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  1. Live on Twitch in about 3 hours. First all chars attempts on Necrodancer. Should be.... Amusing.

  2. Live on Twitch in about 3 hours. First all chars attempts on Necrodancer. Should be.... Amusing.

  3. Fenix Furia - I've reloaded my save and earned the last star half a dozen times. I've reinstalled the game and played offline. I'm just going to have to walk away at this point unless the dev answers my tweets and fixes the game. Shame. Because other than some annoying boss RNG it's a fun game. 


    Necrodancer - reinstalled without the DLC. cool thing is my save still worked so I didn't have to spend any extra time unlocking the characters. Got another Bolt clear. Going to practice Dove some more and then I'll start on all characters attempts. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hemiak


      Because it adds an entire new zone, which makes Aria much harder and adds length to all the other characters runs. 

      At 20 min a run all chars should take around 3 hours. Last thing I want is to add another 45 min to that. 

    3. starcrunch061


      I can't stand when games do that. I'm glad you were able to re-install without any trouble.

    4. Hemiak


      Lol, it's actually a great DLC. Adds a lot of new fun stuff. It just makes this one thing harder so I'm removing it for a bit. I'll reinstall when I finish all zones. 

  4. Fenix Furia - whelp. God mode finished 180/180 stars. No trophy. I backed up ahead of time, reloaded and earned the final star 5x and nothing. Even re played multiple levels, earning the star again, including that world boss, and the final boss of the game. Truly disappointed atm. 

    1. lordguwa


      if it isn't popping the 2nd-3rd time. there's something off that the devs need to hopefully find a fix so players can be rewarded with the trophy they earned.

    2. Hemiak


      Yup. There are three versions of the game and the last time those trophies were earned was January 2018. It's a shame because it's a pretty good game, other than some stupid boss RNG. 

  5. You could always backtrack to the area where these puzzles occur and practice them again. Might help a little.
  6. Fenix Furia - 90/180 blue stars earned. 20 of those are from the first world. Wanted to save some easier stuff for last. 


    Going to focus on pushing through that before I worry about the deaths. I did tweet the devs, who knows maybe they'll respond. First time I've ever bothered to do that. 

  7. The weapon scale rating can also increase when you level the weapon. So something with a C in strength at base level might have a B or A at +10.
  8. One thing you can do is allocate the points but don't confirm them. Then look at what it does to your overall stats. Then maybe allocate them a different way and see how they compare.
  9. Fenix Furia - 56/180 God mode levels done. I skipped the first 20 so I'll have the easiest ones at the end. 


    Also, farmed up 1600 deaths this morning, then gsme froze while saving. #deepsigh


  10. Live with Necrodancer in a few minutes. 



    1. Hemiak


      Not bad. Cleared Monk first try, worked on Bolt and Aria, then cleared Dorian. 

  11. Fantastic. At 5883 deaths on Fenix Furia and the 5k trophy didn't pop. Going to try one of the work around, then I'll just keep pushing. If I finish everything and it still hasn't popped I'll back it up and delete my save and try again. 


    Ona happier note I finished challenge mode yesterday, so just God mode left. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hemiak


      Thanks for the advice. I'm going to continue God mode and see what happens. Hopefully it will just randomly unlock at some point. If not I might backup and delete the save, then play around with it. It's just irritating that something so easily faable might end up being am issue. 

    3. lordguwa


      i would hate for you to lose time but if you're approaching that 5k number on a new games. best thing to do is to put your save onto plus cloud. and re-download your progress. it works for certain known glitched trophy's.

    4. Hemiak


      I'm almost at 6k already. It's fine though, I set it up earlier on the L O L level and farmed like 1500 deaths in about twenty minutes. 

  12. Going to keep working on Fenix Furia on Twitch for an hour of so if anybody wants to hang out 




    1. Hemiak


      Ffs, these game only saves when you finish a world or exit to the menu. Problem is it freezes when saving occasionally. So I think I just lost about ten levels worth of progress. 


      Also, whoever decided to add RNG to some of the bosses, when there is no other RNG in the entire game, is a moron. 

  13. Whelp, I went back to Necrodancer and that's taking up almost all of my time so I won't meet my goals for this. I did do a few things, and still might get the Fenix Furia plat by then, but whatever. I need to learn and just not sign up for stuff.
  14. You need to earn at least one trophy in any game, and then when you update your profile here the game will be hidden. Sorry this happened to you man.
  15. I played an hour or two of Downwell last week. I earned the plat early last year so no trophies for this one.