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  1. If you quit during a match you will advance a day, but your clan will have hungry and sick people because you didn't collect required number of supplies needed to survive. If you quit via PS button and go back to game, you will be back at same week and day you quit game. This method is great if you want to complete 100% risk missions and didn't get required number of specific task done to keep your clan alive and continue your journey to finish.
  2. And play with other players if you want unlock online collectibles trophy. Only one player can get those in every game after you have installed DLC. Other trophies can be done solo with bots but in online.
  3. You can connect Expantion Disc Drive to PS4 that support USB 2.0. I have PS4 PRO 1 TB and connected Expantion Disc 8 TB. Got a lot free space to play many many games. But it costs over 300$ on
  4. I'm lucky to have 9 TB monster PS4 Pro. Lots of space to play many games.
  5. Check in your PS3 that Grounded difficulty is installed.Go to -account management -transaction management - view downloads. And install DLC again on system.
  6. PS3 or PS4 version?
  7. Congrats to all winners and all who participate in this event. Next year I hope we will reach over 5000 trophies.Step by step someday we will hit OVER 9000!! trophies for sure. Remember dreams come true, have faith.Just imagine what we could do if we can get over 150 people next year.
  8. That's amazing score. Over 3000 trophies. The event was a great success. We need more event's like this in the future.
  9. 1. Battlefield Bad Company 1 (PS3) - 0.79% 2. Call of Duty Black Ops 3 (PS4) - 0.80% 3. Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. (PS3) - 1.40% 4. STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 1 (PS4) - 2.31% 5. Battlefield 3 (PS3) - 3.11% Amazing work there. Black Ops 3 on PS3 in very hard to get especially some multiplayer challenges are annoying. But on PS4 it is insane to get platinum ,not to mention 100%.Congratulations HaserPL.
  10. I'm done. Obtained 52 trophies. I could get more but unfortunately I had go to work today. It was a pleasure to be a part of Trophy Hunting Day. Congratulations to all who participated in the event.
  11. If you obtained all online trophies in multiplayer base game and all DLC on PS3 then you install game and DLCs on PS4. After you start game and go to multiplayer you will be asked do you want transfer you progress to PS4 servers? This is only one time event so select YES.Play first online game ,on loading screen before match every online trophy will autopop. Premium is required!!!
  12. Count me in. I have few titles ready to play on that day. Let's have great day everyone and happy trophy hunting day!!
  13. Good luck with multiplayer trophies,game is amazing and multiplayer is fun to play with friends.
  14. Battlefield Hardline 100%
  15. It doesn't matter how much it will cost , still gonna buy this awesome series.