to use a VPN to do FIFA 14 Pro Club because Asian servers were the only working by the last year of FIFA 14 PS4, somehow the rest of the regions had the matchmaking for Drop-In match & Pro clubs broken. See this: Anyway, boosting FIFA 19 rivals will be hard until people move on to FIFA 20.
  8. I got an in-game popup in FUT 19 confirmimg that the last weekend league for FIFA 19 will be 30th august 2019. "Make a name for yourself" will become unobtainable, Division Rivals should be unaffected and still obtainable.
  9. There is a new achiever and it looks legit Did anyone else try to connect?
  10. The New Order on PS3 had only 1 trophy list even though there was a 'cut' German version, whereas on PS4 both versions stack.
  11. Play with different people. Back when I boosted it, after many days with the same booster, we only got threasures we already had. Once I started boosting with other people, I began getting a couple of new treasures on the first 5 Hunter Arena matches boosted with that new person. I realised that and kept moving on to boost with new people, and I ended up getting my last treasures at a good pace.
  12. Has anyone tried a VPN? FIFA 14 PS4 Pro Clubs matchmaking went broken for the last two years of servers' life and it would only work for Asian Servers. It is worth a try, I guess. Hong Kong servers via VPN could be the answer for this game.
  13. The August 2024 game is 99% sure to be called Madden 2025, and after that, EA will go back to the usual numbers 26, 27 and so on. Nice to see some new variety of trophies and the removal of the boring and glitchy 'Full Set', wich I had to do twice for Madden 19. Since 'Longshot' story has ended, we got some original trophies that replace the story-related ones from M18 & M19. The Online League feature should have the option to be private, so not really hard to accomplish. Legacy trophies take longer every year, since Tom Brady is extending his legendary career and keeps winning. That Odell Beckham Jr. Legacy Award with the Browns 😍
  14. Yep, new license and new gamecode for Mafia 2 (BLUS / BLES is disc and first digital license), the relisted one is NPUB & NPEB if i remember correctly. Savegames are supposed not to be compatible between these NPEB & BLES. Some devs make sure disc & digital savegames are compatible tho
  15. Bold Prediction The only stuff that will become unavailable forever are 'Language audio packages' because these are downloaded from Telltale Servers and not from PS Store.