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  1. So does that glitch prevent me from getting this trophy? I heard it did not affect it, and that if I completed all the missions and they didn't unlock that I had to start progressing through the second playthrough.
  2. I have completed all the missions necessary for this but it still has not unlocked... I've heard that it is supposed to unlock in the second playthrough, but it still hasn't after doing 2 or 3 missions in the starting area. Why is this? Also, the "Keep Your Insides Inside" trophy (which is not required for the trophy) is glitched for some reason... maybe that affected it? It's not supposed to though.
  3. Loves FIFA and other dope shit
  4. I've been following the guide on the wiki to get moral points, but I sometimes the screen doesn't flash white or give me any feedback as to whether or not I've fulfilled the requirements. Should I be concerned? I've heard that you need almost every single moral point necessary to get the good ending. Was this the case for any of you?
  5. I think it's just a notification delay since the timestamps for when I earned the last two trophies is still the same exact time. Also, thanks for the feedback guys
  6. Recently every time I get a platinum there's a delay between the the final trophy and the plat (like 7 seconds). Sometimes the image doesn't appear and it's just a picture of a generic blue trophy. Sometimes I have to bring up the dashboard to get it to pop at all. I don't know if its a problem with my system or the fact that my internet has been horrible lately. Also some games have been crashing (AC freedom cry crashed like 6 times in 7 hours, don't know if that's normal). If you know why this could be happening it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. oooooooh damn thanks bro 👍
  8. I played the Eugenia stage and got 3900 gold in the first area and 2700 in the second but the trophy didn't pop. Is it glitched and if so has it happened to you or am I doing something wrong?
  9. Hardcore. Congrats on 200 plats!
  10. Outlasted some challenges...
  11. Thanks man, I did complete the tutorials but I died so I'm not sure if that voids the trophy...