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  1. Nope didn't get mine either
  2. Just sim all the matches it's so much quicker the. Playing each match, and still gives you between 800 and 1500xp.
  3. Pro clubs is the best mode, if of course you have 5 or 6 friends that play the game like I do
  4. Anyone in the UK looking for a ps5? I have a curry's vip code if anyone wants to use it. 

  5. Team name is Roof Tilers
  6. I'm having the same problem with a sponsor for achieving 20 constructors points during the race, I finish first every race and get fastest lap which is 26 points, sometimes they give me the bonus, sometimes they don't. Probably a glitch 🤷‍♂️
  7. I'm not sure what football you have been watching but the divide isn't that big at the moment, the likes of West ham, Leicester, Everton and Leeds have been astonishing this season, 2 of those teams in the top 4, if city hadn't of gone on the run of wins they did it would have been fair game for the league. The same goes for the Spanish league, Madrid and Barcelona have been struggling recently and atletico sat on top of the table for most of the season, also the same goes for the Italian league. Yes the big clubs can go out and splash alot of cash at the moment for big names, but big names doesn't always work, players need to adapt and sometimes they don't.
  8. Are you daft, you're talking about those clubs shelling out for the big players, go and have a look at where all these players have come from, what small clubs these players trained and became what they are today, you think many of these clubs are going to survive with most of the wealth split between the top 12 clubs in Europe, eventually it will kill football. You think with those top 12 clubs gaining 300m plus a year from this that's not going to cause a massive gap in quality between the top 6 clubs in England and the rest of the league. West Ham and Leicester can say goodbye to ever getting in the top 4 again. If this super league replaces the champions league, the desire for the smaller clubs to finish in the top half of the table becomes worthless, because there's no European football for them to challenge for. It used to be a big thing when man United or Chelsea drew a big Spanish powerhouse in the champions league, with this proposed plan they will be playing them twice a year for the next 23 years, the magic of football will be non existent and become stale and boring.
  9. What a joke 😂 for someone that done the game around launch, they have just undone all our hard work and made this trophy a walk in the park. I mean it's nice for players that haven't got the trophy yet.
  10. So i just reached the end of final fantasy 15 main story and its safe to say i have no clue what happened at the end there. Anyone want to fill me in? Confused the hell outta me, it doesnt explain much.

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    2. KingGuy420


      He had to sacrifice himself so he could join with the souls of his lineage and charge the ring to a level that was strong enough to cleanse the demons that are attached to Ardyn's soul which were the reason he was immortal.... If I'm right about that anyways. Been a little bit lol.

    3. Precision-Playyy


      Ahh see i just watched a 20 minute video explaining it all and nowhere in the actual game does it explain that, did i miss something? You are 100% correct btw.

    4. KingGuy420


      Yeah, I really don't remember where it explained that stuff. Hidden in there somewhere I guess.


      The story really was a mess but that wasn't the devs fault. The story went through 3 completely different versions during development and the higher ups at Square were like "hey, throw all that out and start over buuuut we don't want to spend more $ on making resources so write a story around the assets that are already made". The fact that it turned out as ok as it did was nothing short of a miracle lol.

  11. To anyone jn the UK still needing a ps5 pre order, if you find the catalogue search function on the argos website and type in 6795199 it will come up with the disc version of ps5, your welcome 👍

    1. Precision-Playyy


      Or 5151 if you'd prefer the digital version. 

  12. I also got one from Smyths, tried game at first but their pages were not loading, so much traffick.
  13. Hi, i sent a request to join your crew if you wouldn't mind accepting so i could get the trophy, would be much appreciated
  14. I'm a bit addicted to Warzone at the moment, hence why i didnt put up any points lol, must do better.