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  1. I am auto boosting with 4-6 ps3, and i going to make it, (i started like 5 days ago) if you have that much and high level friends to carry you for the coop, you can finish for sure, i guess 6 ps3 is not needed, but make it easier.
  2. Megaman X1-X6, RE 1 - 4, secret of mana, SOTN, Pokemon Fire Red, BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend, Classic MM on Nes, NG 2, Shovel Knight.
  3. Call of Juarez i guess lol
  4. Holy shit, you right, i played to get the money to upgrade all thing and get the other trophies and the trophy popped from nowhere.
  5. This grind literally killed my PS3 haha, also pretty much you need 8p for the 15 kills with the machine gun trophy, the long grind aka the wins, you just need 6p.
  6. You also can't switch bands, so "we are the word" trophy is unobtainable too, goddamit.
  7. Megaman Legacy collection pls.