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  1. These two are much easier than the Super Mega Cart related stuff. I'd advise not really worrying about speed. Focus more on getting through each level as safely as possible. You'll save plenty of time just by not replaying levels over and over.
  2. Yeah, I actually tried that again a few weeks ago. Earned it again, beat a bunch more levels, left it and went to work. Played a few more levels, left it when I went to bed, nothing.
  3. I'm really curious to see which version of the Texans shoe up this week. Scored 27, 13, 27, 10, then 53. Hoping we can finally string two good offensive weeks together, but I don't have a ton of faith in our coaching staff. At least they're going against KCs pathetic defense so that should help. It'll depend on whether the defensive line can pressure Mahommes enough to help out our terrible secondary play.
  4. Went back to Nioh recently. The cutscenes and narrative is nice, but other than that there's literally nothing I like about this game more than any of the FROM games. 

    1. Copanele


      It hits and misses most of the time. Decent game but it doesn't get close to fromsoftware games. 

      The only truly brutal part about that game is the equipment upgrade system... Jesus that's a huge headache 

    2. Arcesius


      I dunno man, I like Bloodborne more, but Nioh comes right after. I really enjoyed the loot system and playing around with skills and getting equipment perks to support those..


      With the stance system and all, combat is way deeper than in Souls, and I somehow ended up liking it a lot 😅 what weapon is your main? Dual Swords are super fun!

    3. Hemiak


      You're right, wasn't thinking about the stances and I do enjoy what they bring to the table. 


      I have to disagree about the equipment though. There's really only 5 (7 with DLC) weapons and they all have the same moves. Even two long or great sword weapons in Souls feel slightly different. I also hate that I'm forced to micromanage so much. If I could Soul match indefinitely it would be less annoying. 


      I despise the mission system though. It's good for grinding, but breaks the continuity of the game for me. 


      The dodge is kind of annoying too. Get hit even once and you're basically stunlocked unless you block a hit. No dodging out of attacks. 

  5. Sure if I wanted to play it. I played Fenix Furia a few months ago and 3 trophies are bugged and unobtainable. I still tried every possible workaround I could think of but I couldn't get them to pop. I knew it was likely going in though so it's not a huge deal. Also, it isn't unobtainable per-se, but I started Necrodancer knowing full well I wouldn't go for 100%. I probably played 160+ hours and really enjoy the game, but have no interest in spending the time to actually plat it.
  6. SFV. I have zero interest in playing it but very impressive.
  7. Lone Survivor, 4.88%, at 2 days 16 hrs. Also have Skydive: Proximity Flight, 2.88%, at 2 days 22 hours. Carnival Island and Flame Over are both in the 4 day range.
  8. First rule is All Rules Are Subject to Change or Complete Disregard at Any Time. Play games for fun, earn some trophies too. Don't play anything I don't want to for trophies. Also, if I get a bug to play a game, even halfway through another, I'll just go do it. I can always return at a later date, if I want to. My time is by far my most precious resource. With a full time job, a wife, and 2 kids, I don't have near the time I used to. All of my personal guidelines focus on maximizing my own enjoyment of that time. Don't be Afraid - if a game looks fun, play it, doesn't matter if it's broken (Fenix Furia) or Nigh impossible (Necrodancer). Game turns out to be shit or crazy boring, walk away. Don't Plan Anything. Any time I try to set up a list or program I completely lose interest. This is a hobby, one I've loved for over 30 years. Making plans and stuff turns it into a job or chore for me. Plat >>>>>>>> 100%. Even if I have the DLC I won't always complete or even attempt it. If I love a game, play the DLC even if it doesn't have trophies. Also, don't focus on DLC unless it's integrated into the main game. Single player first, mp maybe. I've been burned a few times for doing mp early, then not actually caring about the game. Sure I can clean it up later, but I probably won't. If I love a game and finish everything else I can worry about it then, or not. Server closures just mean I don't have to worry about that game anymore. Dont stack games. If I love it enough to replay it, I don't need to get the trophies again. I have probably 3x the hours in Dark Souls after the plat and I easily Doubled my Blood borne hours as well. I consider a stack to be any game that shares most of the story, gaemplay, plot, etc with the original. Adding an extra area and including DLC does not make a new game. Completely rewriting the entire story and changing the game play is fine. Never pay full price. Never impulse buy. Make a list of games I actually want to play. If a game pops up on sale and looks intriguing, do some research and add it to the maybe list. It'll go on sale again.
  9. I had a lot of fun with N++. One good thing is that it saves your best run for each level so you can rewatch it. I keep meaning to actually go back and make videos for the harder levels since there isn't a ton of info out there. All in all id say the plat for this is much easier than SMB, but takes a lot longer due to the sheer number of levels. Bummer. The save / checkpoint system is very similar to the Souls games. What annoyed me is the rarity of fast travel stations. I felt that there could have been 3 or 4 more spread out. One thing to know, the game actually does save your progress when you quit to menu. So if you're in bad shape and not sure you can make it back you can quit. You will restart with full health at the last bench you rested at, which is better than trying to go grab your shade again. FYI, I use save to mean keeping your items and money, not location.
  10. I wonder if maybe there was a leaderboard somewhere and then they took it down without telling anyone and trophies were linked to that. Dunno. You'll probably get the 100 deaths trophy without trying. There were half a dozen or so levels I hit that target on. Also yeah, it's annoying that you just start as soon as you die. Can't count how many times I was mashing dash, hit something, and auto started the timer. Kind of annoying. Everything popped normal except the God mode (blue stars) and deaths. So hopefully you can figure something out. I was also wondering if maybe all the deaths need to be in the main mode or something weird like that. I once farmed over 10k in a single session to check and see if that would pop it, saving every few hundred deaths. Nothing.
  11. If you do please let me know. I left the very first God mode level undone, then got the other 179 blue stars so I could pop it anytime I wanted. I earned that star probably a dozen times. Earned it, then finished the entire first world with stars. Earned it, then went and redid the final level... Nothing. I have over 14,000 deaths and neither the 5k or 10k have popped. One thing to note with that is the deaths don't save until you finish the level. There's a level in one or the worlds called LOL. It starts you like half an inch above the bottom of the screen and you can farm deaths super quick afk. Just make sure to finish the level when you're done. Good luck man.
  12. Just wanted to pop in and say hi and I hope everyone has fun and plays some great games. Really glad this thing has continued without me and appreciate the effort Voodoo has put in. Fenix Furia was pretty fun. My favorite part was the puzzle mode, except for the final boss. :rage: Just know that it's definitely bugged. I have everything done and three trophies just won't pop. I've met the requirements multiple times and tried a bunch of different things. I tweeted the devs but hold zero hope it will get patched. I knew it was possible before I started, just wanted to make sure you do too.
  13. I haven't liked Noppy in a long time, though I don't hate it. Also, with arm spin and knife and fork I've reached the boss with 11 health. Getting the extra upgrade option with AS makes it far superior to Boulder IMO. Another point against Boulder, on hard any gem rooms are a total waste. 120 gems isn't even a third of an purchase on the first floor. Getting a new gun with an extra hp or two battery is crazy powerful.