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  1. I got mini urugaan crown on a 7 star hunt investigation, I'll check the specifics of the hunt when I get home from work and edit this post
  2. Im reading The Gospel of Loki, its brilliant because I love mythology
  3. Psn ID: will-guy-bebe Only have a ps3 I normally play for platinums and dont venture into DLCs I would love to have active players on my list (most people I have now ive only played with once or twice) It would be better if you were from UK just because of the same time zone benefits So yeah add me if you want to help each other with trophies or just play a good game Interests: anything apart from fighters tbh
  4. I just assumed as they were both called "extra effort" and they both had pics of players on the ground, that they were the same trophy, my bad. If I ever get fifa 15 im sure ill have problems with this one
  5. This trophy was on fifa 14 aswell and I used to focus on getting this trophy but after hours of trying I gave up and just played normally and after a few games it happened naturally so my advice would be dont try and get the trophy and youll get it lol
  6. Daybreakers, set in a future where vampires ruled the world and humans were nearly extinct, thought it was ok nothing special but a nice twist on the vampire idea
  7. Well........... Just asked my friend to check he could still play online, make sure his subscription is still active etc. which he did and everything was ok, he tried signing in as me on his second controller and hey presto "I" was allowed to play online. It seems like we were victims of some sort of glitch and it seems to be working normally again. So, I am sorry to have wasted your time. I suppose the old rule of "switch it off and on again" did the trick this time
  8. I have been going to his house playing couch co op on his ps4. I sign in to my account through his console, but thats where things get strange I don't have any of the DLCs he has bought but it used to let me play them regardless, you can see the trophies I have earned on those DLCs on my profile.
  9. Ah ok that could be the issue ill have him look into it and try and sort it. Thanks for the replies guys
  10. No never had ps+ and ive definitely been playing online with full lobbies and all, maybe I should count myself lucky that I had months of free play when I shouldnt have lol
  11. Why has it only stopped me now though? Just seems strange to me that it has let me play all this time with no issues then all of a sudden tells me I need ps+
  12. So I'm still playing on my ps3 as I cant afford to upgrade yet. A friend of mine gets a ps4 quite soon after launch and I started playing ghosts aliens with him and a cool feature of the ps4 was I could sign in to my PSN account through the console, play the game and earn my own trophies etc. Brilliant..... Ive been doing this for months and even playing through the new dlcs hes bought.... Then last weekend I go round try the same again and it says I cant use this feature without ps+ So have they done this because they want to force me to upgrade to a ps4? Or is it because I dont have the dlcs my friend has bought? And even if I did get a ps4 myself would I still need ps+ to play on his system with my account? And lastly does anyone know a way around this so I can keep playing ghosts aliens with my friend? Any advise would be greatly appreciated
  13. You know you play too much Mario Kart when you start looking for speed boosts on real roads
  14. My latest is the last of us. All the superlatives have already been used to describe that game so I cant add anything original to explain how good it was. I really dont like mp trophies but I thought tlou approach to multiplayer was good, much more tactical than some ive played, reaching week 12 twice was a bit annoying though
  15. Terrible news, thoughts go to his friends and family. Loved loads of his films especially Patch Adams R.I.P