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  1. These two SHOULD have been included on the pack, for $40 Instead of just 1 game for $40 Activision being Activi$ion once again.
  2. So nice to see giveaways I'm in
  3. If the trophy pops maybe... sad but true
  4. US & Canada share the same region (NA)
  5. The console forces you to delete the digital version before it lets you install the disc.
  6. It will be delisted in a couple of years due to licensing. Will get it when its on sale
  7. It's still available in NA store. In Canada is duplicated, beware purchase the cheap one. DLC also available
  8. White Whale (877,654) for 8 hours
  9. Social chest (491,631) Royal Convoy (612,605) For next 9 hours.
  10. 49ers not even considering Kap now is so sad...
  11. For whatever reason you have to browse by the DLC name of Uncharted 2 on Spanish Store.
  12. 2k17 PS3 only required 'Play now' patchups, they didn't have to be NBA Today matchups like previous years, plus the 2k18 season showed up on 2k17 game, so possibly the 2k19 season matchups might show up on 2k18
  13. Yep!! Buying the game right now! 14€ brand new on amazon Spain. Anyone interested in boosting the Crew Win trophy, let me know in PSN Messages.
  14. Hey! Today I did a speedrun of FIFA 18 on PS3, and it is totally possible to complete it in less than 6 hours. I'm posting it before someone wants to send a flag report before thinking it is achievable. Well, this is how I did: Two weeks before, I prepared the online FUT Draft final game. To boost this, I used a second PS3 with a other copy of the game and boosted round by round with different accounts until I got me and an alternate in the final game. I had to be very careful in order not to pop any trophies while in match, just score own goals with the alternate acc. After I got set the final, I went to prepare career mode files, so I could save the time of creating the Manager and simming to the Community Shield final, Another career with Real Madrid to buy a FC Barcelona player. Also, I simmed a Women's World Cup to the final. When I got all this ready, I begun with the draft final, then moved to friendly seasons for both FUT and normal, where I boosted the 50 goals in FUT after that I played Online seasons legit, just won 4 games (2 of the the rivals quit after I outscored them). After this, I moved to the career stuff I had previously prepared, and finally the Women's World Cup. Then, I had to get the FUT solo draft, and Challenge the TOTW. After, I went to win division title in FUT Seasons. I did not prepare these games before because the chance of popping a misc. trophy while playing is really high. When I finished this, all I had to do was the perfect penalty shootout and the free kick outside of foot, which I got with 2 controllers in quick match. And that's it, plus I took many pictures while playing, just in case they are needed. ✌
  15. The trophies exist, but since 2k did not report the trophy list to Sony, you can't sync the trophies to your account. They only exist in your PS3.