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  1. seems like the game gave me the match data after I turned it of when it was not saving. But I checked the game now and it's updated however this result in that I got all 5 challenges for Kelvin done without the trophy. How do I fix this? EDIT: I tired a match with Kelvin as soon I did damage with him I got the trophy
  2. never mind this topic I've managed to mix the names
  3. This guy is a legend he already has the platinum and helped me get the viral trophy in Split/Second a real credit to the community! 

  4. Gratulerer meg platin pa Freedom Wars! så godt du sitter fast med den! 


  5. well I haven't got the expansion yet so I can't do the glitch. Not only that but AI defenses is max so I do little to non damage. This mode is so broken I hope the guy who came up with the idea will never work on a video game again.
  6. the collect data is going fine but I have a really bad time with taking out enemies. How do you get the S combat rifle?
  7. of course it is. Which loot box then I've haven't gotten any
  8. thanks for the answer but how do you get energy expansion kit?
  9. I just started this again since the servers now work again. But I get killed all the time and really having a bad time with this. I'm just after the Platinum so I was wondering if there is some way to cheese this or make it easier?
  10. Dead Space 3 because then I wouldn't have to play that garbage myself