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  1. Well, nobody really knows Sony's trophy policies because each developing studio gives a different excuse referring to Sony's policy. Before PS4 no PSN only game had a platinum, and now any game can have one if it 'meets Sony's requirements' whatever they are. It may have changed after the release of PvZ GW. Or maybe some games are treated in a special way if the game matters a lot like Rocket League (remember the original game was a PS3 exclusive game and Sony might have made an exception regarding to free DLC for the PS4 revamped game).
  2. In this case it was Sony's policy of not allowing them to add 'Free DLC trophies' more than once in the same game, that's why Zomboss Down had trophies, but not Legends of the Lawn. I'll play X360 version too just for the sake of getting those achievements. BTW: The exceptions to the 'free dlc rule' are F2P games. See: Warframe
  3. --->Saints Row The Third (Germany: ) (Rest of the world: ) --->Borderlands Game of The Year Edition (Japan: ) I am not sure this one actually needs to be labelled, but it can be good for people that buy the GOTY edition of other region than Japan expecting this trophy list to come up. --->Saints Row IV (Australia: ) (Rest of the world: --->Saints Row IV Re-elected (Australia: ) (Rest of the world: ) --->SingStar PS4 (EU: ) (NA: ) --->SingStar PS3 (EU: ) (NA: ) The leaderboard of SingStar games might be actually misleading because many people has stacked them (including me), making it a bit harder to tell which region each one is from, so labelling here is very important in my opinion.
  4. Has anyone tried to play online at least on an alternate account? I could be interested if it actually works.
  5. Thanks for sharing the link!!!
  6. Interesting theory, but When did CoD start getting dedicated servers? Last week I experienced a host migration in a CoD WWII match, but I don't know if some are dedicated or some are still P2P
  7. On PS4, yeah. Just start the game again and the trophy list will reappear at 0% in your games list on PS3/PS4/VITA and on this site. On PS3 no. After you delete the trophy list from a PS4 or the app, you must earn at least 1 trophy from the deleted trophy list to make the game reappear on your games list (viewed from PS4/VITA or this site). On Vita: Same as PS3.
  8. Alright I've seen the play @PerryToxteth is talking about. The 'Holy Roller' back in 1978 when John Madden was the head coach. That is a perfect example of why that rule exists.
  9. Oh I had no idea. Maybe they created it to avoid forward fumbling to gain field position. Like this, but forward instead of backward. Imagine this happens: 1st & 10 own 25 deep pass & catch receiver runs away from the defense except a safety who strips the ball on the 50 yd line, then the ball still bounces forward and many players try to recover unsuccessfully like in the video but finally inside the 5yd line a player from the offense recovers. It's unlikely to happen, but might happen. In that case, I see good that the ball will be spotted at 50 yd line instead of being 1st & goal from the 5. Because that would be 'unfair' advantage for the offense who may be able to score and win the game leaving no time to the other team for a chance of scoring.
  10. What fumble rule changes inside 2 min warning?
  11. Go for Red Dead Redemption. Pretty enjoyable and you'll build some hype for RDR 2.
  12. Well, you still have to give the $60 on the store and go through a process to get the money. That rebate stuff has to be tricky in some way. And many people will have no idea of how to do it and others will not be persistent enough to get to the end. Also, saying it's for free is saying too much. You have to spend some time and effort in it and of course, you are 'selling' your personal data and other information to the company that will give you the rebate. EDIT: Another thing to have in mind is that many of those 'free' consoles will be the first 360 model and the consoles will be dirty and next-to-broken because of the red rings. I bet the Xbox 360 S and Xbox 360 E models are not included on this offer. The House Always Wins
  13. @Lance_87 The game was released more than a month ago and it happened something similar with 2k16 but it was only a month. This one might take forever.
  14. The PS3 trophy list for 2k18 is not on PSN servers and the trophies can't be synchronized. I contacted 2k support and they told me that trophies are a Sony feature and it's Sony's fault. Why don't they report it to devs so they can check the certification with Sony? Btw: I didn't buy 2k18, and if they don't fix the trophy list sync, I never will.
  15. I mean, Is there any PS VR game that can be played on TV, having the PS Move & Camera only?