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  1. Yes Gefro. But the host of the survivors needs to be on the same system / region as the killer.
  2. All of the trophies and challenges having to do with the basement are bugged. They only track on the Dead Dog Saloon and Midwitch maps. I finally got the milk and cookies trophy the other day after dive bombing the basement whenever I got one of those two maps.
  3. Near Death is bugged. - it counts every single survivors downs for the trophy. So you can have only one down for everyone. 30 items from the basement - Only counts these on Midwitch and Dead Dog. 25 people hooked in basement. - Same as above. The 3 people hooked in basement in the same time is glitched in a good way. You just have to hook 3 people in one match. I got this on Coldwind, so I'm guessing it's just the overall tracking for the other two that's not working.
  4. Everything having to do with basement tracking is currently bugged. Be it rift challenges, achievements, or trophies. The game is only saving stats if you do it on Midwitch or Dead Dog Saloon. Same goes for the 25 basement hooks trophy.
  5. Playing some DBD. Going to go for Where did they go. If anyone is available or interested. 

  6. 1.5x BP this weekend on DBD. 

  7. Didn't know this perk was a thing, cool.
  8. Edit: my bad, didn't realize there was a perk for that.
  9. I find that during the day hours I get survivor matches super quick and have to wait to get into a killer match. But in the evenings and at night I can instantly queue as a killer and it's 5~ min for a survival match.
  10. I recently started playing and would be interested in this. I play evenings US Central time. I do have a mic.
  11. You don't need the eggs for Scribe. I just unlocked it last night and only had about half the familiars.
  12. I think the short answer is. They're better than they were, but not perfect. The trophy for winning money from the banker also didn't pop the first run, even though I counted and did it 8 times instead of 5. However, it popped the very first time I did it on NG+. Its like the tracking continues working, but the triggers for certain trophies stop. For most people though the game seems to work perfect. I updated the game, but maybe I should download the whole thing again from scratch. /shrug
  13. Beat the game on NG+, got the sub 40 deaths and speedrun trophies, but not the one for beating the game. Should have got that and the sub 40 on my first run but it glitched then too. They added the boss rings in a patch in the middle of that run so I did NG+ to finish the notebook, then realized that the book is completely wiped around the 3rd or 4th dungeon. It's a fun game so I don't mind that much but I'm pretry irritated that the best the game trophy didn't pop. I still have to finish up the kills, and then do the broom trophy, so I'll finish the game there and hope for the best. Ugh.
  14. Everything in the game popped for me fine except 5k and 10k deaths, and all God mode stars. Tried several work around previously, such as saving before my last blue star and earning it several times. Leaving it on the results screen for several hours after earning it. Sitting on the stats screen for several hours, etc. None of those worked. I've completely deleted my save and I'm playing fully offline now, going to bee line to the LOL level to efficiently farm deaths, and see if I can get those to pop. I'm collecting the cookies to unlock God mode again and going to try for the blue stars one More time. I too messaged the devs and never heard back. I just don't think glitch trophies don't really matter to them on a game this old. It's a shame because it's actually really fun, and I know a bunch of people who won't buy or play it because of the broken trophies.
  15. Instant gaming. Every time. I have a ps4 and most of the games I play have 8 bit graphics anyway.