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  1. Hi! I will ask you this just in case because you say there is no red light in front. Are you 100% sure that the power switch is ON? You might have turned it off by accident, make sure is I and not O
  2. Hi. Has anyone tested Age of Booty? If not, I could buy a Gamestop code to download it and try with 2 PS3s, but not anytime soon, probably in a couple of months, sorry.
  3. Not 25 for 20, it is exactly like getting 50 for 43 The 20€ card on most sites cost 18€
  4. There are tons of websites offering 50€ cards for about 43€ you can save big money. They are legit btw, these sites purchase high volume of codes from Sony at the price for retailers, so they can sell them cheaper and still make a small profit on every card. Also buy prepaid cards for the accounts I own from other regions, which I use for games unavailable in my region. Don't say this ain't legit because I recall one executive of PS saying he has himself an American account and Japanese one because of what I said.
  5. In Spanish it looks good, even more fun/detailed. Maybe the devs are from Spain and have no clue of English
  6. Good! Hopefully the stick will be the best weapon again
  7. Let me know when you start the application whether or not you get the Collection trophy list.
  8. Same as Xbox achievements except 'Collect 20 Legendary Dwellers' which was the worst one to get. If the game is F2P on PS4, I'll go for it.
  9. Is the PSN version of the collection just a bundle of every separate game and this trophy list only enabled by the physical release? Or Does buying the Collection on PSN enable this trophy list too?
  10. You can earn them all in the same day to be eligible.
  11. You have to pay full price for the preorder Wtf!?
  12. Really? Just like that? No warning whatsoever... Come on man! I had to purchase the game on Steam to make it work and I was planning to play it to get the online stuff done this summer, but well.. hopefully the glorified and santified Steam support does something about it.
  13. -Metal Gear Solid 4 -Uncharted 2 -God of War II -The Last of Us -Crash Bandicoot Honorable mentions: Ratchet and Clank 3, Crash Team Racing. InFamous
  14. This used to be true in the first years 2006 - 2009 when developers used to opt in for the Xbox owned servers (funded with gold subscriptions) but after that, most publishers just used their own servers. For example, PES 6 & PES 2008 servers still work on X360 because they used MS servers, whereas from PES 2009 till 2017 the servers were shutdown by Konami. Back on topic. I don't know why several servers have to shut down because of this new European laws, but I think that once you agree with PSN ToS & Privacy Policy you should be fine with any game but it seems that it is not the case and these has to apply to each service