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  1. Bet365?
  2. 18 June Sweden 1 - 1 South Korea Belgium 2 - 0 Panama Tunisia 0 - 2 England 19 June Colombia 2 - 1 Japan Poland 1 - 1 Senegal Russia 1 - 1 Egypt 20 June Portugal 2 - 0 Morocco Uruguay 3 - 0 Saudi Arabia Iran 0 - 2 Spain 21 June Denmark 0 - 0 Australia France 3 - 1 Peru Argentina 2 - 1 Croatia
  3. Nope the PS4 version of BO3 is hacker free, been playing it for a long time now and i'v never come across one, besides i don't think hacking on the PS4 is possible atm. If your in the EU the season pass is on sale at the moment i think.
  4. Base game or dlc? The base games zombie trophies are doable solo and are rather easy. The dlc zombie trophies can mostly done solo apart from 1 in the first dlc pack which requires you to revive someone twice using ragnoraks, a trophy in dlc 2 requires you to survive getting consumed which you will need a partner for. There's a trophy in the revelations pack which you need all the gate seals to get, you can either have someone in your lobby which has done them all, or you can do them all yourself but you will need a team of 4 people to do shadows of evil Easter egg. Also shagri-la requires you to have a team of 4 people. Just to add the Easter eggs are pretty difficult to do solo unless you are an experienced zombie player and have the right gobblegums. Hope this helped
  5. You look like a bear wearing a marshmallow. Final fantasy 7
  6. Over here boy. God of war. All I ever hear 😂
  7. 14 June Russia 2 vs 0. Saudi Arabia (7.45pm, ITV) 15 June Egypt 0 vs 1. Uruguay (1pm, BBC) Morocco 1 vs 1. Iran (4pm, ITV) Portugal 1 vs 2. Spain (7pm, BBC) 16 June France 4 vs.1 Australia (11, BBC) Argentina 3 vs 1. Iceland (2pm, ITV) Peru 0 vs 1. Denmark (5pm, BBC) Croatia 2 vs.2 Nigeria (8pm, ITV) 17 June Costa Rica 2 vs 1. Serbia (1pm, ITV) Germany 3 vs 1. Mexico (4pm, BBC) Brazil 2 vs 0. Switzerland (7pm, ITV) To win the tournament - Brazil Top Scorer - Neymar
  8. Think I'm ready to get back into it now, it's been a nice break playing black ops for a month, elbows healed a bit and I can now twist my hand and hold a controller, going to start with finishing up advanced warfare and then god of war I think.
  9. Thanks mate, its only a radial head fracture up towards my elbow so no cast or surgery needed just rest it and it will heal naturally, just need to keep it in a sling.
  10. Iv now broken a bone in my arm, and it hurts too much to use my left hand yippee. I'll be out of action a while.
  11. Haha, yeah I shall be making a grand return after many years, although I'm not as much of a trophy Hunter as I used to be, just been taking it slow to try and keep myself motivated.
  12. Any room for 1 more next season guys?
  13. Hoping to give it another week and then try a game and try and get back into trophy hunting, been nearly 2 weeks already.
  14. Really struggling to get myself motivated for trophies again, the last 2 weeks I have been going for dark matter camo in black ops 3, someone send help lol

    1. shananiganyo


      just play what u want bud, trophies should be an outlet for variety in your gaming hobby, dont force urself into a lame grindy difficult mess if it stresses u out or makes u angery™️

  15. Iv hit a brick wall I think, haven't earnt a trophy in nearly a week and I think it's because of monster Hunter. I don't really like the game, it's the same thing over and over again, probably should have tested it on an alt before starting on my main. And now I can't find the motivation to play anything else, ohh and the fact that the UK hasn't seen this much sun since about June last year Lol. Been sat in the pub garden all week haha