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  1. I was thinking about this a little and it's a pretty simple concept actually. The system sorts games by names, and if there are multiple iterations of the same name (for this example we ignore the word Remaster completely.) Given three iterations of the same name, the system hides all but the earliest earned. If there are different point values, the system chooses the highest possible point value. So in the case I'd one Verizon having a plat and another not, it will always choose the one with the plat. Same thing if two versions have different amounts of DLC. Now, this goes off of the user's point value, not the total. So if they 100% the ps3 version, and only earn 1 trophy in the ps4 version, the ps3 counts because it gives more points. There are certain examples however, such as Dark Souls 2 and DS2:SoTFS that would need to be hard coded in. There are some Disgaea and Sao games that have similar situations. Whichever has the most points counts. Again, this is only for fun. To see how many unique games people have played. Your true leaderboard rsbj would not be affected in any way.
  2. I would find this interesting. Like someone else mentioned this wouldn't replace the official leaderboard, it would just be an interesting addition that interested parties could check. It wouldn't even really have to be fully integrated into the site. Sly could set it up like he did the rarity board and we could get to it by typing in the link. Maybe PSNP.com/leaderboard/nostack Or something.
  3. Necrodancer: Got the Nocturna speedrun done. 14:33, run didn't start great but I got some good stuff late and was able to push hard. 


    Almost made it out of zone 5 with Aria a few times so I'm shaking a bit of the rust off there too. 

    1. Sir_Bee


      Wow, nice work.  I am still struggling to get one all zones run in with Bard lol.  I keep dying in zone four.  Need to learn how to deal with the creatures there.


      Keep up the great work!

    2. Hemiak


      Best guess I'm at around 110 hours. You'll get there, it will just take some time. Hit me up. If you need any advice. @Sir_Bee

  4. Spent about 2 hours trying to get the Nocturna speedrun trophy on the Necrodancer DLC. Best was 17:30 ish. Getting closer, then I need to do story mode. 


    Starter working on Aria again a few nights ago, damn I'm rusty. Lots of stupid deaths. Spending 20 or 30 min with Bolt each day too. 


    I doubt I'll ever do Coda or Lowest, but I'd eventually like to do everything else. 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hemiak


      I bought Hollow Knight in a recent sale. Looking forward to starting it after I finish with a few things. @BlackSquirrell1


      @DeceptroxIsaac was good but definitely overstayed its welcome. The characters aren't different enough to warrant doing every single thing with every character, just felt like a pointless slog. Also, the cycle of 'do a task, unlock an item, find the item' became quite tedious. Tacking on 20+ secrets and items when I was really close to being done didn't help either. 

    3. BlackSquirrell1


      @Hemiak Hollow Knight is probably the hardest and best Metroidvania game I've ever played.  You made a really good buy.  

    4. starcrunch061


      More people need to use the phrase "overstayed its welcome". It's so perfect for describing platinums on so many games.


      Hollow Knight is excellent. Enjoy!

  5. Working through the Necrodancer DLC. Finished Nocturna first try, though I damn near lost on the final bosses. Did phasing mode first try as well. Randomizer and Mystery mode both took some work but got them done. I've played with both no return and hard mode and made some progress on each.


    Doing all modes with Cadence because Bard just feels like a waste of time. I figure I need to get better for all chars anyway so I should get re-used to staying on beat and playing correctly. 

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    2. Deceptrox


      Hey, Hemiak, have you played Spelunky? In case you haven't, you should take a look at this:



    3. Hemiak


      I haven't played it yet but it's on my list. If it goes on sale cheap I'll pick it up. I don't buy collectors editions of anything though. The stuff would either end up stuck in a closet, "borrowed", or broken by my children. 

    4. Deceptrox


      It would be nice to have that journal, but since I already 100% the game, and because this edition didn't got a platinum, I'll skip it. I still have faith the game will be released again with a new trophy list containing a platinum, I hope it does in the near future.

  6. Platinum 155/Trophy 8000.


    You Are The Special - Magicka 2 


    Did all the hard stuff months ago and got sick of the grind. Wasn't too bad to finish up, but I did just about fall asleep two nights ago while playing. 

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      Congrats! And good morning :D

    3. Hemiak


      Thanks guys. @DamagingRobHopefully you can find 3 guys for the Bananas stuff. It's pretty easy if you abuse the mechanics. Just have everybody stack death armor and spam death AOE. works on like 90% of the game. 

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

      Nice milestone 🏆

  7. Ok, first update. Finished Flame Over, I'll be using that for the speedrun trophy. Also finally cleaned up Magicka 2. It has mp and difficulty, but I did those previously, so I'll just use it for my UR. I also completed one of the Destiny raids with 5 other pieple last week. Still two trophies in that DLC pack, and I'm not sure whether I'll use it for DLC or the MP categories. Actually, I did it on hard mode so I could use it there too. I'll update when I fijish off that DLC pack. Planning on starting Amplitude tonight so that would also knock out the difficulty trophy. Might start Fenix Furia soon for the low owner category.
  8. They have a higher chance to spawn in zone 1 iirc. I actually got one two days in a row when I was working on Monk. I got my 3rd around 40 hours in. Though I was watching a guy on Twitch who almost crapped himself when he got one. Said it was his 2nd and he had 120 hours in the game. Make sure you praise RNG whenever you start the game.
  9. Yeah, pc only.
  10. Binding of Isaac 100%. 7th fastest achiever. Happy to be finished finally. 

  11. Isaac: need one more rubber cement to unlock my 2nd to last secret and final item. Find that and I have 100%. Should be in the top ten fastest. Would have been done two weeks ago without the patch, ah well. 

    1. Deceptrox


      I don't know what that rubber cement is, but good luck with it.

    2. Hemiak


      It's an item that's been in the game for a long time, but it's semi rare. They added a new secret in the game with the latest path where you have to find 5 of them to unlock another item. I probably found 5 - 10 of them in the prior 150 hours. Luckily there are ways to break the game semi easily using greed mode. 

  12. I guess I'll join. Def won't do ten because I currently only have one 80+% game (Blackwood Crossing btw.) and I don't feel like changing that. For those who don't know. There's a game on psn that goes on sale regularly called Hidden Agenda. It's kind of like a Telltale or Quantic Dream type game you control using a phone or tablet. That should count for peripheral even if you don't have a move or guitar or something. I'm not actually going to psot a list because that's always my downfall in these events. I post what I'm going to play, and then my future self says "Don't tell me what to do". I'll definitely do an UR game, probably knock out something with MP, and I've got a few DLC to work on as well. Other than that, pretty. Ich anything except ezpz is possible.
  13. So are you aiming to complete all ten games during the event? Edit: found the answer And is there a limit to game completion percentage when adding it?
  14. My first platinum this year was for The Binding of Isaac. 100% could happen any day now.
  15. I know without a shadow of a doubt that 100% is not for me. I like gaming too much to finish every single gsme I start. SOME GAMES ARE NOT WORTH PLAYING. Unfortunately you never really know for yourself whether a game will keep you interested until you've started it. So either do what others said and try stuff on a 2nd account first, or learn to be happy with a smaller number and just work to keep it there. I hit 75% three different times in the last two years and each time I've almost immediately dropped back into the 73% range. As long as I can keep it around/above this number I'm content.