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  1. What a joke 😂 for someone that done the game around launch, they have just undone all our hard work and made this trophy a walk in the park. I mean it's nice for players that haven't got the trophy yet.
  2. So i just reached the end of final fantasy 15 main story and its safe to say i have no clue what happened at the end there. Anyone want to fill me in? Confused the hell outta me, it doesnt explain much.

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    2. KingGuy420


      He had to sacrifice himself so he could join with the souls of his lineage and charge the ring to a level that was strong enough to cleanse the demons that are attached to Ardyn's soul which were the reason he was immortal.... If I'm right about that anyways. Been a little bit lol.

    3. Precision-Playyy


      Ahh see i just watched a 20 minute video explaining it all and nowhere in the actual game does it explain that, did i miss something? You are 100% correct btw.

    4. KingGuy420


      Yeah, I really don't remember where it explained that stuff. Hidden in there somewhere I guess.


      The story really was a mess but that wasn't the devs fault. The story went through 3 completely different versions during development and the higher ups at Square were like "hey, throw all that out and start over buuuut we don't want to spend more $ on making resources so write a story around the assets that are already made". The fact that it turned out as ok as it did was nothing short of a miracle lol.

  3. To anyone jn the UK still needing a ps5 pre order, if you find the catalogue search function on the argos website and type in 6795199 it will come up with the disc version of ps5, your welcome 👍

    1. Precision-Playyy


      Or 5151 if you'd prefer the digital version. 

  4. I also got one from Smyths, tried game at first but their pages were not loading, so much traffick.
  5. Hi, i sent a request to join your crew if you wouldn't mind accepting so i could get the trophy, would be much appreciated
  6. I'm a bit addicted to Warzone at the moment, hence why i didnt put up any points lol, must do better.
  7. Awesome, cheers, thanks for the reply Prepare to get annihilated @jemmie
  8. Without me having to read everything, how comes i have moved up to silver?
  9. I haven't been playing anything i wouldn't normally play so trophies have been a little scarce for me over the last month as i have been hooked to final fantasy 7 remake, having platted that i'm now back to grinding out Fifa 20, might try and get a few different games in the mix during the end stages of this season.
  10. FF7 Remake: Really annoying that to get all the manuscripts you have to beat the Hell House twice on hard difficulty, i know its not required for a trophy, not sure i wan't to fight it again haha.

  11. Can I be on the waiting list for next season please. Be nice to be apart of this again after so many years.
  12. #89 Call of duty black ops 4


    I have spent roughly 34 days gameplay playing this game in the last 8 months with 28 of that coming from blackout, I have a good feeling I won't be stopping anytime soon either haha, zombies wasn't the best, compared to black ops 3 anyway.

  13. Been out of trophy hunting for so long now I have forgotten everything I have done on each of the games I started, 24 days gameplay on blackout 🙈😂

    1. starcrunch061


      Don't you hate that? I went back to a few games over the break, and while I did finish them, there was this uncomfortable first hour where I just didn't have any idea what the hell I was doing.

    2. MidnightDragon


      I took a 4 month break. I’ll probably have some of those moments when I play games I started before that. xD Right now, working on new things.

  14. I really want to get back into trophy hunting, but I'm still really addicted to blackout, 9 days 4 hours game time in about 7 weeks 😣 

    1. Lorajet


      I think the whole trophy hunting is overrated :awesome:  Just play what you enjoy!  I'm back at GTA V, just enjoying myself.

    2. Precision-Playyy


      I do enjoy trophy hunting alot, but i'm so addicted to Black ops 4 at the moment its slowing my trophy progress massively lol. Never mind as long as i get the online done in FF15 to keep my 100% account i will be ok :)