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  1. when you coming back

  2. Hey PPL i guess it's been a while sorry for the sudden dissapearance, a lot happend, well i just wanted say ...I'm back !! >3<

  3. Inconceivable! Complete all challenges. now i can start to focus on the online trophies but i need trustworthy people who really wants to help ^^'
  4. Historian Complete your chronicle of the age by writing biographies of all officers.
  5. happy new year everyone :3

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    2. Ryoubi
    3. Sigma999


      May the New Year shine upon you.

      Greetings from Portugal.

    4. Ryoubi


      thank you :3 happy new year to u too =)

  6. i always like you sigs dai-chan so u get everytime a 10/10 from me too
  7. it is like dynasty warriors publisher is Koei too it plays in japan and dynasty plays in china
  8. it is a hack and slay and plays in the sengoku time (warrant state period = samurai time) you can play many scenarios where you part in the historial battles ^^
  9. hm i don't know you just by the look but i like your avatar he is a crazy but great character so i give you 8/10 :3
  10. looks not bad ^^ 8/10
  11. i always like your sigs kane-san :3 10/10
  12. a scary comrade who you don't want to meet in the dark
  13. "is this pose right?"
  14. alright ^^ thanks i choose the first (Mio Naruse - RyoubiUltima) ^^
  15. it looks really great, thank you ^^ but if you use my avatar name than change it to Mio Naruse please because that is the name of the red hair girl ^^