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  1. You know, a lot of people are gonna say Uncharted 4 and Spider-man, some people are gonna say Detroit: Become Human, but for me personally, and to say EVERYBODY is a strong word, but I think it's essential to have the Crash trilogy and CTR, Spyro trilogy, and MediEvil platinumed.
  2. I would share but I have 800 of them.
  3. Nah, I think we're looking at Aspyr, the guys handling the Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy ports on PS4, they've previously ported KOTOR to mobile.
  4. We need Harry Potter back, the first three in particular.
  5. I honestly have no idea what people are talking about when I even took the extra step to play level by level switching TV inputs playing the PS1 version and the remake side by side, and it's as clear as night and day that the remake is the new definitive way to experience MediEvil. You're not forced to double tap to run anymore so levels like Pools of the Ancient Dead are a bit more playable to jump with and in most scenarios the camera is not just better, but it's leagues better than the original. Ironically where the camera is worse than the original is in sections where the original camera did what the remake did in a more third person camera rather than the over-the-top-ness in levels like Pumpkin Serpent and Crystal Caves the remake oddly did, but otherwise I didn't know a third person camera was what I really needed in most cases. I don't think these people complaining really are aware how much better the remake actually is unless they had a direct comparison experience I had.
  6. Day of the Tentacle had that, but it was just for starting up Maniac Mansion I believe.
  7. Supposedly there is some new things sprinkled here and there. What exactly? Nobody actually knows yet, but to answer your question, it's probably the lack of resources considering Other Ocean is no Vicarious Visions or Toys For Bob coming directly from Activision that clearly with a smaller team they spent almost as much time if not more on one game whereas N. Sane and Reignited could afford that luxury. On the bright side, in my personal opinion I almost think this is the most polished looking of the three considering especially in Spyro's case it was rather buggy at launch.
  8. I am so hyped. I've managed to play Jedi Academy in the past and invested so much into the splitscreen, but I never got around to playing Outcast. But you know what this could possibly mean, the next step up afterwards is naturally bringing the KOTOR games to the PS4.
  9. If you came back to me in October it would hands down be MediEvil, but for next month? Most likely Catherine.
  10. MediEvil
  11. MediEvil.
  12. While Kingdom Hearts III might be the closest thing I can call my game of the year in such a dry year, I can easily say Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled is my favorite game this year, also a bit of a shameless plug since we're on the topic of remakes, but I can't recommend people picking up the MediEvil remake later this year enough.
  13. I feel these particular two are worth noting because nobody's mentioned them yet, but Spider-man and Spider-man 2: Enter Electro for the PS1 were real classic Spider-man games before the open world Spider-man games took over. If you have at the very least a PS3 you can play them if you don't have a PS1. Definitely those two, but then obviously Spider-man 2 and to a lesser extent the first movie had some memorable levels. Ultimate Spider-man's great if you loved Spider-man 2 as well, but it's not really one of my top favorites. A lot of people loved Web of Shadows, but in my personal opinion I thought it was one of the most bland and repetitive Spider-man games. Now Shattered Dimensions is definitely one of my most favorite linear Spider-man games alongside the PS1 titles, but don't waste your breath with Edge of Time. The Amazing Spider-man games get a tiny bit too much hate, but they're just alright. Obviously Marvel's Spider-man though is the best one since Spider-man 2. So aside from Marvel's Spider-man, if you're looking to go back, try the 2 PS1 titles, Spider-man 2 and maybe the first movie and Ultimate Spider-man as well, and Shattered Dimensions as top priority.
  14. As far as characters are concerned, definitely Brio and Koala Kong but I'm sure those are definitely inevitable, but who I really want is Nina Cortex. Otherwise I would like to see an online mode with no powerups so it's just a test of natural skill powersliding like the time trials had but versus 7 other players.
  15. I really hope to god that just some way the Uncharted 3 treasures just got a little more obtainable.