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  1. #66 Burnout Paradise Remastered What a fantastic game, i loved it on the PS3 and i loved the remaster aswell, easy plat but so enjoyable to play. Rarity is around 10% but its more thn likely to change as its only been out a few days.
  2. Falling behind gents 😣
  3. Ohh god, yeah I hate games where you need a stupid amount guides just to get through the game. Tonight and for the next few days I'm trying to finish the dlc for wildlands but I'm off work Saturday which would work for me if you're about then?
  4. Yeah I did only start it last Wednesday and we got the platinum on Sunday night, the reason for the fast pace is because the friend I was playing with rented it from boomerang, so he likes to get them done quickly and return them. It is a good game, don't get me wrong it's just it's alot better played with friends, couldn't see myself playing it solo, and if advise you to look for a friend or 2 to play with. Not decided on my games yet, I might leave them until later on when we are in a bit of a pinch for some extra points, this race might be pretty close 😂 Never played any of the atelier games, but I know I hate looking at guides on a new game and not knowing where to start. About ride 2, I have the game back now from a friend, done most of the trophies I just have to grind the tokens out to get all the rider bonuses, would you like to do the online soon?
  5. #65 Tom Clancys Wildlands. The gameplay is pretty good in this i kinda liked it, didnt pay attention to the story at all, just skipped all the cutscenes because they were boring and the story was self explanatory. I played this with a few people which made it 100 times better. The missions were all really similar and boring, the driving mechanics were really bad, and OMG there were about 600 collectibles. But i still had fun with it because of the funny glitches and because i was playing with mates was really funny at the stupid ways we would die, particularly getting run over by civillians was too funny lol. Not sure on the multiplier for this one as it has quite a few different votes but the majority were between 51-75, but i felt like i done it in about 35, Did it in 5 days around work, so surely i couldnt have done that many hours in 5 days haha.
  6. Won't be doing anything trophy wise until Monday now, done 49 hours crammed into 4 days at work, now I'm off for the weekend, going away for the weekend with a bunch of mates for a piss up. Have a good weekend guys.
  7. I have the truck racer plat and final fantasy 9, just need to find the time to write a small paragraph about them and make it look pretty 😂
  8. #62 Tekken 7 Not much to say about this one, pretty easy game, im not very good at fighters just like most people, but tekken will always have a special place in my heart lol. About the only fighting game i can play. Rarity 34.31% so 65.69 points i believe. I have a few more to follow aswell, been working on this goddamn bloodlust trophy in FF9 for a few weeks now a few hours at a time and it still hasnt popped, only a matter of time. And then i have Truck Racer plat which i have nearly finished also.
  9. Congrats bud, thunk I played this one on an old account a few years back, can't remember all that much of it though. What's next?
  10. Ahh ok cheers dude, i remember seeing this awhile ago now, just couldn't remember, now that i have finished that, just going to finish off FF9 which has been on the backlog a few months now aswell, be glad to get that finished
  11. Honestly the game isn't that great, its basically the same as WRC 5, i would just buy Dirt 4 if i were you, its so much better. the grind on this game is not even worth it. Thanks for clearing that up dude, so is it the lowest time we are taking so 50 hours would be 1.5, would 70 hours be 1.7 and so on?
  12. #61 WRC 6 What a boring grind this was, i started this game way back in October i believe, done most of the trophies in the first 10 hours of the game, and then the grind came. I had to drive 5,000km and finish 1,000 stages in offline, it was so boring, must of the done the same polish rally about 6-7 hundred times. Stay away from this series if you want to keep your mind, haha. 93.64 x 1.4 = 131.1? Not sure if my maths is correct on this one as the trophy guide says 50-60 hours. Up to you guys lol.
  13. #60 Grand Theft Auto 5 I played and got the platinum for this game on my old account on PS3, i love the gta series and always wanted to revisit it. This took me a good 200-250 hours to do and i have also done most of the DLC aswell, just got the criminal mastermind and elite trophies. The online was a bit of a grind but i took advantage of the double xp modes from the contact missions from Lester and the weekend just gone was double XP on stunt races, managed to do the last 22 levels. With the original heists we did criminal mastermind and got 10 million which helped alot. I think at this time its about a 2.11% plat, so 97.89 x 2 = 195.78?
  14. I started it the other day aswell, also my first MH Game. Really liked the look of it and iv only done an hour so far, all I have done is the first hunt where you have to kill 7 jagras. Still haven't gotten used to the mechanics yet, I'm sure it will come in time.
  15. Got 4 more levels until I get to lvl 100 and get the plat on GTA 5, it has taken me a good 200 hours over the last month or 2 I think, but will finally put some points on the board for me Lol, hopefully should have it by tomorrow night if not Wednesday.