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  1. Cod Ghosts basically killed the franchise.
  2. I have only played diablo on ps3, and that trophy list was relatively easy, but time consuming. This list is not even fair, I like challenges, but this is too damn hard looking. I'm getting this for my ps4 this weekend, because it's a good game. But this trophy list is a total turnoff.
  3. Pretty obvious that Queens Park Rangers will win the league title...Jokes
  4. Just letting everyone know, with the new update, lives and bombs are shared, and you can no longer have one player die and then respawn the next level with full lives and bombs. Sadly this trophy is MUCH harder to get now.
  5. Need a partner to get all experience pickups and chests Psn: mmico
  6. The jackpot trophy looks ridiculous, not worth the money IMO.
  7. Alright cool hope it is.
  8. Does anyone know how much this will cost, if under $4 I will get it just for a 100%.
  9. Looks can be deceiving, no reason to get this game, no golds.
  10. Yes they are "time consuming", but it's not that bad, 40 hours for a plat is decent. Also if you like this genre of games than 40 hours is nothing. So quit complaining.
  11. I played this game on my other account and it's really fun, but now there just giving us free trophies!
  12. If you have the disc version, it does this because of the trophy patch, complete the mission around 3-5 more times and you will get it.
  13. Playstation All stars Battle Royale (vita)
  14. You have to have both disc and digital versions because two trophies are glitched, (I think they are dog of war and something else, not sure), but I can confirm it is possible to plat, just ridiculously long and tiresome (I already have it) just be ready for over 500 hours of boosting with a dedicated partner, and bam you have a extremely rare plat.
  15. Lol just got mine for getting the Warhawk plat, very weird for that game I would assume.