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  1. GT sport: 32 races done online, only another 290 to go, got 18 wins and 21 poles so far, looking good, just going to be a bit of a grind.

  2. I believe it has been patched in the latest update.
  3. Well, the trophy is so badly worded its unbelievable. All it says is win 100 matches. Iv been playing the people in the treno arena for ages, got to 100 and no trophy so i kept going to about 120 then looked at this thread, im so annoyed right now.,
  4. Can anybody recommend a game I can play that's not to click intense on the right side of the pad as iv broken my hand 😣

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. RVMcypress_grave


      Sorry dude, been there. When I was stuck in a cast I played Act Raiser the whole time but it isn't on ps4.
      I see that you have World of Final Fantasy, that should work if you feel like playing an rpg.

    3. KittiBear


      Flower too. IIRC that game is tilt based.

    4. hugglebunn-e


      I believe Suikoden 2 can be played with just the left hand. I cannot remember about the others.

  5. Happy birthday bro 🥂🎂

    1. AlphaTrash


      Yeah, happy birthday bro,

    2. Omar


      Birth buddy!!!! Happy birthday man!! Have a great one <3 

  6. #50 Final Fantasy 12: TZA, #51 Ride


    God that last trial on ff12 was a nightmare a big thanks to thefinalemblem who gave me a really good strategy that worked well.

    1. LucileRose


      Well done!

    2. Scyther


      Double congrats!

    3. Precision-Playyy


      Thanks guys, got 52 aswell with grand prix rock n racing 😁

  7. I hate these judges, struggling so badly with them, every time I revive a player they kill another one in about 2 seconds, just seems like all I'm doing is reviving and curing all battle, tried the nihapoloa and remedy trick but just doesn't seem to be doing anything. Gabranth is a cock I hate him.

    1. TheFinalEmblem


      You're gonna hate the strategy I just gave then, lol. It's definitely a lot of work and reacting to things as they go down. Honestly, without the Seitengrat, I don't think the fight would be anywhere near easy, having 2 would be even better, but one should be enough.

    2. Precision-Playyy


      Yeah I have 2, can't seem to keep them alive long enough to do enough damage though especially when zargabaarth keeps throwing his infinite amount of elixirs everywhere 😣

  8. So I can just beat yiazmat in the trial mode with 3-4 million instead of 50? That will save me some time lol
  9. Lol, I'm 13th on the board with 2.20 I believe.
  10. Yes, has to be a Monday, i got it in a community event just by totalling my car.
  11. Still missing the taps aff trophy, anyone know what comminity challenge you get it in? If it is the monthly unfortunately i got DNF on that because i retired by accident :'(
  12. Ahh youre a star, are you any good at the game? Fancy a race sometime? I ranked 1st on the leader board on one of the stages in the weekly event, only a matter of time thought before they start to get hacked like any other game. Thanks for all the info bud
  13. Ok so i have no idea how to get this trophy, i understand it can only be earnt on a Monday, which is today. I have tried crashing my car out in a rally and a few other things, does anyone have any ideas?

    Streamin Dirt 4 for anyone thats interested.

  15. 9 days off Yaaay :D


    Hopefully i will get a lot done over this next week and try and break this backlog down a bit.

    1. Galactic Poke Balls

      Galactic Poke Balls

      Star Ocean The Last Hope is calling your name 😺

    2. Precision-Playyy


      :hmm: Naa i think i'll pass thanks, don't fancy putting that on my new profile :D