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  1. Instant gaming. Every time. I have a ps4 and most of the games I play have 8 bit graphics anyway.
  2. I grew up in Northern CA as a 49ers fan, but I've been in Houston almost 15 years now. This deal hurt me on so many levels. If it makes anyone feel better, EVERYONE here, from media, to fans, absolutely hated this move, and have been screaming for BOB to be removed for a long time even before this. The problem is we have an absentee owner who has shown zero interest in the team at all.
  3. Ah, I see. In any case the trophies for that and I Am Bread are literally all over the place. Nothing impossible time wise or chronologically, but it begs the question why would someone play either game this way? Edit: by all over I mean a trophy in one level in one mode, then another completely different level and mode minutes later, then 3 different mode first A++ with 2.5-3 min differences, it's just strange. I don't have an opinion, and have no idea how to tell if CFW so
  4. Just looked at Meat Boy. Everything seems possible, even if they're in a very strange order. However, they don't line up with the times mentioned in the original complaint, which looks like they may have been doctored after the fact.
  5. Fenix Furia. Now, I started this full well it might not work, but I still had hopes. 3 trophies glitched. The ones for 5k and 10k deaths, and then one for completing God Mode with 180 stars. I backed up my save, leaving the very easiest level star unearned. Then I completed. That level. I tried half a dozen different solutions, including beating the entire world, going back and beating the final level again, and just leaving the game paused on the results screen until my ps4 put itself in rest mode. I've Uninstalled and reinstalled, before and after earning the last star. I even tried to revert to an earlier version since people had earned it previously, then realized the game has never been patched. My only thought is there was maybe some online leaderboard that things were previously tied to, and they took that offline. Either way rip for now.
  6. One more trophy for the Immortal: Unchained plat. Let an NPC die on my first run and couldn't finish a quest. Started a run with the DLC character and I'm going to grab the quest while knocking out a few of the free DLC trophies. Game 100% not worth spending money for the paid content. 


    After that I'm going to buckle down and knock out the last two things for The End is Nigh. Just need to do the Super Mega Cart with 1000 rings and finish the Tower. 

    1. starcrunch061


      Is this game like a Souls game? It seems that everything gets that description nowadays.

    2. Arcesius


      Did you like the game? I initially had my fun with it, but after the 7th playthrough needed for 100% I happily deleted it from my system 😂


      Good luck with TEiN! Gonna start that one next year, after I finish Pier Solar 🙂

    3. Hemiak


      @starcrunch061it's definitely a Souls type game. Very same feel, except it's all gunplay, with very basic melee attacking and no magic. 


      @Arcesiusyeah, no chance I 100% this game. Not good enough. It was worth beating once, but I'm probably done when I finish this Cursed One run. 

  7. These two are much easier than the Super Mega Cart related stuff. I'd advise not really worrying about speed. Focus more on getting through each level as safely as possible. You'll save plenty of time just by not replaying levels over and over.
  8. Yeah, I actually tried that again a few weeks ago. Earned it again, beat a bunch more levels, left it and went to work. Played a few more levels, left it when I went to bed, nothing.
  9. I'm really curious to see which version of the Texans shoe up this week. Scored 27, 13, 27, 10, then 53. Hoping we can finally string two good offensive weeks together, but I don't have a ton of faith in our coaching staff. At least they're going against KCs pathetic defense so that should help. It'll depend on whether the defensive line can pressure Mahommes enough to help out our terrible secondary play.
  10. Went back to Nioh recently. The cutscenes and narrative is nice, but other than that there's literally nothing I like about this game more than any of the FROM games. 

    1. Copanele


      It hits and misses most of the time. Decent game but it doesn't get close to fromsoftware games. 

      The only truly brutal part about that game is the equipment upgrade system... Jesus that's a huge headache 

    2. Arcesius


      I dunno man, I like Bloodborne more, but Nioh comes right after. I really enjoyed the loot system and playing around with skills and getting equipment perks to support those..


      With the stance system and all, combat is way deeper than in Souls, and I somehow ended up liking it a lot 😅 what weapon is your main? Dual Swords are super fun!

    3. Hemiak


      You're right, wasn't thinking about the stances and I do enjoy what they bring to the table. 


      I have to disagree about the equipment though. There's really only 5 (7 with DLC) weapons and they all have the same moves. Even two long or great sword weapons in Souls feel slightly different. I also hate that I'm forced to micromanage so much. If I could Soul match indefinitely it would be less annoying. 


      I despise the mission system though. It's good for grinding, but breaks the continuity of the game for me. 


      The dodge is kind of annoying too. Get hit even once and you're basically stunlocked unless you block a hit. No dodging out of attacks. 

  11. Sure if I wanted to play it. I played Fenix Furia a few months ago and 3 trophies are bugged and unobtainable. I still tried every possible workaround I could think of but I couldn't get them to pop. I knew it was likely going in though so it's not a huge deal. Also, it isn't unobtainable per-se, but I started Necrodancer knowing full well I wouldn't go for 100%. I probably played 160+ hours and really enjoy the game, but have no interest in spending the time to actually plat it.
  12. SFV. I have zero interest in playing it but very impressive.
  13. Lone Survivor, 4.88%, at 2 days 16 hrs. Also have Skydive: Proximity Flight, 2.88%, at 2 days 22 hours. Carnival Island and Flame Over are both in the 4 day range.