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  1. Anybody knows if this game have crossbuy for vita ?
  2. 100% work with only 2 scouts combination , 1st scout Denmark nationality 4*, 2nd scout Crystal Palace club 4*, its only one player gk schmeichel (Gold Ball)
  3. This game have 2 stacks or 3? I find only 2
  4. Vanquish I give up in this game
  6. Maybe you want some different upgrades, not in port armor, you sure you want this one? You try on different level, hard, normal, easy?
  7. Easiest way if you have second controler , take game for two players and second controler scores own goals with goalkeeper..
  8. battlefield bad company - hard platinum and its my favourite
  9. National geographic challenge and we dare
  10. Mortal kombat on ps3 😁
  11. YOU must play on one session, all maps in a raw
  12. I get today uptade, trophy not pop 😞
  13. Today I get the update but trophy not pop 😞
  14. score trophies arent unlocking for me too 😞, globetrotter you must play all maps in one game in a raw (in one server you must be ), (not play 3 game and rest later ; in raw all maps- I start Rotterdam and finish Rotterdam in one game and trophy pop)