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  1. They released today the only planned DLC on last/old gen. Activision said that no season pass will be available, as they were not releasing any DLC at first and said DLC offers may vary. So, in Ghosts and Advanced Warfare DLC was cross-buy. The question is: In the case I buy the PS4 DLC (Season Pass or just the first pack); Will I get Awakening for free on PS3? Can anyone confirm it this could be possible?
  2. I know, but that is baseball's nickname
  3. Have some respect for America's Favorite Pastime
  4. You'd need to use an VPN I had to use a VPN to do FIFA 14 Pro Club because Asian servers were the only working by the last year of FIFA 14 PS4, somehow the rest of the regions had the matchmaking for Drop-In match & Pro clubs broken. See this: Anyway, boosting FIFA 19 rivals will be hard until people move on to FIFA 20.
  5. I got an in-game popup in FUT 19 confirmimg that the last weekend league for FIFA 19 will be 30th august 2019. "Make a name for yourself" will become unobtainable, Division Rivals should be unaffected and still obtainable.
  6. There is a new achiever and it looks legit Did anyone else try to connect?
  7. The New Order on PS3 had only 1 trophy list even though there was a 'cut' German version, whereas on PS4 both versions stack.
  8. Play with different people. Back when I boosted it, after many days with the same booster, we only got threasures we already had. Once I started boosting with other people, I began getting a couple of new treasures on the first 5 Hunter Arena matches boosted with that new person. I realised that and kept moving on to boost with new people, and I ended up getting my last treasures at a good pace.
  9. Has anyone tried a VPN? FIFA 14 PS4 Pro Clubs matchmaking went broken for the last two years of servers' life and it would only work for Asian Servers. It is worth a try, I guess. Hong Kong servers via VPN could be the answer for this game.
  10. The August 2024 game is 99% sure to be called Madden 2025, and after that, EA will go back to the usual numbers 26, 27 and so on. Nice to see some new variety of trophies and the removal of the boring and glitchy 'Full Set', wich I had to do twice for Madden 19. Since 'Longshot' story has ended, we got some original trophies that replace the story-related ones from M18 & M19. The Online League feature should have the option to be private, so not really hard to accomplish. Legacy trophies take longer every year, since Tom Brady is extending his legendary career and keeps winning. That Odell Beckham Jr. Legacy Award with the Browns 😍
  11. Yep, new license and new gamecode for Mafia 2 (BLUS / BLES is disc and first digital license), the relisted one is NPUB & NPEB if i remember correctly. Savegames are supposed not to be compatible between these NPEB & BLES. Some devs make sure disc & digital savegames are compatible tho
  12. Bold Prediction The only stuff that will become unavailable forever are 'Language audio packages' because these are downloaded from Telltale Servers and not from PS Store.
  13. Just got it on my second attempt. The first time it glitched for me despite the fact that I 100% won with every team. This time, I deleted all the savegames and did it on custom game 1 min quarters on rookie difficulty. I did not modify the sliders, just saved the game settings (rookie dif., 10sec play clock remaining, 1 min quarters, standard cameras(on visual feedback) Played with each team in order as the home team, against random oponents. Won all games on regulation, except the Broncos which I beat in Overtime. By the way, I did this in ONE SITTING, did not even leave the 'Play Game' menu at all. I hope this helps.
  14. Puzzle Agent is not delisted Still available in US store too, as well as EU Link to US: nav%3Asearch%3Apuzzle agent
  15. Lmao Winning Draft Day is 0.001 chance obtainable. I tried 600+ times with no luck, I got 82 like 50 times, but never 83. Actually, I'm gonna try again till the shutdown date, but it might be down already as a friend tried and didn't manage to draft a team because of some server error.
  16. I'd like to add that Gold Myteam boosters (player packs) can't be purchased anymore, making 82-0 more difficult. Silver ones still available, tho.
  17. Eastasiasoft tweeted today that this game released today at the HK Store sharing this trophy list, so it is not physical only edition (whick kinda sucks given that some people including me ordered it because of this trophy list). At least we still get the box/manual but still too expensive compared to the digital version.
  18. The trophy requires you to kill 6 different players in a single multiplayer game. Would it work if you get 2 boosting partners and each of them switch accounts and rejoin 3 times? I can't see any other way of doing it since the game has no people playing at all. The game is only $6.99 / 5,10 € on PS Store, so maybe a boosting session would work if I attract enough players. Would the rejoining method work? EDIT: I confused the PS3 trophy with the Xbox 360 achievement. On PS3 it is 'only' 6 players instead of 10. Thank Nordic Games for releasing the game a couple years later on PS3 and lowering the requirements from 10 to 6 for this trophy and making sure they fixed the bugged achievement (still bugged on 360) for upgrading all automatic weapons.
  19. Congrats!! I got every FIFA platinum since FIFA 12, But I think I will give up on FIFA 19, I can't climb the ladder Madden anyone? I've been All-Madden since Madden 11
  20. NOOOOOOOO!!! This is the most fun Madden ever created. I still play it online with friends
  21. Both the NA version and the EU version of AC Brotherhood are listed on the HK store: NA: EU: Just install the one matching your disc code. Same for AC Revelations and AC II
  22. I mean, Is there any PS VR game that can be played on TV, having the PS Move & Camera only?
  23. Automatic touchback in kickoffs should be changed back to normal, the new rule sucks. Punt situation is different and instant touchback is fine. Kickoff should allow movement before the kick again. Now onside kicks are impossible to recover. And damn, kick from the own 30, and put touchback at the 20. Relax on calling roughing the passer come on man! 4 years ago, a savage shot to the QB after a throw was nothing, and now a SACK can draw a flag :/
  24. The internal clock on PS3 keeps working with an internal battery, since you left the console unplugged for so long, the battery drained and died. Most computers also have this system to keep the internal clock running. The only way to prevent this from happening is having the PS3 plugged every month to check if it asks you to enter the date, as long as it doesn't, the internal clock's battery is still healthy, so just keep it on standby for a couple of hours in order to keep the battery in good shape.
  25. Can you explain how the Japan stack works for the Tower level 15? Does it pop if I'm above 15? Or do I need to downgrade to level 15?