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  1. NOOOOOOOO!!! This is the most fun Madden ever created. I still play it online with friends
  2. Both the NA version and the EU version of AC Brotherhood are listed on the HK store: NA: https://store.playstation.com/en-hk/product/UP0001-BLUS30537_00-ASIADAVINCIDISAP EU: https://store.playstation.com/en-hk/product/EP0001-BLES00909_00-ASIALC4000000001 Just install the one matching your disc code. Same for AC Revelations and AC II
  3. Automatic touchback in kickoffs should be changed back to normal, the new rule sucks. Punt situation is different and instant touchback is fine. Kickoff should allow movement before the kick again. Now onside kicks are impossible to recover. And damn, kick from the own 30, and put touchback at the 20. Relax on calling roughing the passer come on man! 4 years ago, a savage shot to the QB after a throw was nothing, and now a SACK can draw a flag :/
  4. The internal clock on PS3 keeps working with an internal battery, since you left the console unplugged for so long, the battery drained and died. Most computers also have this system to keep the internal clock running. The only way to prevent this from happening is having the PS3 plugged every month to check if it asks you to enter the date, as long as it doesn't, the internal clock's battery is still healthy, so just keep it on standby for a couple of hours in order to keep the battery in good shape.
  5. Can you explain how the Japan stack works for the Tower level 15? Does it pop if I'm above 15? Or do I need to downgrade to level 15?
  6. PS4 Fat 500 GB (late 2015 model with matte HDD cover, not the glossy as first model). Which I upgraded day one to 2 TB HDD.
  7. If you earn an achievement while not connected to Xbox Live, it WILL NOT have a timestamp. You gotta be careful to always be online or realize your connection was lost before you earn an achievement.
  8. You can launch the download on the PS Store website as well
  9. I also saw it comming, being #7 Taysom Hill the personal protector on punts and in a 4th and 1, some trick was comming up involving him. Everytime he is on the field you can expect anything to happen he's like a Madden created player, he can do it all.
  10. The links are broken now. Does anyone have the icons downloaded and can post them again? I'm so curious to see them
  11. These two SHOULD have been included on the pack, for $40 Instead of just 1 game for $40 Activision being Activi$ion once again.
  12. If the trophy pops maybe... sad but true
  13. US & Canada share the same region (NA)
  14. The console forces you to delete the digital version before it lets you install the disc.
  15. It will be delisted in a couple of years due to licensing. Will get it when its on sale