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  1. Hello everyone, I need some help. I recently repurchased Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified, and I went to update it. The update downloaded normally, and then I started the game to initiate the install...but that didn't happen. Every time I start the game, it shows the splash image, then proceeds to load the game, never installing the update. Any ideas what could be happenning? I'm trying on a updated Vita, btw.
  2. Finally found this game locally!
  3. Man, I sure dropped off the Vita these last months, but now I have a brand new PSTV and I'm ready to go.

  4. Got this yesterday!
  5. Man, first I had no free time due to Uni, then it was due to the Ph.D., and now that I'm searching for a job, I also don't have much free time :(

    1. ExHaseo


      Welcome to life. It's only going to get worse.

  6. YES! Byakuren is winning!
  7. Grabbed this today:
  8. So I launched Wild Arms 3 just to check how it looked in my TV...ended up playing through Virginia's prologue. The game's as fun as I remember.

  9. Got this and Wild Arms 3 today:
  10. Protip: If you're going to rant about how a game doesn't look like a PS4 game, make sure it actually is a PS4 game.

    1. starcrunch061
    2. DMNBT-CL


      Just a rant I overheard at the local game shop about how Star Ocean 5 looked like shit while the clerk was playing the shop's PS3. (Japanese version, obviously)

  11. Game: FEZ System: PlayStation 4 Trophy: Sum total Description: Find ALL collectibles. Comments: Stupid Clock Tower "puzzle"...
  12. Got the 100% on FEZ...after having forgotten I even had the game for like a year xD

  13. On the plus side, now I have more free time! On the minus side, now I need to get a job...

  14. I just wanted to be popular...
  15. One more for the rhythm game collection on Vita, lol: