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  1. Persona 5. If I choose not to romance a girl does that mean I'll generally have to do 1-2 extra hangouts / affinity readings to reach rank 10?


    Anybody got a rocket league club I can join to knock this last DLC out? 

  3. The new DBD trophies are super easy. One night and I just need to farm a few more downs with Nemesis and then wait for them to unlock the new map that's already down for maintenance. Refreshing that they didn't add anything stupidly grindy this time. 

  4. Yeah, I replayed a few levels then said whatever and just beat the boss again. Remmever you can hold x to speed through the credits and get to the stats again. Found out which level I was missing and it popped as soon as I killed the boss.
  5. Wait, so you can do two two runs and it'll give you S? Seems weird but OK.
  6. Anybody hired and want to squad up for Fall Guys? 

    1. Hemiak



  7. No, it shouldn't be changed. The only ones that should are ones that are truly obtainable, either by glitch or by some change of in game mechanics. I make the finals like 75% of the time. Now, I only win like 1/10 of those, but that's me. Occasionally it's just random bad luck that screws me but most of the time I lose its because someone played better or I just misplayed. All that said, not every trophy needs to be earn able by the average gamer. And the rest of this list is easily doable given enough time.
  8. Yes, played on one last night. Can confirm the near death is fixed.
  9. Pallet stuns were broken in the All Kill update. Killers weren't being stunned if they were in the lunge animation. They've aparently been fixed now. Just hit someone and run away, break LOS so you get the escape event reward. You could use Yun-Jins perk for the speed boost if you want help making distance. Also, it will count even if you get hit, so you can camp pallets while healthy, take a hit but get the stun, then run away.
  10. I think they fixed it in one of these last two patches. It just popped for me in a match where 3 of us got 1 hooked and the last was on death hook. Definitely wouldn't have counted in its glitched state. Further confirmation would be nice.
  11. I just used the chip that let's you see the direction, then practiced. Got it the first day I think. Some enemies/attacks are way easier to perfect parry than others.
  12. Yes Gefro. But the host of the survivors needs to be on the same system / region as the killer.
  13. All of the trophies and challenges having to do with the basement are bugged. They only track on the Dead Dog Saloon and Midwitch maps. I finally got the milk and cookies trophy the other day after dive bombing the basement whenever I got one of those two maps.
  14. Near Death is bugged. - it counts every single survivors downs for the trophy. So you can have only one down for everyone. 30 items from the basement - Only counts these on Midwitch and Dead Dog. 25 people hooked in basement. - Same as above. The 3 people hooked in basement in the same time is glitched in a good way. You just have to hook 3 people in one match. I got this on Coldwind, so I'm guessing it's just the overall tracking for the other two that's not working.
  15. Everything having to do with basement tracking is currently bugged. Be it rift challenges, achievements, or trophies. The game is only saving stats if you do it on Midwitch or Dead Dog Saloon. Same goes for the 25 basement hooks trophy.