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  1. Does somebody have the answer for this? Or did I miss it? 🙈 EDIT: Never mind, found it another thread here. Apparently the two season passes are enough, as two horde maps are free.
  2. I'm totally blind, I'm afraid - is there a way to keep track of the severed limbs in this game? I think there was one in the Trilogy.
  3. I'm even slower I'm somewhere around the middle (I guess) of the last act, and the game froze only once me (and it's not the only game that does it once in a while) after I played it non-stop for longer than I care to admit And I finally figured out a few moments after my last post, that I was just being dumb and all items could be grabbed, including those of the sepulchers. Still, like apfelpuffer (interesting name, btw. Now I'm hungry ), I'm enjoying the game very much and spending way too much time with it.
  4. I'm only at act two so far, but so far there were hardly any problems. The game didn't freeze one and the little bugs weren't gamebreaking in the slightest. For example: One of my two summoned wolves would disappear and needed to be re-summoned; in Egypt some items of sepulchers aren't reachable; minor points only really. None of items disappeared, the game didn't freeze, quests would pop up so far, ... I'm really enjoying the game and am looking forward to playing it again tomorrow.
  5. I had the same experience: Got the last document and nothing. When I found the next relic the whichcraft-trophy popped up.
  6. Wish you anyway a nice Monday Latikos ;)

  7. I tend to get sick through half the first person games, but could play this one no problem luckily. I'd agree with the tip to play with the settings; especially the head bobbing and the FoV.
  8. I'm not much into MMA so this is mostly the view of a layman - but at times it looked, as if Rousey was just waiting to get punched in the face and wasn't in the mood to do anything about it. I was also surprised not to see her using a jab all now and then, but only punches. Her fist were a bad cover, so she was too open most of the time - in short: It was obvious, that she's not as good a striker as she would have needed to be. What I thought was close to being funny: When RR was going for a throw and Holms instead threw her to the ground. Not easy to get an olypianique down like that. Or how Holms got out of the starts from the armbar - nicely down. In another forum a person said it quite right, this wrote essentially: I like a lot of RR does, but her sportsmanship is lousy. And I agree there: When I saw that she wasn't even touching gloves I was pretty disappointed. For that alone she deserved that KO.
  9. Thanks, we have it now as well . Interesting that it wasn't at the same place as shown in the videos though.
  10. A friend and I are having the exact same problem. Did anyone find a solution and can point us in the right direction?
  11. For little children I would recommend Happy Feet 2, the game to the movie. It's easy enough, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  12. I really had to look, what I even had written here It's a fun game, but it has tons of side quests, which are getting a bit repetitive. Btw.: Wearing glasses doesn't worsen the eyes, that's pretty much an urban legend. The contrary is the case: The worsening gets slowed down or might even be stopped. I was wearing glasses as a kid, youth and young adult but my eyes got better thrice. So much better, that I could get rid three times(!) of my glasses. Chances are, I will get one again, and this time for good.
  13. I like the OSTs from Silent Hill (I admit it, not even a specific game of the series; all have some pieces I like more or less). Listen to them more or less regularly for quite a while now.
  14. I don't give any person my respect, because (s)he might have tons of plats or difficult or easy plats. People have to have other qualities for me, to respect them. I have more respect for a person who has a hard time getting any trophy than I could ever have for a person, who has an easy time getting plat after plat. And as for games, I might "respect" - don't care about the rarity. If somebody spends his time getting the plat for Hannah Montana it doesn't make it any better or worse than the effort someone takes to get the plat for Ninja Gaiden or whatever game. As somebody here said before - as long as people fun with the game, it's a worthy plat. If you play it for the plat alone, then it's nothing more than another trophy.
  15. Or start every word with a capital letter?