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  1. Just got an answer from the support confirming that the tutorial is not replayable and that if the trophy wasn't credited, there is no way for me to get it. Oh well.. Yes, I did try, but no success
  2. I did some research and you are right, it is supposed to be at the top of the first page of the reward book, but it is no longer there with the latest patch... I guess I won't be getting that plat after all
  3. Is there a way to replay the tutorial? I skipped it when I reinstalled the game and the trophy didn't pop. I know it was possible with the previous version of the game.. like 2 years ago, but I can't find how with the current version. It is one of the very last trophy I need for the plat, would be a shame if i'm locked out of the plat simply because I skipped the tutorial.
  4. After 4 years and 2 months of casually playing The binding of Isaac, I finally got the plat trophy!

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      Well done! 💯 

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      Nice work man. I just finished with Isaac as well. 

  5. I started my first playthrough without any draconian quest, but felt that the game was a bit too easy. I'm now playing with super strong enemies and the difference is great. So what is everyone else using and how do you like it?
  6. Trunks. He reminds me so much of Trunks in Dragon ball. Probably because it is the same artist lol
  7. I was under the impression that lucky charm wasn't very good because, in my memories it wasn't great in DOS1, but I will have to try that! I might need to start a new game to do so. I realised that I'm missing so much because lone wolf has no effect on civil abilities. If you stack the lucky charm skill on one character, does it apply to the entire party or do I need to loot everything with that specific character? Also, you are right concerning warfare, its the best skill to improve physical damage output, unless you play a dual wielding melee class, in that case I think the dual wield skill is better because of the additional dodge percentage.
  8. I'm currently on my legend playthrough for the platinum trophy and one of the last trophy I need is Heroes of the Resistance . I managed to beat a Retaliation mission with only 2 civilian deaths. I actually did it like 3 times in this playthrough and still no trophy. The description says Beat a Retaliation mission with 3 or less civilian deaths. Could WOTC or the other DLCs be the cause of the bug? Do I need to start another playthrough without DLCs? Thanks
  9. I decided to do my first blind playthrough on honour mode. I know it is risky, but I played a lot of DOS1 and I did a lot of reading on DOS2. I went double undead with lone wolf. First one is an Eternal warrior (https://fextralife.com/divinity-original-sin-2-builds-eternal-warrior-death-knight-perfected/) Second one is a custom scoundrel with necromancer and geomancer. Geomancer is mainly to heal (with poison) and fortify. I believe I am halfway act 1 so far and it is working "ok". I had one or two fights that I was close to losing because both characters got CCed and one died. I guess I need to better manage my physical armour. I don't have problems with magical armour thanks to the Living armour talent. What strategies are you guys using for honour mode?
  10. Thats how I did my honour mode run. It took me around 2 hours, but it was my 3rd playthrough, so I knew the game well at that point. I strongly recommend to play at least one legit playthrough on tactician mode, its really challenging and fun.
  11. I got the Recruiting Consultant trophy 4 days ago on patch 2.00. Maybe I got lucky, but I didn't encounter any bug so far on the latest patch.
  12. No problem! Honestly, despite the long loading times, its worth it. It is a very good game. Its fun and challenging. I can't wait for the next expansion to come out to start my legendary run and get all the remaining trophies.
  13. I just completed a playthrough yesterday and the load times were always between 1 and 2 minutes. I was playing on my PS4 pro. On my regular Ps4, load times are between 2 and 4 minutes. Edit: Boost mode was enabled on my PS4 Pro
  14. 36 hours on normal
  15. I was hoping for XCOM2 DLCs to be on sale as well.. If the deluxe edition including DLCs is discounted , the DLCs itself should also be on sale. Now I'm wondering if I should buy the deluxe edition and trade my XCOM2 hard copy or simply keep it and buy the season pass...