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  1. Good job stealing my topic.
  2. I just wanted to make this because I haven't seen anyone post a topic about it.
  3. Nothing really. And why do you hate bow users? It's not their fault they're using a good and silent weapon.
  4. When I try to edit my created player's positions,I put Forward Centre. It only showed Striker (ST).Not Center Forward (CF).And I can't even put a left or right winger back,(LWB,RWB)a right or left winger (RW,LW).I would appreciate you if you correct me or tell me how to do it.And I'm not talking about career mode.(Ask me to put a picture for more details if needed.)
  5. I would've said Dead Space 2 if I was talking talking about it...
  6. No,I never changed it I don't even know how,or can't remember. Nope. Don't know how. Yeah. I did. The only one I can remember is the headshot one.
  7. Anyone know why this is happening? I'm in chapter 5 I think. The only trophy I got was for doing chapter 1.
  8. Thanks you too?!
  9. Thanks?
  10. I'm looking for people in Factions. I got friends that play this but not often. I need people that play this every time they get online. People that are very good. I'm beast in my opinion. But I need people that actually know what they're doing. You gotta like playing Surivors though. So if you want to join this "ultimate team" then send me a message on PSN or here.