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  1. Dark Souls 2.
  2. While objectively I'd say Dark Souls is better than Yakuza 0, I'd much rather play Yakuza anyday, so Yakuza 0.
  3. Resident Evil 4.
  4. Slayer
  5. Vince Staples.
  6. Game of Thrones.
  7. Since I haven't played the rest, I'll say COD, and Black Ops is the least aggravating of the series.
  8. Rollers of the Realm.
  9. Liturgy.
  10. Jackson 5.
  11. The Last of Us and Uncharted 2 lawl- this is why you don't let scrubs vote. The entire studio of Overrated Dawgs could never in their lifetime achieve what one person from other studios on this list (Levine, Kojima, Miyazaki) could do.
  12. Yakuza 5.
  13. My town's pretty small so not a lot of choices, but a place called the slice and Elevation 486.
  14. Underoath
  15. World of Final Fantasy.